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  1. the update is incredible. props to the team for bringing it to us especially during these times. best wishes to them and their families
  2. thanks for the replies and offers guys I really appreciate the help. Gonna run a pwcg campaign to get a feel for the planes and identifying the shapes in a dogfight. have to admit I feel really drawn to those German biplanes ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. that happens to be the first plane i took for a spin in the qmb haha. having a blast so far
  4. I am a keen ww2 simmer but have very little knowledge of ww1 aviation. I am hoping to change that! I was kindly gifted a copy of FC and can't wait to get stuck in! What plane do you guys recommend I start with?
  5. interesting post thanks. I wonder what the russian mechanics thought of the merlin and allison engines in their lend lease planes?
  6. thanks for the reply. I made a support ticket based on your suggestion so I'll see what comes of that and update here. If all else fails I suppose I could wait for the next uber sale and buy a 2nd copy of Stalingrad for cheap, and then just link the accounts
  7. Hi guys. All of my Il2GB stuff I have bought here from the website, but yesterday someone was kind enough to gift me FC on steam. The problem is I can't accept it since I have no il2GB stuff at all over there. It just gives me an insufficient privilege error. does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Thanks so much you've made my month!!!! And I will keep that in mind lol. Can't wait to get started when I get home
  9. i would love a copy of FC. have been very keen for a while but sitting on the fence as you said ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. my favourite is Mein Flugbuch by Gunther Rall. he's a legend. "shorty, where's my thumb!?" I would love a copy of Flying circus Number 15
  11. yeah same here. I have to restart the engines with ram air everytime I do an airstart
  12. if you own all 5 battles, you will be able to go from 41 to 45 with a german career and rack up a ridiculous amount of kills
  13. Thanks. I replaced my squadron's planes in the equipment.json and it worked.
  14. hi. is it possible to add certain planes to maps that they weren't historically featured in? Eg. I would like to add the Me262 to the Kuban campaign, since I enjoy doing cold starts in that plane, and right now it's impossible in Bodenplatte. Thank you
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