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  1. Just wait, open the chat and you get a display with what is broken and if it is repairing.
  2. Press T and the turret will go straight forward
  3. I really don't see the problem here. I have set a easy setting for the important positions in the tank, like the gunner and the commander, using a hat switch. I can easy have 4 positions addressed on the same 4- direction hat switch
  4. If the player respawn
  5. If you kill the driver the tank is counted as dead, so if the Tiger didn't have the visor down its possible
  6. If a enemy tank have manage to get to our flag, are capturing it and spawnkill our team it's a different story, the spawn in then overrunned and we should retreat. But when we manage to hold off the enemy tanks from the flag and even when there is no enemy tank near our spawn or base, we often get spawnkilled from the air... We don't even get to start the damn engine most of the time... And if we retreat, there is just a 30 sek flight for the spawn bombers to fly to find us again at the other spawn. I get that there might be a bug, maybe, but It's a BIG difference between a plane blowing up above a tank by it's ones bombs and having NO BOMBS LEFT and then drive the damn plane in to the tank! Remember it sometimes take us tankers +30 min to get to the front in the heavy tanks and if the bombers can't hit us with the bombs, and the tankers can't stop us, maybe we deserve to be there near your base and nibble the flag. Then you must understand that (the ramming that is occurring! Maybe not by you!) Is really pissing people off and less people will fight on the Blue side, especially when the kemikaze pilot respawn in a started new plane on the airfield and is in the air again after just a couple of seconds and we barley make it off our spawn point before they return... Regard/K
  7. We all understand that, but what is honourable by spawn bombing tanks? Spawn bombing and pilots who have missed all there bombs and missed all there rockets and decide to ram the plane in the tank instead is the problem here... And ofcorse when there is more pilots than tanks in the team...
  8. Hi, thanks but I have checked the controls in game before I asked here, so no it does not work since this new Zoom and position is the new zero /K
  9. Hi, I have noticed that the commander in my tank have now changed settings. When I change from the gunner to commander he used to have the same zoom as the rest of the crew and was looking out the visors, now he have maximum zoom and is as far up in the cupola as possible. So I have to zoom out and move down every time I change to him, especially if I'm inside and want to look out the visor. I can't find any settings to reset this that works, anyone else have this "problem"? Best regards, K
  10. Press T Find "close visor" (or something) in the control settings for the tank
  11. You move to the flag, then spawnkill...
  12. In the Sherman the 1st visor for the driver and mg gunner can be turned and tilted and also you can remove the visor and use the fixad 2nd visor. The commander's visor can only turn by the same controls.
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