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  1. @ATAG_SKUD, @FlyingShark: It shows deflection in a dive bombing attack. You can get an idea here. It is in German, though, but google-translate might help. If you want to see some more pictures, search for „Sturzvisier“; Stuvi is an abbreviation. (I am away from my computer and don‘t like typing on a phone too much, so these short hints will have to suffice. )
  2. If there should be any intention to do this, the Ju 52 would probably be a good starting point.
  3. In TAW the usefullness of the Ju 52 had to be toned down, because everyone and her mother was dropping Paratroopers into dropzones to move the map. Ahh .. those were the days.
  4. You could try to use @SYN_Vander's IL2 Great Battles Easy Mission Generator to create a mission to your liking, open the resulting file in the mission editor and just assign the skins. Not what you asked for, I know, but might be a viable workaround for the moment.
  5. OP updated to link to @Kosman72's latest version. Thank you!
  6. As far as I know, this is the message that you get, when all spawn points on that field are occupied. [I see, Jordan has mentioned that in the thread, that you linked. I never experienced it in another situation than this, so you might have run into a bug.]
  7. I found a good place for leather in the Ju 88: Good work, devs. I am looking forward to the next update.
  8. The Ju-87 floor window is toggled via the "Bomb bay door toggle" mapping in "Weapons Control". (Default: n?)
  9. JG4_dingsda

    P-47 Range

    Another excellent upload from Greg. There are so many interesting and informative videos to be found on his channel.
  10. @Hermod: Thank you for pointing this out to me.
  11. Whenever I read about the radio beacons, I get sad a little bit. Why not being able to use channel 2..n and refer to them via a keybinding in game (previous - next). (Sorry for putting this here, but as I said in the first sentence ... )
  12. Thx, @SAS_Storebror for this very helpful mod. As a suggestion for improvement: To start the HS 129 from parking, the mixture has to be operated manually. Otherwise the lever will remain in 'Stop' position and the engine will die. This is not mentioned in the official Aircraft Flight and Technical Specifications and Operational Details either.
  13. As long as there is no information to the contrary, I'd go with this here.
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