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  1. HI all, just to say great work ,ive been playing in vr off lately, and I take it all back what ive said ,the game is totally fab it only till you play in vr that this game come in to it own, really, looking forward to the new update , still would like to add more planes in single mission hopefully will come at a later date, was good to see the team out and relaxing and having a beer they have in deed earned it, again thank for your great work. just keep on keeping on... salute.
  2. HI all ,it good to see were on track and not so long await for the planes in sept,i and others are hopeing in not show long of a date that we can or should be able to fly the b25 as a good deed , if you would, we would be greatful, would make for a good combo of the b25 and p38? the quick mission id really like to be able to add more planes really ive asked for this a few times, as they did in the old il2 in the end,it wouldnt be to hard to do so ,would it ??? ive moaned at the times I fault needed it, and been happy when you listened,the moaning really is a wanting to fly the project planes that are being worked on more qiucky, I like the rest cant wait quick anuff to fly the great work you do, you no im to the point a-b ,id like a map of the cliff of dover, as we have a hell of a lot, I mean a hell of a lot of planes to go with that map,that my wish and hope and prayer, were all in this togeather were all give to each other what we want ,let just do it in style,apart from that good work really was mildly suprized with the 262 she nice and better than I thought,so again thank you all for your comittment to this game, Jason ~ ps I no im word blind and I just don't care lol
  3. Hi great work, good to see were on track again,and things can only get better, again lots of good work, ty
  4. your probley right ,they do good work and a lot of it too,just need to be put in to the game ive been waiting for that all ,~
  5. Im not saying eneythink, but a year 5 mouths and 24 days later and still waiting??
  6. Hi, we had a patch after the p47 came in yesterday for me, was woundring what the patch in todays intailed was for of a 138 mb, as for the p47 she sounds mean, she looks mean, and with the payload she can be mean, great job really , as for the duh ? i probley asked for that ,but you got your finger out and we now have her,should keep me happy for a while ty.
  7. lol no there nice ? ,there great when we get them, and there beatiful, when we see them on the planes.
  8. Hi and slute all just a qiuck word to say nice touch with the emblems
  9. Hi all, im shocked we havent had the p47 this week i waited till to day thinking when i get up she wil be there and she wasnt, a big o well,all so is there a way of haveing more planess in qiuck misssions, apart from that good work love it when it when we get it ,may have to watch full games pass us by .
  10. Hi and ty, RedKestrel [ If you have nothing from Steam, do nothing. Continue using the launcher] then that what ill do, and no chane to name, as that a steam and linking problem. there so much talk on this but that cos we like are plane game. i hope it all goses right for every one bloody interchanges
  11. Hi what getting me if i dont link to steam ,as im all web site, ive up loaded 3.004 it not asking to link as yet ,may if i reinstall ? but will my player name be lost online ,or is that only if you mixed web and steam,[ i like my name ive been it for along time ] so would like a very clear answer , and to jason and co it a winner the game that is the new spitfire is sex with wings the linking im hopeing i dont have to go there, but will have to if i lose my players name, ? im on steam with other games but not this game, doze this matter, i dont want to go in online one day because i havent linked and find a strange name were my old name use to be . if that been answered i missed it, but im asking because i think others have, so best deal with it here and now your deckerrunner
  12. HI but we do no, what ,what and vaule is wrong it a lib ,we dont understand but will have to comply , what can one say in these moden times ,o in good faith .
  13. HI Tom the model viewer ? not sure what that is, not good or great with pc ?
  14. Ive got this to, im trying to install the game to fix it 25/5/2018 ill see if that doze, if it doze, it taking ages to down load ive stoped a couple of time feed up with it,waiting , im trying again to install see how it gose but the exact same as you showen slute
  15. Hi i seem ok trackir 5 but ive never had roll on ,all the rest,i have on just not roll? ~s
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