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  1. Aha - it works now. Thanks! It was just that freetrack setting that needed 'Enable both' Now I just have to redo the calibration etc
  2. Ok. One other thing, I know that F9 lets you switch through the different view modes (snap views etc) but does this also kinda switch Track IR/OT on and off?
  3. It's not running via Steam. Should 'Enable both' be the setting within the freetrack rollout? ATM mine is set to 'Use freetrack, disable Track IR'.
  4. I've done all of those things. The octopus rotates and everything seems to be functioning 100% normally - but it just doesn't work in BOS 😕
  5. In the old version of IL-2 I had my snap views on my the stick's hat but I also had a button which also added a 'Look up'. So, for example, if I snapped left and pressed that button I'd look out over my left wing and also up from that view at the same time. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere but AFAIK this doesn't seem to be doable with BOS. I'd like to map this combo between my stick and a button my throttle (I have a T1600M). IIRC in the old version of IL-2 this command was called '+look up', but I might be wrong on that point.
  6. Yes, I have CL PS3-eye installed and it sees the camera. The camera sees the Delanclip. I also have the same options as you in OpenTrack.
  7. I use a webcam as a microphone for work meetings, so the Delanclip camera should all be fine in terms of permissions etc from WIndows. After trying various things last night, the Delanclip still doesn't work in BOS, despite all of the software etc seeming to work as intended. I wonder if BOS is interfering in some way, but editing the startup.cfg to try and fix things has no effect so I wonder what else could be the problem 🤔
  8. My Delanclip arrived today and I've just spent 3 hours trying to get it to work with Opentrack, but with no success. The lights all come on on the webcam, Opentrack sees the LEDs on the clip, and the webcam switches on when the game is loading. I've even tried the 'IL2 smooth' file to go with it. I've tried the various workarounds suggested, but no joy. There is no response to the clip or Opentrack in-game, so I have no idea why this would be so. My Windows 10 PC is all up to date and is only a few months old and has no other problems thus far.
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