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  1. Silverback

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Marry Christmas Everybody !!!
  2. Silverback

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    It would be pretty cool if their was a way to add our own faces like in IL2 1946
  3. Silverback

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    I know its not on list or even relevant. But I would like to see an AI B-17 or B-24 for some bomber intercept missions.
  4. Silverback

    Tempest Mark V research

    The Tempest and the 190D should be an interesting fight
  5. Silverback

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    thanks devs
  6. Silverback

    Merry Christmas Part 2--Ju-52 Gift Keys

    Put me in and thank you.
  7. Silverback

    Merry Christmas Part 1---BoK Gift Keys

    Put me in and thanks.
  8. I know you are all busy with BOM but I was just wondering if you all could give ROF a little love when you have a little spare time. Their are still a lot of us playing. Thanks
  9. Silverback

    IL-2 STURMOVIK : MiG Alley

    It would be fun but I think it would also be a conflict of interest with DCS. Just saying.
  10. Silverback


    Sorry man but I'm tired of the Russian front. It would take some vary interesting content for me to invest in Koban or Kirsh.
  11. Silverback

    The american dream..

    Well that kind of depends on your definition of landing, I guess any "landing" you can walk away from is a good one and any landing you can fly away from is a great one.
  12. Silverback


    Personally I would rather see A6M & F4F's in the Pacific.