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  1. I am wondering what I am missing here. I follow the instructions which are not that hard to follow but the bloody thing just won't go away. When I click on Quick Calibrate there is no feedback (no visual cues, no confirmation sound, nothing at all), so I can't tell if it worked or not. Well, it clearly didn't cause the damn thing is still there. I have the original Quest. Any additional clues would be appreciated.
  2. I have the Quest and I do get that distortion when tilting my head but only when I start playing with AA settings. I am running MSAA and at x4 it gives me no distortion, I bring it down to x2 and I get the distortion. That distortion is quite apparent when the game loads and you look at the racks on the side walls in the hangar. That's how I also make sure my Anti Aliasing id doing it's job. FXAA or anything less than x4 MSAA the straight lines break up when I tilt my head and the image plane distorts. Try MSAA x4 and see if that solves it. It is more taxing on your system and caus
  3. I see the exact same thing. I have a lower end rig but can run things relatively smoothly at High and MSAA x4 on Quest. I see this "circle of shame" around my airplane at all times. I am on the BoM map and I can describe this as seeing nice terrain in a perfect circle around me out to about 2km, then there is a "transition" band of about 100m or so beyond which it's a blur all the way out to the horizon. I tried getting rid of it by changing graphics settings but to no avail.
  4. I must say, I admire you, Sir. Someone flying alone, at night, over a snow covered landscape, that's the dedication I don't have I've tried exactly 2 Pe-2 night bombing missions on the BoM map where you have to fly alone 150km one-way. And then when I couldn't get on target, or anywhere even remotely close to it, I put my bomber career on hold and haven't returned to it yet a few months later. I've never been a "gamer" but the the sheer number of hours I've spent playing IL-2 tells me it's a great Sim that caters to all who are even vaguely interested in aviation and history.
  5. I see your point, and I am not discouraged in the least from making it as realistic as possible. Time is at a premium though. As many here are "mature pilots" with family and kids, certain compromises are "acceptable" to get an overall satisfying experience from the Sim. On the point of calculations. I find it difficult to time bomber or ground attack escort missions. What I mean is this. When I fly IL2 on a ground attack mission, I fly at 340km/h. In a Pe-2 on a bombing mission ~370km/h. BUT when I fly a Mig-3 on an escort mission, those IL-2's or Pe-2's a
  6. The only easily doable missions on the BoM map are those that follow the railroad west through Mozhaisk towards Gzhatsk and Rzhev. That's the only reliable landmark on the entire map that I've been able to use consistently in my IL-2 career and not get lost because it takes me straight to my home base at Kubinka. If I try to use that railroad as a landmark in the MiG-3 career taking off from Vnukovo airport, I get WAY off planned route most of the time. And given half the missions are 140km or more one-way, that's simply not practical. Not a single hill or large river along th
  7. ^^ This I have purchased everything available in the game, all battles/maps and all collector airplanes (except Yak9 and Yak9T). I started 2 BoM careers - IL-2 and MiG-3 as I want to do it chronologically and progress into later maps. I fly in VR exclusively, and my system isn't the latest (i7, 16Gb, SSD, nVidia 2060, Quest). While I managed to fly IL-2 career without any aids on hard level with medium density (except when there is low thick cloud covering the entire sky), there is NO WAY to complete a Mig-3 career on the BoM map flying in VR at full realism IMHO
  8. Good thing I've found this topic instead of starting a new thread. I just started a new Mig-3 career with the BoM, and this is very frustrating not being able to use the flaps in combat. Flaps just won't stay retracted if any limiter >0% is used. Is there at least some workaround for it? I am really enjoying the beast but not being able to drop the flaps in flight should be addressed. Thanks.
  9. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Unfortunately, for me it killed my FPS. Brought it down from 36 to 9-10. land_anisotropy = 16 land_tex_lods = 7 These 2. The rest of the settings are the same (or so I think ) i7-6700, 16GB RAM, GTX 2060, Oculus Quest. Did I miss something?
  11. Same question here. I recently bought BoS, BoM, BoK, and BoBP from Steam. Now reading about the mods and stuff, everyone says launch the game directly and forget about SteamVR. But when I launch it directly from il.exe it prompts me to enter my IL2 credentials which I do not have. When I want to register an account, it prompts me to enter the License Key which Steam used to show but now it's hidden. Does that mean that, since I bought from Steam, I am out of luck and I won't be able to link my accounts?
  12. I bought the game on Steam. Then I created an IL2 account but it is not linked to Steam. The link you provided does not contain the instructions on how to link the Steam account to IL2 account. I had a bit of a break-through this morning. I switched all Graphics settings to balanced then switched from FXAA to MSAA with AA set to 4. Wow! Night ad Day! The FXAA did nothing regardless whether it was on or off and at what levels. The way I figured it, I was tilting my head right and left at the game start where you see the menu and the aircraft in the hangar. I was spe
  13. I just started playing (never played before) and figured I would go along with the timeline so I started with BoM. Tried I-16 and Mig-3 so far, the instrument cluster looks the same hard-to-read quality wise. I will try bf109 as you suggested I copied everything in the startup.cfg and set it to read-only. Didn't notice any difference. What would be helpful is seeing before and after shots of how the image is rendered in the headset. I've seen some youtubers do that wen they compared color and pixelation of different headsets. That's how I settled on the Quest becau
  14. First post here, so bear with me I am not a young fella and have been working in IT fr 20 years. I thought what could be so hard to tune my hardware to run my Quest in an optimal configuration? Well, it seems there is no shortage of "Tips" on how to optimize VR settings to run IL-2 but many of those appear to be conflicting. I just bought Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban and Bodenplatte and figured I'd get right into it. I ran IL-2 in all default settings and everything looked fine (I don't expect the same image quality in VR as on a flat panel) except I wasn't happy the
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