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  1. The .mp3-Files for the Velikie Luki campaign still work fine, though. @GSHWK_Houndstone_Hawk, maybe you can have a look in there as to how they are set up in there.
  2. This is if anything the last word we heard on this and five years still qualifies as '[a]fter release' (of 'Battle of Stalingrad,' that is). But since 'somewhere' sometimes gets lost, I'd say: See you guys next year.
  3. These effects come with JG51 over Velikie Luki. You can get an idea when looking them up in /data/LuaScripts/worldobjects/mapemitters/test (and/or flying the campaign, of course ). To know for sure it would probably take @Veteran66 to remember what they are about.
  4. It would be good if the server-browser was able to display the difficulty settings in a small box when highlighting the server. This way you would not have to connect to see what you are up to.
  5. Recompiled for game version 3.102b. Included Mission-Files. See OP.
  6. 1888 - 1950 München-Gladbach. 1960 change of pronounciation to Mönchen-Gladbach while still writing M.-Gladbach. 1960 the spelling was changed to Mönchengladbach. So for our timeframe the name is correct.
  7. That's what this is for: I compliment the devs for enhancing their environment in such a nice way, that the use-case of (a formerly gimmicky) system is revealed as a sideline. [more on this: 1, 2]
  8. 'Shattered Sword' was excellent, as well as the two 'First Team' books from Lundstrom. Compared to these I thought 'Fire in the Sky' was ... meh.
  9. The book is so good, I practically ate it. So don't count on it taking a while.
  10. Noone expects the spanish inquisition! Cardinal Fang! Fetch ... the comfy chair!
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