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  1. JG4_dingsda

    Skin Begging

    Here is the F4: And here is the A3: The link for the F4s should still work, the one for the A3 is dead. Unfortunately I changed my rig sometime back, so I don't think I have the A3s anymore; at best on some backup drive. Maybe someone in the community still has them. Moreover I know, that @I./ZG1_Panzerbar was not too happy with these skins anymore around 2017, so he might have objections about using them (pinged him here because of that, though I am not sure, he is still around). He made them back in the day for Loft, who did not want to go with the concept -- a concept that I consider a perfect fit for PWCG, my main reason for posting them here.
  2. JG4_dingsda

    Endlich IV

    Guten Morgen.
  3. JG4_dingsda

    Skin Begging

    Even if there was concurrent efforts for this or that squadron, this would not be a problem -- as long as there was different time periods covered. PWCG can track those squadron skins over time. In 2015 Panzerbar did skinpacks for the F4, G2 and A3 called "Defaults, Generics and Aces" which I consider pretty much what is needed (in 4K, of course ). Here you would find a II./JG52 default '42 early, II./JG52 default '42 late, II./JG52 default winter, II./JG52 default '43 ... etc.
  4. JG4_dingsda

    Endlich IV

    Guten Morgen. Arbeiten und danach noch 'ne Runde Skat.
  5. JG4_dingsda

    New Players start here ...

    If I recall correctly, back then there was a poll here and in the russian forum, whether the Moscow Premium planes should be P-40 or Hurricane and MC.202 or IAR80.
  6. JG4_dingsda

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    Sorry, Patrick, I was not very precise there. Yes, I meant the mission log files.
  7. JG4_dingsda

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    I agree here. Another one to help in that regard might be to read mission files from the location that is in startup.cfg [KEY = system] text_log_folder.
  8. JG4_dingsda

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    To quote Zappa here: 'Outside what's on the inside. Nice!'. He might have been talking about panties, though.
  9. JG4_dingsda

    Endlich IV

  10. JG4_dingsda

    Endlich IV

    Danke schön & Guten Morgen.
  11. JG4_dingsda

    IL-2 Battle of Finland

    Very nice!
  12. JG4_dingsda

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    Keep in mind when talking about Free Software: “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”.
  13. JG4_dingsda

    IL-2 Battle of Finland

    @Juri_JS, @RaFiGer has done skins for the "Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey" on his little sturmovik page. As his source (including "Einsatzberichte") he mentions: Lento-osasto Kuhlmey : Saksan Luftwaffe Suomen tukena kesällä 1944 Hannu Valtonen * Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseon julkaisuja, Finnland * ISBN 951-95688-1-6
  14. JG4_dingsda

    Endlich IV

    Guten Morgen!
  15. JG4_dingsda

    IL-2 Battle of Finland

    I am such a sucker for this ToW.