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  1. Having a bit of an @raaaid Moment here. I mean, all Types of modern Combustion Engines are derived from Pumps, and are essentially still that, just with a few more Steps, the Wankel Engine being the most prominent Example. The one that's really breaking my Head right now is how to Enginize a Roots Compressor and one of these Things.
  2. Given that the Razorback at the same Powersettings is faster than the Bubble and faces Aircraft on roughly the same Performance Level as the Kuban Aircraft (if not worse) the P-47 in BoN will not be nearly as outmatched as it is by the BoBP Planes. It will be faster pretty much everwhere, and around 18m/s of Climb it will be able to compete far more readily against G-6s with barely 20m/s and A-6s with roughly the same at some Altitudes. The P-47 Bubbletop falls Victim to insanely strong enemy Aircraft and Powersettings from 1943.
  3. Tried it IRL, and that is just BS. And we tried it with an Autogyro at 80km/h. Out of a Moving Aircraft you won't be able to read Shit. And at least in Germany you will find that there are an awful lot of Places called Amtsgericht, Finanzamt or Hauptbahnhof.
  4. IOt's the first time in Years that it has been this bad.
  5. Hi, in Multiplayer having the HUD open causes massive Lag, Stutters and FPS Drops. Any Solutions except for not flying with GUI?
  6. People always overthink Navigation and make it too complicated, then get lost. My Advice: KEEP IT SIMPLE, LOOK OUTSIDE Accurate Calculations are only needed in IFR, Low Vis flying or if you are trying to stay out of Civilian Airspaces that will land you a massive fine if a Tubeliner has his TCAS go off because of you. In Il-2 you have the Luxury of ignoring all that. For short distances between Waypoints (like 25km, can be more if you are good.) work in 30° increments. So if you look on the Map, and you see the Target in the general North West of where you are going from, fly either 300 and expect the Target on the Starboard Side, or 330 and expect it on Port. Don't fly at things directly, always try to get them on your 1 or 11 O'Clock. On Maps like Bodenplatte or Kuban this will get you to your Destination quite reliably, as the Landmarks are densly packed and referencing your Position is easy. When looking at your Route, also look to what is to the Left and Right, in case you drift or your desired Waypoint doesn't show up, you have often under or overestimated your Speed, flown the wrong Course or any Number of Mistakes that can happen, like Clouds between you and your Waypoint. And then you essentially just roughly jump from Waypoint to Waypoint looking out and down, not Map and fixated on your Compass. Many People never get the Hang of it because they focus too much on precise flying and then cannot cope with the inevitable mistakes, forget Shoulder Checking or get lost when the War interferes with Navigation. On Moscow or Stalingrad, it is more Practical to work in 15° Increments and not to fly out into the Nothingness of the Steppes/Forests. Always keep over important Corridors, like Road/Railroad Combinations and Rivers. Use large and distinctive Cities as References, but not for primary Navigation, more as "Ah, good, I am where I should be"
  7. I wasn't barely alive when this Shit came around. It's pretty awesome.
  8. Knowing Russian Electrics my guess is that the Systems would have been deactivated by their Crews or Bypassed and been omitted from Production at some Point. Pilots would likely have an inaccurate Aircraft than one where you Push the Trigger and nothing happens. You definetly feel the Recoil in the Guns whenever you are actually trying to hit stuff. Keeping the Guns on Target in Automatic Fire is a Game of Chance.
  9. The Il-2 with 37mm and Stuka had Loaded Chamber Switches in the Guns, which only closed the Circuit when both Chambers were loaded and Bolts closed. This was to prevent asynchrous running of the Cannons. A Dud in the Chamber would still allow the other Gun to fire, but generally the Guns would fire Synchronized.
  10. Well trained Pilots were not used by the Luftwaffe around Bodenplatte.
  11. Whenever I see People complain about the American Planes currently I can guarantee that they are taking too much Fuel and don't know how to fly their Aircraft. When I see people complain about the Damage Model, I see Fw190s with up to two 30mm and two 20mm and two 13mm Guns, 109s with one 30mm and two 20mm Guns and two 13mm and Me-262s with four 30mm Guns. Once you try it with a G-2 or G-4 you will find that the P-47 will drain your Ammo quite a bit and it's a Game of Chance even with a lot of good hits to bring it down. The P-51 needs about 400l/h, and loaded with 400l she is without a Doubt the best flying Allied Fighter in Game. The only Problem is that the 6x.50cals don't work for me. The P-47s biggest Issue at the Moment is Lack of Power. The current Power available isn't higher than what was available in 1943. Against German Fighters without MW50 and MK108 the P-47 is a strong Opponent, but with 64" MAP it simply has no Upsides aside from having a G-Suit. So I hope the Devs will, against historical Judgement, introduce 150 Octane and Field Mod for 70+". At the Moment you will never have to Push the Turbo past 90% to 92% to reach 64", 100% Turbo only eats Power as it forces the MAP Regulator to Throttle the Engine down again, so for about every 1000ft Alt. gained Turbo requirement is 1% less for Max Boost. The Speed Difference is significant, so don't Over-Turbo the Supercharger.
  12. PMDG DC-6, and maybe, just maybe TeamX's DC-2 will be revived.
  13. With the Pilot Physiology the Spitfire has effectively been neutered. The Speeds at which the Dogfights happen in BOOB the Spitfire is adversely effected by it's Neutral Stability and unless you want to find yourself unconscious for most Fights, you have to play by the Rules of the 190s and 109s. Unless you get to engage below 350km/h or slow down the Fight considerably (which is difficult with amount of Power of most Planes) you are a Sitting Duck. Pilot Physiology has changed the Way Dogfights play out now, and the BnZers now make more Sense than ever before, simply because the Turnfighters can't do 11g Turns anymore and pull the faster Planes into a Stall at 600km/h.
  14. The Yak-3 per Definition is a Yak-1 with Metal Wing Spar. The Yak-3 also received some Aerodynamic Improvements to the Fuselage, where Canvas was replaced with Wood or Metal Planking. The Yak-9 is per Definition a Yak-7 with Metal Wing Spar. Later on the Yak-9s also received more Wooden and Metal Planking instead of Canvas. But visually Yak-9s and Yak-7s are nearly indistinguishable. This means there is also a Yak-7 that looks identical to what we in the West tend to call the Yak-9M, or the late Series 105PF Yak-9 derived from the 9T Model with the Cockpit set further back.
  15. Boy, so much misinformation on the Yaks here. The Yak-1 was the first of the Designs by the Yak Bureau and is based around a Frame that when stripped is nearly indistinguishable from a Hawker Hurricane, the Aerodynamics were improved by their Research Institutes and the Airfoil was the most common Airfoil of all Time, the Clark YH. The Yak was the Antithesis of Revolutionary, which is why it worked so quickly just out of Development. The Yak-1 was laid out to be an Aerobatic Aircraft with a Bias towards Neutral Stability, similar to the Spitfire, but less extreme and easier to fly for beginners. This meant that Cockpit, Wing Roots and Engine were moved as closely together as possible to reduce Pitch/Yaw Inertia to an absolute Minimum while achieving near Neutral Center of Gravity. It was never meant to have any Weight added behind the Pilot. When the Decision was made to create a Yak-1 UTI (Two Seater Trainer (armed)) this meant that the Deisgners of the Yak design Bureau had to find a Way to add a Second Seat without removing the Guns and with Minimal Effort to not get a Tailheavy Plane. There are some Options to achieve this. 1. Add weight in the Front, but with an already underpowered Aircraft and two People on Board, a bad Idea 2. Move the entire Cockpit, Guns and Engine forward in the Fuselage, but then the Wing Roots are in the Way of the Pedals. 3. Re-Trim the Tail Section by adding positive Angle of Attack on the Horizontal Stabilizer. This creates Problems in high Speed Dives, with a P-38 like Lawn Dart Tendency. 4. Add Wing Sweep. This creates some Issues on the Prodcution Line, but not nearly as bad as you might think. This is the Option the Yak Designers went with. 5. Move some other Weight Forward: In Case of the Yak, the Radiators. So the Main Difference is in Wing Sweep and the Radiators. This allowed for the Rear Cockpit, Fuel etc. to be added behind the forward Cockpit, while the Aircraft only exhibited good, more Noseheavy/Stable Characteristics when the Rear wasn't Loaded. The Yak-7 otherwise has the same Dimensions and IS NOT bigger than the Yak-1. And from that Point onwards the Yak-1(M) went on to become the Yak-3, while the Yak-7(M) became the Yak-9.
  16. With the Yak-9T Cannon you will find however that it is much easier to Aim than the German 30mm or the P-39s 37mm due to the Muzzle Velocity being 50% higher than the other Cannons. It is probably better compared to Mk103 Cannons. Meaning you will probably have to add less Lead than with many Rifle Calibre Guns.
  17. As a Base Aircraft, mostly yes. It will be slightly better in most Ways, but hardly noticable in a Fight. The possible Options are interesting,, as the Yak-9 has Storage Options behind the Pilot for Additional Fuel Storage, Internal Bombs, including PTABs. It will compliment the Yak-1b in a Role similar to the 190F-8 and G-8 to the A-8.
  18. Before the Physiology the heavy, fast Fighters made very little Sense against more manouverable light Fighters which could pull Fw190s into Stalls at 600km/h, and do all sorts of crazy evasive Manouvers, so you always had to achieve absolute, total Surprise or Run. Now you understand why the Fw190A was considered superior to the Mk.V Spit, which now has to really fight to get the 190 off its Tail and has to slow down considerably to get it's Manouverability Advantage. Booming and Zooming suddenly works like an absolute Charm, with the attacked Aircraft no longer being able to just pull a hard 90° Turn to evade.
  19. So, which is gonna be your favourite oversized, underpowered, robust but underprotected Fighter Bomber? P-40 has Speed, Hurricane has Guns, one is light but draggy, one is heavy and sleek. Give me your all.
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