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  1. Software aids? I have always appreciated players like you Stupor, but It's not that hard to find you you know XD
  2. Get back on topic then. If it goes both ways, why not have 1 map without the planes? Just saying
  3. Of course you play the Free arcade T34 XoBoT... Just a bit sad that you don't see the problem you self. Still this was't the focus on this topic, you always get off topic when this comes up. The planes and the damn rockets is what's the big issue with this server. Put the planes further away, at least 10 min flight, and limit the Il2, or make at least 1 map plane free (just for try) and medium and heavy tanks. The red side still have faster tanks, faster turret traverse, better cammo and still can one-kill the Tiger, so I don't see why this request is so frightening? Yes, still the rest mouths of the year it's easy to see that he prefer to be as red. Actually I don't care what he play as if the ai settings for both sides where equal. Now they are not and it's easy to se if you go in and look at the maps where he have put the ai guns. At the moment the ai still can fire at distant targets trough thick forest and this is what he have used for the Red side, the red anti tank guns are often hidden behind trees or in the middle of a forest so you can't see them or hit them, not the same on the Blue side where the guns are among trees but in different angles so they are easy to see and hit, and that's what bothers me
  4. The sad part is that you seem to lack interest to actually deal with the things that people bring up as a problem on the server. And as it is in the reds favor, the blue players tend to leave. Why not try 1 map without the planes, just medium and heavy tanks? No free Tanks. Lol, it's not a "lie" that you prefer to play as red, easy shown in your stats. Worm
  5. You did say "die like a man" when we confronted you about this the last time. If this is about me - this is another lie.... If you play on the blue side, its very very rare. I have never ever said that I don't play the tiger, have i? I like the Panther better. The tiger is not that slow and can take at least one hit without exploding like the Panzer III. All russian tanks all a lot faster so if we have 1 tank that is not slow, I will use it. I just said that the most red players use the free T-34 that is a bit OP (and almost arcade like) instead of the Tank crew T-34 that have a visible crew. Yes that is a big advantage to poke your head up behind something and be invisible... Still you mention nothing about the plane problem, that the red side always go to the IL2 to win 🐔
  6. That server is and have always been designed in the favors for the red side, and it happens to be the only side that the operator want to play as and he also says that "if we don't like it, don't play it". The fact that 90% of the red tanks you see is the free t-34 that have no visible crew, interior and still can one-shoot a Tiger at over 1K, the same tiger that they have limited to the very few because "its to strong" and you only have them on some few maps. If the reds are brave enough to be on the ground they always have one or two flying Il2 tanks in the air smacked with rockets and all the bombs in the world with only a 2 min flight to there Airbase. The other day it was 8 enemy players and 7 of them was in the air... I would love to see at least one map without the damn planes and maybe without the free T-34, it would be interesting to see how many of the red players that would change side, or not play at all... One other thing I did see the other day was 2 enemy tanks enter a blue base and all our ai was alive and did nothing, ai guns didn't move and enemy was less than 50m away with clear sight, strange I would say.
  7. I got a 20h time penalty and would really like to know from what?? I started on a grass field, flew 30 min and got shot down...
  8. To bad the enemy and friendly players only see the custom skins if they have downloaded it.
  9. Hi, I noticed that the tracks are now frozen on moving enemy tanks in replay, anyone else have this? Never seen it before /K
  10. Was that not enough that we had to travel really far to get to the front line in the Tiger and then have them limited to the very few? What will you do about the Panther? If it kills you will you ban it to? Two reasons why I don't join a game: 1, I work as 1st officer and don't always have the time and are away for long periods of time on the ocean. 2, If the odds of having fun is to low then I sometimes don't join your game, your server, for the reason -> To attack over open fields in a slow PzKfw III or IV when there is always Il2 (fucking flying tanks) and fighter planes roaming the skies like hungry vultures and that ALL can put you out of service with a single strike and spot you with ease, then there is no fun. The tiger can stand one or two airstrikes, if lucky. That's bullshit, the only time I call an other player a chicken in the game, is when the players that can't play fair and take to the skies just to revenge there lack of skill on the ground. And of course the kemikaze planes that have no ammo left. We all know that already, and we all se the favors the red side gets. The question you need to ask yourself as the owner and almighty server "god" is: Do you want to have blue players to fight against? You will probably loose them if you keep this up.
  11. Open up the meny in game and there you find "gunner positions"
  12. The problem is that he is to bad at playing the game that he have to make it harder for the blue side to actually have a chance him self. The Tiger is not that hard to kill, if it was, then would the standard free T34 be able to 1-shoot it? No. We all was waiting for the time when the red also had a heavy tank, now they have, and a lot of other good tanks too. Fast tanks and with good guns. Then the person operating the only populated tank server decides to take away tanks from the opponent, to make it easier on him self and the side he plays on. Now the Blue side only have tanks that easily get killed or stopped by a single airstrike with the mg from a small fighter plane, and that is nothing that the blue side can ever do to the red tanks... @63RUS_WorM Let me ask, wasn't the red team already winning most of the time when the Tiger was in the game?? You call me chicken but I think it's you who are afraid when the tiger is up running. What will happen when the Panther is coming? If you get killed by it @63RUS_WorM will you then ban it to? That's the problem! Stop removing tanks! No its the blue sides problem, and its you to blame.
  13. So the only tanks (worth to mention) available on the server for the blue team now is the: PzKpfw III and IV!? And ALL tanks are available for the red?? T-34 standard T-34-76, KV-1s. M4A2 and SU-122. And don't give me the crap "the tiger was't in russia in 42" when you added the sherman and the SU-122 "just for fun" as mentioned in game. @63RUS_WorM KV-1, Sherman and SU-122 are good Tiger-killers (if you know how to aim) the blue team is always outnumbered and now we only have tanks that your fighter planes can kill with the mg.
  14. It's not the Tiger that is the problem, it's the ammo. I hit a Kv1 with +15 APCR rounds the other day and it did nothing... I usually only need 1 Is this why the Tiger is banned on E-front? And ALL the allied tanks are available?
  15. Hide and seek in the server 😎
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