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  1. When I get in my aircraft and the bass shakers activate, they do so with a “bang”, before they settle down on a more moderate vibration level. This also happens in DCS with the Simshaker Sound module. Why does this happen and is there anything one can do about it?
  2. Cool... I hadn’t thought about that. I have built an entire SimBox and I should be able to integrate the JetSeat vibrators. Must look into it.
  3. Yes, that was me! Probably me as well. We had a discussion about it, back then. The way I felt the buffet was like a short vibration loop that repeated itself. I don’t think the G-force had a separate effect then..? It works really well with the buffet, in my new setup, anyway. I’m not using my JetSeat anymore. But I still have it... I have also got a new computer since then. Maybe I should try and hook it up with my bass shaker setup? Could be fun!
  4. Hi Andre! I’m an old JetSeat customer, returning to shaking my sim, once again... The JetSeat was really cool in DCS, but I was plagued with electrical whining noise and the stall buffet never felt convincing to me, so I gave it up. But I recently installed four bass shakers, in two parallel pairs, in my simulator seat, to give it another go. OMG what a difference! IL-2 really comes alive with the added tactile feedback! Now I can feel how far I push the aircraft, in a high G turn. And shooting my guns scares me as much as my opponent now! The stall buffet effects are so much better than before and can actually be used to judge how close to stall you are getting. It really adds an extra dimension to the experience. Especially so in VR! Keep up the great work! Oh, and BTW, I had a problem with an annoying electrical whining noise with my bass shakers too. Just as I did with the JetSeat motors. It turned out to be a ground loop feedback. I know nothing about this myself but got help from more knowledgeable people. Something to do with different ground levels for the bass shaker amp and the sound card. A simple filter with galvanic separation fixed the problem and now the bass shakers are silent. Until they start shaking, of course I wonder if this might have been my problem with the JetSeat as well..?
  5. That’s a great little summary! Well done! I can’t speak for everyone, but I sure am!
  6. I’m not sure I understood the point of your post. Sounds like we’re saying the same thing? Anyway, the lineage from RoF to IL-2 GB is evident. Still, the developers chose to abandon the old engine in favour of a new one. Considering they need to make money from selling their products, it makes perfect sense to continue in a new product lineup. It also makes sense to use whatever they can of the old code.
  7. True. But what’s the point on continue supporting an old code base for an old api, when the devs have moved on to make something new? New hardware opens new possibilities and there comes a time when it’s easier for software developers to start from the beginning and make something new, instead of continuing on old code. I spent many happy years with IL-2 and RoF, but shortly after IL-2 BoS and now FC is out, I haven’t looked back. I’d rather see modern software products emerge and support that, than continue using old software. I’m having more fun with FC than I did with RoF, because of VR. As a real life pilot I find VR to be a total game changer that allows me to come as close as I’ll probably ever get to experience real WWI aerial warfare. IL-2 GB and FC supports VR. IL-2 1946 and RoF does not. That’s the main reason for me, to move on. There are other reasons too. But that doesn’t mean the older products are bad. They’re not. But I find the new products to be better.
  8. Why, do you need a job..? I like VR. I think it’s the best thing that has happened to flightsims. VR is a situational awareness and immersion multiplier, for me. I’m ok with other people feeling differently about it. I have no need to agree with everybody and I don’t need people to agree with me.
  9. I don’t believe in god. Everything I write is my opinion, unless stated otherwise. So? You are of course entitled to your own opinion. It should be perfectly obvious that peoples opinions are their own and just as valid as anybody elses. It’s the basis of communication on an open forum. Opinions diverge on everything. It’s a natural order. VR makes a lot of sense to me, and only harm my virtual enemies...
  10. Has this been acknowledged as a bug?
  11. Do you have a condition that prevents natural movement of the neck? If so, I totally understand your reluctance. If not, it’s not a big problem. Although it will comdition your neck muscles. Better take it easy at first. I would imagine that it would mess with your equilibrium as your whole view shifts as you turn your head in VR. Imagine turning your head 90° and the world turned 180°. That would take some getting used to... I have seen VR users with neck conditions use an office chair. This makes it easy to check six as you can turn your seat a little. They even say it’s possible to keep the feet on the pedals as you don’t have to turn the seat that much.
  12. I think VR really enhances SA. But checking six is much harder. I think both are due to VR being more like real life. But sure, VR isn’t perfect. I’d like a wider field of view, for one thing. Resolution on my Rift S is good enough. Don’t need that many extra pixels for it to be perfect. VR is what made me leave RoF behind. I loved that sim, but VR ruined 2D for me. The tracking of TrackIR felt awful compared to the Rift CV1 and my 34” ultra wide screen felt like peeping through a keyhole, compared to sitting in the virtual cockpit... I’m so glad they decided to do FC and I really hope there will be more volumes of it.
  13. Perhaps in here. But I see such comments on facebook, youtube and other forums.
  14. I find some comments by seasoned RoF flyers a bit puzzling. It seems like many have forgotten RoF in the beginning, or maybe they never experienced it. RoF started small and buggy. 777 Studios got involved and RoF became the best WWI sim, ever. IMO anyway. This would not have been possible without the support of the fans who bought the planes, maps and campaigns. Software development cost money and if people stop buying, development stops. Flying Circus is the future. It’s basically RoF in a future proof engine, with all the bells and whistles of the new IL-2 Great Battle series. And while the devs can use a lot of the research and development that went into RoF, resources are still needed to upgrade everything to the new engine. A month per aircraft, I believe Jason said. FC is better than RoF in all aspects but content. Flight modelling is better. Damage modelling is better. Graphics is better. Sound too. Now we have VR support and let me tell you, FC is absolutely fantastic, in VR! This is what VR was made for. If we, the fans of WWI flightsims, continue to support the development of FC the content will follow. If we don’t support it, there won’t be any content. No developer in the world would go out on a limb like this, for a niche product like a WWI flightsim. I you you think you can sit on the fence and wait until FC reaches the content level of RoF, you are fooling yourself. If you want this to happen, you need to support this effort. It’s not like there’s two or three other WWI flightsim devs out there, is it..?
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