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  1. You have to select the squadron that flies the La5FN. Mouse over the squadrons or click on the airbases to see which ones are where and scroll down to see the planes they fly. Alternatively you can uncheck all the boxes on the left except for the La5 and then it will only show you La5 Squadrons. If I remember correctly the La5FN model doesn't come in until the 2nd phase of Kuban so it will be greyed out for the first phase. You can simply start the career at the phase when the FN is introduced if you wish
  2. I have the same ping and the same situation. 350 to Moscow, but stable, so I never lag or get kicked
  3. it's fun and if you don't have a belly gunner then it stops people getting a shot under you
  4. something about lobbing 37mm rounds from an il2 puts a smile on my face. it's like someone stuck wings on a tank destroyer and said "here you go"
  5. nothing i can say here that hasnt been said already. just please keep the topic alive. there is no good reason not to add the option for servers to do this
  6. anyone who enjoys the P47 will almost certainly enjoy the P51. Basing this off my experience with it in DCS over the years. You will be able to give those Luftwaffe pilots a scare with the high speed and zoom climb rate. Plus it turns really well with half flaps. I enjoy the American planes for the same reason I enjoy the BF110 when I fly German. I don't like the meta label of "allies: turning only. Axis: energy fighting only" and it's fun when you break that meta and the enemy plane doesn't know what to do
  7. hi, really keen to play these but not sure why it's not working. I put the missions in my il2\data\missions folder and when i try to open one in game it just sends me back to the main menu. help would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. just wanted to thank u for this as i have been dying for SP content for my favourite warbird until MP calms down a bit
  9. Started with Eurofighter 2000 and DID F-22, then the IL-2 series, and then to LockOn and DCS titles
  10. When I fly the IL-2 Sturmovik the pilot's center head position is way too far off to the left, like pressed right up against the cockpit glass. How do I move the default position to the middle of the cockpit? I use TrackIR if that helps.... thanks
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