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  1. I find it hilarious how many people on here are talking about deflection shooting with charts etc... and they are actually talking about snap shots making their point irrelevant. After flying all the top sims for 15 years now this is the only one that I can see someone on my 7-8 or 4-5 O'clock, look over my shoulder see them truing to pull "lead" and then watch them fire as I'm looking directly at their canopy and even the emblems on TOP of their wings and then see the rounds hit! This literally impossible and makes no sense at all. In every other flight sim, I use being able to see their canopy on a deflection shot to determine if I can just sit their and let the enemy waste his rounds. Works every time on CLoD, DCS 1946 etc.... but on here it is a different story.
  2. This game download is a joke! I'm on a 200MB/s fiber connection and it still takes forever, so I set the computer to never go to sleep or hibernate and let if run all weekend. When I left it was at 5Gb of 10Gb. Now that I got back to check it......it filled up 20Gb of disk storage and as soon as you launch it is now installing another 11Gb at a ridiculous speed of 450KB/s. This is on a Monday and I started the install on a Friday morning and it finished over the weekend to only take up a ton of drive space and is still useless. Forget it......I'm done with this joke of a game.
  3. This is great. Im use to DCS where you can identify aircraft by tracers and it is very confusing in IL2 and hard to set up shots when diving without being able to identify by tracers before hand. Thanks
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