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  1. Here is a NEW Link added by Mysticpuma that will take you to My Fully Layered Templates for all the CloD Aircraft that I made a while back because there were no official ones available and I wanted to skin all the variants. They are mosly PSD but some are XCF so you may need GIMP https://www.gimp.org/ [Free] to open them and convert to PSD if you need to Here is a link to My Templates I hope it helps you all out Kind Regards Keith
  2. Gladiators.. Faith, Hope and Charity.Defenders Of Malta 1940 Hi I made these for Cliffs Of Dover a while back but they should still work with Tobruk. Let Me know either way. Thanks Keith These outdated and outnumbered little aircraft and the valiant defence that they mounted truly has the stuff of legend about it, but the name stuck in the popular imagination. To this day the three longest-serving of the aircraft – N5520, N5519 and N5531 – have become known respectively as Faith, Hope and Charity. Charity was shot down on 29 July 1940 and its pilot, Flying Officer Peter Hartley, was badly burned. Hope was destroyed in an air raid on 4 February 1941. By this time the surviving Faith had been joined by survivors from HMS Illustrious after she had limped, blazing, into port for emergency repairs in January 1941. None of the aircraft remained completely intact, with much ‘bodging together’ of spare parts taken from damaged machines in order to keep the fittest survivors airworthy. Engines were sourced from Blenheim bombers, suitably modified, and fitted with three-blade propellers to try and boost their performance to get on terms with the Italian Fiat and Macchi fighters – and even keep up with the bombers. Click on Image then select press 'Download Original Image' Tab at top of page then save to appropriate Folder
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