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  1. @kendo I see now, that the problem is different from just the usual misplaced luascript files, as I assumed on a fast glance. Sorry for that one. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce the error on my machine, where the campaign just runs just fine. Thus I took a page out of @vonGraf's playbook and recompiled the missions. You can find them in the OP.
  2. @Kendo The campaign should be fine with the new game versions as well. My guess is, that something went wrong when you installed it, i.e. the file is just not in the right place.
  3. Guten Morgen. Und herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Kleine.
  4. Yes, that did not work out at all -- and is one of the reasons why Kathon implemented a lot of the connection rules we have. The TAW server at this stage has seen a few years. And there is always a good chance, that any topic you can come up with now, has seen a heated debate already some hundred pages ago in this thread.
  5. There is no 'but' to this.
  6. I will have to have a look at this. All that is necessary should be to land at your home airfield.
  7. You most probably have not correctly installed the campaign. Extract the .zip's data folder into your main Il2-Sturmovik directory as stated in the OP. PM me if you still can't get it to run and we can try to solve it together.
  8. I have recompiled and uploaded the campaign for version 4.501 (see OP). This has seen limited testing and I will be off for a few days. Please let me know, should you run into troubles.
  9. I flew one or two missions to check out whether it still runs and seems just fine.
  10. In the active part of my squad about 45 of 60 have the Ju-52. Now I am confused to what excactly you refer with "the Ju-52 expercience"?
  11. "Mixture control is manual with 4 Positions (Stop, Normal, Rich, Start)" or shorter "Mixture control is manual (Stop, Normal, Rich, Start)" Thank you for the work you put in here. I basically send everyone and her mother over to SAS to get this.
  12. References to places where this has been discussed before. Here: And here: I'd be happy already if there was only a StuVi for the current Ju-87 and Ju-88. Maybe the upcoming P51 is willing to cede one of its many options to these poor chaps?
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