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  1. Maybe I didn’t understand something from what was written ... Here are two pictures for red and blue ... Everything is seen...
  2. Ok i got it... I'll try to explain. Each mission has a briefing, as far as I can write them in three languages (Russian, English and German). Here is a quote from the briefing of mission M2: Эпизод 2. Середина Октября 41 г. (rus) Episode 2. Mid October 41 y. (eng) Episode 2. Mitte Oktober 41 j. (ger) I always see Russian briefing, but do you see English and German in the game? If YES, the main thing here is 41 years old .... I put PzKpfw IVG = 10 pieces so that it was easier for blue to withstand T-34 (although PzKpfw IVG of the second half is 42 years old) and of course the Reds have NO in this mission T-34/43 years ... There is KV-1C = 10 pieces ... And yet, the game has maps of Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban, Prokhorovka missions on these maps are semi-historical, as far as the game allows ... (you can look at the planes). Map Zarubovka, here is a “vinaigrette”, if it is clear what a vinaigrette is ...🥗 Airplanes are all plus two from Bodenplatte (P-47 and Sitfire 9, 109G14 and Fock A8) limited. Everything... PS I started talking about TIGERS, on the cards they are more like a BONUS to the blue team, so that it is more interesting and ... In terms of historicity, they only have a place on one card (Prokhorovka ... thanks to the game developers ... although now only TEST), but Well, and on Zarubovke, because the "vinaigrette" ...
  3. Well, if it is more convenient for you ... Now for questions ... The first - T34 / 43 years (new) has one big bug, "the commander's periscope", he turns along with the tower and "very quickly" ... try it yourself, the picture jumps .... In battle it takes a lot of time, which is not acceptable ... The "old" T34 / 42 is easier to manage and as a result, faster ... The second is how I understand you mean this mission. http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000/en/mission/1468/ I was in this fight ... By reference you can see how many pilots participated in the mission, there are NO tankers there, I could add them to the stat, but there will be confusion (Nick can repeat if the player flies on an airplane and goes on a tank) And so we see TOTAL PLAYERS - 47 Pilot - 26, Red Army - 9, Luftwaffe - 13, "Striped" - 4 There are questions - no questions ... Just one question, what did the Luftwaffe do ??? I repeat, for a successful game against the Red Army, a blue team is needed from planes and tanks under a single command .... About XoBoT you're wrong. He could not take a plane to get revenge ... For one simple reason, he DOESN'T FLY (see statistics) http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000/ru/tankman/103/XoBoT/?tour=7 And yet, I remembered that many reds had not yet bought tanks ... So they drive the "old" T34 ...
  4. Good. Perhaps I have many questions due to incorrect translation. My English is Yandex Translate ... 1. What do you mean by the word Russian (nationality or party in the game for which it plays - “red”) 2. There is no T-34 41 in the game, there is a T-34 STZ arr. 1942 and T-34 UVZ arr. 1943 To make it easier in the game there are "red" and "blue" and there are no nationalities, so it will be easier .... This is an example ... Stupor plays well, I agree ... but he is not Russian (by nationality), he plays for the Reds. Therefore, he cannot be your favorite Russian player. I could be wrong ... Agree?
  5. I can try to answer your questions and are not in the game, and here on the forum. But I also need some answers... You agree?
  6. Increased the value to 360, let's see what happens...
  7. Thank you for choosing E-Front server. On ping, on the server there is a restriction maxPing = 180. I don't think you're exceeding that limit. I'll check your ping when you're on the server... (if your ping will be close to 180, I will try to increase this threshold. Let's see what happens) very often loses connection with master server players, maybe the producers of the game are what work on the server and this is the reason.... It's not my English - it's Yandex Translate. Good luck! We have different time zones, after 24 hours 🌛 (in Moscow) go "blue" and sometimes more "red".... we're going to bed... 🛏️ And you don't even know Russian either... joke It's not my English - it's Yandex Translate. Good luck!
  8. Hi! Repair on the server works. Turned off the engine, opened the hatch and wait when repaired... (only that yellow). Something like that.
  9. Hello, Stupor! I take it this is about e-front? On the server there are restrictions on ping... Maybe your ping is on the edge of the limit... I'll watch your network today if you're on the server. Good luck....✌️
  10. Hello! I apologize, could not resist ... On the EFront server there are statistics, you can look at your last visit to the server http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000/ru/en/mission/704/ Here are the questions ... Let's see what and how. 47 people participated in the mission, 22 of them flew on airplanes, out of 22 pilots for the red 13 for the blue flew 8 (including YOU) and one for both sides. The second question is why you leave the game during the flight when you can be knocked down, agree to the behavior of the children ... You can see your fair play index is 45 (http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000/ru/pilot/91/1./JG42flesch/?tour=4) Any more questions? In my opinion, the answer from a person with such an index of fair play is truthful exactly on this index ... Now about the game online ... As I understand it, the biggest "problem" of the tank game is aviation. On the last map of Prokhorovka (p1), there are anti-aircraft guns in place of such bases, so that enemy planes do not bomb the newly born, attack aircraft and bombers are limited, fighters do not have bombs ... All these measures limit aviation. Most importantly, I see you got a regiment of tankers - this is very good for a team game, but not enough to win. You need pilots for cover and that there is a constant connection with aviation. Then it will be much more interesting, and the victory on any map will definitely be YOUR. Thank. Good luck! P.S. I translated the briefings of maps into several languages, but I find it difficult to judge what happened (clear mission tasks?) On the map of Prokhorovka (p1) there is a minefield in test mode, since the producers of the game do not have such a function, it is purely we came up with (from what is) -)) and would like to know whether it works in the game or not? -)) I do not speak English, so I will use Google translator ...
  11. Hello! Of course, I apologize for what I did on the map Prokhorovka... But I did not break the rules .... It was fun, this is a game ... A plane crashed into my tank, trying to destroy me, but I'm not in offense .. PS Athlon and Willi, on the airfields should be done to anti-aircraft guns fired at ground targets. If anything, write in a personal. Good luck! I do not speak English, so I will use Google translator ...
  12. Hello! Map Prokhorovka not mine, as well as the server ... I stopped the E-Front server ... You cannot play together, then take a break -) (this is not for you personally, but all who writes to the chat in blue and red ...). BANNED ALL -)) If you have any wishes (how many and what kind of tanks and airplanes) for future server maps - write. Good luck !!! I do not speak English, so I will use Google translator ...
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