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  1. KARAYA1

    Tank Gears

    Hi, first I must say that I love your work, it is amazing! One thing I hope we can have in the future tho is manually gears? At least the option if we think that the auto gear /driver don't do a great job Now if I stand still with the Tiger and want to do a really quick turn, it is hard to do it without having the RPM up at 3000 on the first gear and making it really slow, or I have to go forward until the auto gear shift up from gear 1 to nr:2 or 3. It would be awesome if we could choose the gear and start at nr 2 as the real Tiger. Best regards, SA
  2. KARAYA1

    My First Tiger Skin

    Thanks, great work! I really like your Winter Tiger!
  3. KARAYA1

    My First Tiger Skin

    Thanks, I like it! It looks really mean! If you manage to get that wet look with the alfa and the brush marks, man!
  4. KARAYA1

    My First Tiger Skin

    Thanks! Looking forward to see more of your paint work, maybe a winter-camo for the Tiger? 😄
  5. KARAYA1

    Why the Tiger

    If you hit the Tiger in the wrong place you need 10-15 shots to actually hurt it, and it is the exactly the same with the T-34. I have unloaded at least +10 shots in to a T-34 with no affect. Still if you know where to hit the Tiger you only need 1 shot, same with the T-34. The Russian tanks are faster and most of the time are in a greater number online, and they still trying to attack the Germans head on(?) witch is the worst thing they can do. Yesterday I was trying fight off 4 T-34 in my Tiger on a field, and I was holding them off for a while as they tried to surround me, and they kept saying thing like (the usual) "the tiger is so OP" and so on, but every kill I got the Russian tanker didn't even know my exakt position and was looking somewhere else, soo in this case and many other cases when I play online I get the first and the second shot until they finally finds me and turns there gun at me. When a good Russian tanker knows the Tiger position, the optimal range of there gun, they kill it with 1 to 2 shots.
  6. KARAYA1

    My First Tiger Skin

    Hi I like your work! Thanks! Is it ok that i used it in my video? (Newer done videos before, so just for fun)
  7. KARAYA1

    Help me !!!

    What part of it do you need help with? You join a server, select a spawn point on the map on the side you want to fight (rus or german). From there you select a tank, modifications and then you join the battle. Remember, the maps are big so you need to use the map and the compass to navigate to the battle (no gps!) If you are new and inside a game just use the chat and your teammates will most likely help you, Is it the controls you have it all here:
  8. KARAYA1

    Flying Tiger

    Sounds lika bad internet?
  9. KARAYA1

    Bumping into mystery transparent obstacles.

    Yes, try to approach Bagerovo airfeald in Kuban map (0507.3) as a german tank. Airfield are elevated and if you go near from the south the ai shoot you trough the ground.
  10. KARAYA1

    Bumping into mystery transparent obstacles.

    Yes that is a bit annoying, but this is new for me, I have at least never seen it before.
  11. KARAYA1

    Bumping into mystery transparent obstacles.

    One more thing, the ai guns on airfields and the searchlights shoot and glow trough mountains now. Anyone else seen this? Looking south over Gelendzhik-3 airfield from air (kuban 1522.7), searchlights going thru the mountain North of it. (sorry for the bad picture, tried to highlight the mountain, the coastline and light.
  12. KARAYA1

    Bumping into mystery transparent obstacles.

    The invisible trees are my greatest enemy Still just Alfa.