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  1. Tobruk new planes

    Oh goody! Another 40 page discussion about refraction / the "Bar".
  2. Thoughts on the P39...

    Well, it's no F4, but it sure is pretty and fun to fly.
  3. For SP play you absolutely need IL2 1946. There is no CFS that compares to it. For MP play, I have no informed opinion. Cloyd
  4. That's what I did, and had no problems. Cloyd
  5. Stalingrad in ruins

    Not to belabor the point, Swallow, but if you're going to do the "2D sprite" thing, at least one could have some rubble on the ground instead of the boring, sanitized environment. Since I'm a SP guy, the first thing I did was fly in and around Stalingrad. I wasn't impressed. Cloyd
  6. Pacific Island Arena

    It didn't get the impression that anyone was asking the Devs to do anything. My impression was that this was a user initiative that didn't require any work from the Devs. Did I misunderstand? Cloyd
  7. Stalingrad in ruins

    I agree completely KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82. But the the map in the VP Modpack was created by Cyberolas, not VP. (Just to give credit where credit is due.) Cloyd P.S. Even though I am a supporter of the game and own ALL of the content, I was, and continue to be, very disappointed by the mediocre representation of Stalingrad. Yes, blah, blah, blah, I get it, resources, performance, etc.
  8. Jason's "Battle Of The Dogs"

    Did it taste like chicken?
  9. Old Il2 flyers reunion.

    "It's like deja vu all over again." Cloyd
  10. Midway Discussion

    I know exactly how you feel, El. I'm 64 yo. I have no interest in the late war, being a crap plane fan and an offline player. I guess my next best hope is for the Martlett in CloD for some pseudo-Pacific action.
  11. The Future Of Il-2 Stalingrad?

    What? There are no American planes? I demand a refund!
  12. This is a laughable concept, since we SP guys have yet to see any of these "new wonders", and the whole series from its inception has been exclusively focused on MP.
  13. Hehe, I think we got your point JtD. Cloyd