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  1. I laughed out loud at the video. In a good way. Hurry up with the tanks, already!
  2. But... But these are the reasons you won't quit or go back to leisure sims.
  3. Did you get it fixed? This may be a longshot, but when I was activating, I had the same issue, which turned out to be user error. I was pasting the keys in order top to bottom between Steam and BOS, but they needed to be reversed for the premium planes. So make sure you're not putting the FW190 key in the LA5 box, and vice versa. Good luck!
  4. I spawned in a campaign mission in a similar situation (It had me moving backwards in time, and my height was below ground level). IIRC I repeated the mission and it was normal.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. If I switch off surround then almost all the sound comes out of the right speaker. That doesn't happen with youtube or in CLoD, and I haven't tried it any other games yet. I can somewhat "correct" it by severely adjusting the balance, but I loathe a feeble workaround and it doesn't sound nearly as good as with surround enabled. I've played around with it for a couple of hours this morning, and I'm happy with using the "speaker fill" enhancement (right click taskbar volume/playback devices/click the headset device/properties/enhancements/check "speaker fill"). The rest are unchecked. Also under the advanced tab I unchecked both options in the "Exclusive mode" section. Depending on where I'm hit, I am getting a convincing range of hit sounds from subdued to skull shattering. So far, so good.
  6. Re-instantiate the blackouts. Make better looking exhaust fumes instead of the dumb looking ones.
  7. 2. We still have to wait. The September equinox is on Sept. 23 in the northern hemisphere, the beginning of autumn at least where I am. I'm not quite ready to give up summer yet, although at 65 with clouds and rain I can feel it knocking. 4. Yes. No.
  8. I had to face the fact that I was the world's worst at gunnery. I could sneak up right behind a bandit, let loose with everything at 200 meters, and full on queef. Every control input was exaggerated as I tried in vain to correct. This morning I took another look at the curves and got slapped in the face. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, a sensitivity setting of 0% is the most sensitive, and 100% is the least sensitive. Now y'all might have to disengage auto wings level if I'm behind you.
  9. I hear you, but it gets a little dark in the cockpit in the mornings and evenings! The snow covered map was a bold move, and done very well, but white on a computer monitor is harsh. I suspect that once the other maps arrive, the winter map will be, for the most part, forgotten.
  10. Thanks Panth. Well, no luck configuring them to play stereo, and turning off surround via the switch makes BOS sound only come out of the right speaker. But I found a setting under enhancements called "speaker fill" (creates a virtual environment for playback in stereo), and it worked pretty well. I got hit sounds in the IL2, Lagg, Yak, and Pe-2. Thought I was full on good to go but when I tried the LA5 I heard some of the hits, but not all of them. Ahh, well, it appears to be better than it was.
  11. Thanks. Unfortunately, I only have one option under configure, and that is 7.1 Surround.
  12. I have been thinking about getting online more often and doing the Teamspeak thing, and wasn't happy with my mic setup, so I have switched from my Bose headphones to a Logitech G-35 headset. I like the G-35, it's comfortable and sounds great, but here are 2 observations: 1. The sound of the radio communications used to be deafening, to the point where I would need to turn down the volume as it would drown out the engines. This is no longer the case with the G35, the radio comms are much more subdued, so I'm happy with that. 2. Unfortunately, now I'm not hearing flak nor or my aircraft being hit when it takes damages. I'll just look up and see chunks out of the canopy or holes in the wing, but I didn't hear diddly. Not liking that very much; The hits sounds used to be jolting, and now they don't exist. I've heard of this issue before, but the couple of fixes I tried to no avail. Anyone know of a fix or am I just SOL?
  13. May as well throw my opinion into the ring. Vulching is for pathetic little sissy girls.
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