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  1. Yeah they've just emailed me and it's all sorted! Thanks Black Six for the help.
  2. That is correct. It was a Virgin email address that I lost when I cancelled my subscription to their services. That would be great if you could do that, thank you.
  3. Thanks, I will do. EDIT: I've raised a ticket but just thought, will they reply on the site or to my email address?...
  4. Thanks for the answer I had originally bought BoS at release in 2014 from the website (only place you could then) using an email address tied to a cable and internet company I no longer use so therefore lost use of it and apparently I have to contact support from the email address registered so can't get it changed. When it came to me wanting to buy Kuban I didn't want to risk having another purchase under an email address I can't access so bought Stalingrad and Kuban again from Steam and it linked my account still and I at least have the Fw190 A-3 in Steam. Which is why I wanted to find out if Bodenplatte linked too. I would love to update my email address on my account too but not possible unless anyone knows otherwise?
  5. Sorry if this has be asked before, I had a quick look but couldn't see anything. I have iL2 BoS/Kuban on Steam and have a link to my account on this website so I was wondering if I buy Bodenplatte now will I be able to play on Steam?
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