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  1. Hocus

    BoS - Cannot shot down planes

    Hi Andre, I suggest tha you enable the 'aiming aid' in the options (I can't remember the exact name of this option. It's the third or fourth option on the left column) this will display an additional cue on the visor so that you know exactly where to aim when doing deflection shooting Really useful when beginning with ww2 dogfights!
  2. Dalon, initially stick with the normal servers and keep the minimap visible. It will help greatly your situation awareness. You will detect early anyone closing in your six. I find this minimap/labels excellent to learn tactics. Anyone get the same info, just learn to use better!
  3. Finkeren, Maybe do a flight test in the lagg3, its FM has not been updated... You'll quickly know if it's on your side... (Which I doubt, see your skills online... Rather not having you in my 6)
  4. Hocus

    Playing with friend

    I hope it will be possible before the release, it's still a long time... And practicing on public servers is waay too dangerous Well, seriously, for anything other than deathmatch, various team trainings, would really be great to make it possible early!
  5. Hocus

    Manuel BF 109 1-4

    Merci pour la collecte d'infos kpaxbos, très utile ! Maintenant Shogun, arrête de lire, et viens voler