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  1. I'd be interested in your source regarding this information as well.
  2. Hey! This thread was deliberately nursed and fondly bumped every other year.
  3. We set out to bomb the bridges in Nijmegen[1,2] yesterday and I told my mate not to expect anything, because the actual target might be a bicycle leaning on a tree somewhere there. [1] Actually we wanted to do a divebomb attack in the JU88, but -- alas! -- no JU88 available. [2] There is two and the icon is inbetween.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5KZTCOTCB8
  5. Has anybody experienced this? Are these known issues? Otherwise I'd do a Bugreport. a) 'GPS'-Plane Icon cannot be disabled in Single Player anymore. b) Bombsight freezes when HUD is turned off.
  6. The .mp3-Files for the Velikie Luki campaign still work fine, though. @GSHWK_Houndstone_Hawk, maybe you can have a look in there as to how they are set up in there.
  7. This is if anything the last word we heard on this and five years still qualifies as '[a]fter release' (of 'Battle of Stalingrad,' that is). But since 'somewhere' sometimes gets lost, I'd say: See you guys next year.
  8. These effects come with JG51 over Velikie Luki. You can get an idea when looking them up in /data/LuaScripts/worldobjects/mapemitters/test (and/or flying the campaign, of course ). To know for sure it would probably take @Veteran66 to remember what they are about.
  9. It would be good if the server-browser was able to display the difficulty settings in a small box when highlighting the server. This way you would not have to connect to see what you are up to.
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