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  1. I agree. I will make sure that anti-aircraft guns 52K and 37 flak do not shoot at tanks ... (only on the airfields ..)
  2. You, my friend, a filmmaker .... Cool.
  3. So you remembered ... This is when you said that you would not return to the server? Yes I remember... It was November 17, 2019 m2 map .... He gave the Honest Pioneer that he would no longer be rude .... Or in a bathhouse for a month .... It seems like after that it was not seen in masturbation ... Here is a part of the log (with translation) 2019/11/17 02:04:49 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Navigator-IL62;Lofte 2019/11/17 02:05:09 ["RIVALDO" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: приходи еще!!! (Come again!!!) 2019/11/17 02:05:16 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;Maik1966 2019/11/17 02:05:33 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Позор Lofte (Shame Lofte) 2019/11/17 02:05:58 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Получил по жопе с танка (Got on the ass from the tank) 2019/11/17 02:06:00 ["LUZITANO" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: move comrads! 2019/11/17 02:06:12 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;WallterScott 2019/11/17 02:06:31 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Все, курсы переквалификации не избежать!!!! (All retraining courses can not be avoided !!!!) 2019/11/17 02:07:05 ["LUZITANO" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: 110 over 2019/11/17 02:07:07 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;VictoriousViolet 2019/11/17 02:08:14 ["LUZITANO" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: i thins the 109 is high 2019/11/17 02:08:15 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: BlueStrapOns-Lofte Это магия, будешь попадать и станешь не уязвимым:) (This is magic, you’ll hit and become not vulnerable ) ....... 2019/11/17 02:14:28 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: На красных пашешь? (Do you plow the reds?) 2019/11/17 02:15:24 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotExit;Rook_ 2019/11/17 02:15:54 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;SCG_Vonalba 2019/11/17 02:16:17 ["Lofte" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Страпон, а ты в курсе, что гомосеков у нас сажают в концлагеря? Возвращайся лучше обратно, а то переработают в удобрения (Strap-on, do you know that we have homosexuals sent to concentration camps? Better come back, otherwise they will be processed into fertilizers) 2019/11/17 02:16:38 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Il2m42;Stug37L24 2019/11/17 02:16:50 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: Где это у вас гомосеков? (Where are you homosexual?) 2019/11/17 02:16:59 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;LUZITANO ........ And so on in your pictures ... In your pictures (14:54) RIVALDO voted against Trofimov and many in the TS stopped him ... Believe me .. Good luck! 🐔
  4. I apologize. Probably it’s forbidden to do this, but I’ll answer in Russian ... (I won’t do it again) Повторюсь, Жорику писал выше, пишу тебе. А нельзя тоже самое задать на русском форуме и по русски. (есть же тема) Лог пожалуйста, он большой, прикрепил. Вот выдержки для всех.... 2020/01/20 00:19:26 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;Lofte ...... 2020/01/20 00:33:46 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;Lofte 2020/01/20 00:33:50 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;RedStrapONs_Trofimov;Lofte 2020/01/20 00:34:08 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: Как я скучал:) ....... 2020/01/20 00:37:12 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Lofte;The_ShaleNickShale 2020/01/20 00:37:14 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;The_ShaleNickShale 2020/01/20 00:37:24 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotExit;Count_de_Money 2020/01/20 00:37:34 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;SHIV 2020/01/20 00:37:38 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;SCG_Vonalba;SHIV 2020/01/20 00:37:45 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotExit;SHIV 2020/01/20 00:37:46 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;RedStrapONs_Trofimov;Lofte 2020/01/20 00:38:20 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: Прям на душе полегчало 2020/01/20 00:38:54 ["atalan8" COALITION 2 TO ALL]: E 2020/01/20 00:39:44 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;=2ndSS=Maestr0;Flak36 2020/01/20 00:40:48 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;=2ndSS=Maestr0;atalan8 2020/01/20 00:41:39 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;Lofte 2020/01/20 00:41:43 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;RedStrapONs_Trofimov;Lofte 2020/01/20 00:41:50 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: не спать ........ 2020/01/20 00:58:42 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;RedStrapONs_Trofimov;Lofte 2020/01/20 00:59:14 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: бк 0 пришлось нахрапом брать 2020/01/20 00:59:50 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;=2ndSS=Maestr0;PzIV-G 2020/01/20 01:00:01 ["=2ndSS=Maestr0" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: одного снял... ....... 2020/01/20 01:04:32 ["Lofte" COALITION 2 TO COALITION 2]: 1 red movi9ng fast almost near flag 2020/01/20 01:04:52 ["1.JaVA_KEBEN" COALITION 2 TO COALITION 2]: on my way ........ 2020/01/20 01:07:26 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;RedStrapONs_Trofimov;Lofte 2020/01/20 01:08:05 ["=2ndSS=Maestr0" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: Волково нужна поддержка? 2020/01/20 01:08:11 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;63RUS_WorM 2020/01/20 01:08:15 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Maik1966;63RUS_WorM ....... 2020/01/20 01:14:25 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;RedStrapONs_Trofimov;Lofte 2020/01/20 01:14:30 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;Lofte 2020/01/20 01:14:34 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;=2ndSS=Maestr0;Flak37 2020/01/20 01:15:48 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: жду тебя о великий воин люфтвале 2020/01/20 01:16:51 ["=2ndSS=Maestr0" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: Тигр возле первой базы, ракет нет, помечаю трассами... 2020/01/20 01:17:24 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysKill;Flak36;The_ShaleNickShale 2020/01/20 01:17:24 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotExit;The_ShaleNickShale ....... 2020/01/20 01:24:08 ["RedStrapONs_Trofimov" COALITION 1 TO ALL]: мы в низу, спускайся космонавт 2020/01/20 01:24:30 ["=2ndSS=Maestr0" COALITION 1 TO COALITION 1]: в воздухе, куда подойти? 2020/01/20 01:24:36 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotKilled;1.JaVA_KEBEN 2020/01/20 01:24:39 ["#" COALITION 0 TO ALL]: sysPilotConnected;I./ZG1_feuervogel дальше конец карты..... Согласен, троллит он тебя но БЕЗ ОСКАРБЛЕНИЙ (он был предупрежден и не только мной) I apologize again 🐔Новый текстовый документ (2).txt
  5. Whether I play badly or well, this is my problem and it is not for you to discuss it. The transition to personality once again shows all your baseness and no less arguments. Tell me honestly that in addition to the Tigers you will not start not to ride, all this can be seen from the statistics. (http://e-front.publicvm.com:8000/en/tankman_sorties/71/KARAYA1/?tour=1) If there are no Tigers on one map, do you need to whine in public? And I don’t drive a standard free T34. Take an example and learn a chicken .... So what? It follows that I have to put Tigers on all maps? Another stupid thing. For everyone ... Which tanks and on which maps I will put, I decide (as the author of the map and the server owner). Your opinion for me is only advisory ... Point. You can draw your card and I CAN BE put it on the server. Now I just see UNSUFFICIENCY CLAUSES of some (I will not point with my finger) and NEXT THEFT of cards from the server and installing them on other servers even without editing the briefing and links .... HA ... HA (EU-FR server ..... ) I’m waiting... I’m on the Tiger. You are on the Su-122 (S3 map) .You will show how to shoot... Until this happens, I will consider you a chatterbox ... With the ensuing consequences . I'm waiting, the hero of one tank ... Or scared ... Show a master class on Su122 against the Tiger ... Answer for your words. Yes, I completely forgot, the chicken below is not an insult, but the signature ... After all, Karaya in the chat calls everyone who kills him a chicken (there are logs from the server) 🐔
  6. Если хочешь мне что то сказать, говори по русски в ТС. Я не буду, еще с тобой, изьясняться на "басурманском"... 🐔
  7. Is this a question or a statement? Remove Sherman from the cards? I can.... I’m waiting... I’m on the Tiger. You are on the Su-122 (S3 map) .You will show how to shoot... Until this happens, I will consider you a chatterbox ... With the ensuing consequences ... It's your problem 🐔
  8. Map S3 is difficult for the Reds ... here is a diagram of the village of Rubezhny...
  9. In the picture we see not the number of aircraft (7) and tanks (1), but the level of threat by aviation (7) and by ground (1) ... The closer to the base, the greater the threat ... In the same picture you can see that the blue captured almost all the red bases in two hours of the game ... And you think with such an advantage of the Reds is it real? If YES, then why cry ... If NO, therefore, at the beginning of the game, the advantage of the players was in favor of the blue ones, and the red ones resisted for 2 hours as much as possible ... Then all the more so why cry and mislead everyone, showing the picture at the right moment for yourself ... Could not win ... Die like a man ...
  10. Where do these numbers come from? Rave... Where in your drawing is the number of airplanes in the air ??? You do not speak the truth. Most likely specially ...
  11. Hello boys and girls. I agree with you, I was wrong. Indeed, what is written in the rules of behavior on the server and my actions towards violators are not correct. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes on time. I understood many things in a new way. I agree with you and this is true ... This is my server, I pay all the costs of its maintenance .... I also make maps for the server in my personal free time ... Thanks Lofti. Therefore, the server is like My house ... And all of you are guests. I never thought that guests should be received with a “baseball bat” to hit on the head when they begin to curse each other in a strange house .... It's just fantastic ... but where is your upbringing? And some also ask, give him that on the head he swears more offensively than I .... Thanks everyone, good luck.
  12. Put here the track from the game about which you wrote to me in PM .... (from 10.17.19 - 16:23) LUZITANO, answer, are you banned? You here have become just a great sufferer .... Wherever you spit, everyone is trying to alleviate your difficult fate .... - ((
  13. Since you switched to insults, then there is nothing to answer and I'm right ... Thank you for confirming my opinion about you ... If the Nazi form is on the avatak, then this is a dead end. And lastly, do you know why KokS wrote Karaye like that in a chat? I very likely know .... and the pictures are just pictures and they don’t prove anything ... there are a lot of them and no one asks to ban them .... see more carefully above .... And there’s no need to act as a lawyer ...
  14. many letters ... I just asked to answer questions so that a conversation ensued ... Thank you for your pity for me, but you did not answer a single question .... An attack on the interlocutor is the best defense when is nothing to say ... Probably my English is very bad ... well, well, you don’t understand, write me in Russian .... "It is fine by me but dont call me a liar when it is you who is lying about being forbidden to offend people, use vulgar language, and ramming." You do not understand my English or you do not have such an expression ... ...You can’t laugh at the sick ... I’ll try to decipher, imagine a sick man, that he’s not like everyone else ... So laughing at him is a sin ... Is that clear? "...I just turn off the chat and play..." a good option...
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