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    Allow external views and while you are watching the plane you want to control (with Ctrl + F2 or Shift + F2)(it must be a flyable one) hit Ctrl + F1 (I think this is the default assignment)
  2. You need to click the doll above the plane you want to fly (there must be at least 1) also in mission you can take the control of any (flyable of course) plane with Ctrl + F1 (I think this is the default assignment)
  3. You don't need to use the "save as" ("apply" button yes), it is a good practice and let you have various configuration stored (for example: one for figthers and another for bombers) The control configuration is the same for all planes
  4. - Hurricane Mk.II The Hurricane has been my favorite plane in all IL-2 games Thanks
  5. River Raid on Atari 2600 (or on Intellivision) Happy birthday (a little late)
  6. This is good The videos from JorgeHFJ are pretty good too
  7. What Mysticpuma says is reasonable, I think we would all like to see work in progress but we would also have to know if they are in a position to show something now or if they want to do it. DD_Arthur's first post is fine, you can agree or not, but the second is malicious (or so it seems) and is a recurring comment from him and is what started the discussion.
  8. Gradually increase "0% Dead Zone" until "Out" shows 0.00. But that is a control issue not game related, try calibrating it again in Windows, you should do this before changing any setting
  9. Keep Cliffs of Dover alive (and expanding it) is enough, Cliffs of dover is one of the best sims and deserves keep going
  10. For me the FM, DM and graphics (it must be the lighting) plus many details present I would recommend that you insist with the settings of controls, try to set the sensitivity to your liking
  11. I'm not sure if this is what you need, but you can try it https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27301
  12. From here: On 9/12/2020 at 3:01 PM, Sokol1 said: No, the majority of Info Windows color is hardcoded, but... for some mysterious reason, you can chance color for digital windows: clock (time) and engine in '%' and can choose between "99" variations... "It's CloD!" 😜
  13. These are good ($74.99): https://www.amazon.com/XPG-3200MHz-288-Pin-CL16-20-20-AX4U320038G16A-DRZ1/dp/B0828C3DJB For the test suggested by DD_FT- 4Gb are enough
  14. Look at the spinner dome part. The skins for 109 are almost the same in both sims (not sure why)
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