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  1. Most of the Brakes ingame operate at about half Power, in order to prevent skidding on our very skiddy surfaces, being Grass, Dirt, Snow and only very Occassionally Concrete. I'm not sure how the Game handles Braking Power on the different Surfaces, but I guess I'm gonna give it a quick try.
  2. They are sitting Ducks though. After dropping Bombs their Sea Level Speed doesn't exceed 500km/h and their Top Speed at 6k doesn't exceed 600. But a good Pilot (like me, tapping selves Shoulders) will do everything in his Power not to present himself on a Silver Plate. And it doesn't matter which Plane I'm in, if I have you in my Sights and in Gun Range, you go down. And the 110 has 6 Good enough Guns to give any enemy Fighter some Grief. They have two Bf109 Engines in a Package that isn't that much heavier than twice the Weight of a Bf109G, so while their Climb isn't as good as a Bf109, the Bf109 generally being probably the best climbing Aircraft throughout the War when compared to it's contemporaries, the Bf110 is only slightly worse, meaning it's still as good as most of the Allied Fighters. It has a Wing Loading similar to most other Fighters in clean Config, so turning inside her shouldn't be easy, and since its Wings are essentially reworked Bf109E Wings, changed to the old, long Slat Type and full Length Ailerons, her Roll Rate is not great, not terrible.
  3. Nach einem fleißigen Tag mit der groben Feile und ein paar Hundert Gramm Stahl zu Spänen verwandelt habe ich eine ordentliche Blase am Finger. Obwohl sie Haut sein sollte bewegt sich mein Cursor kein bisschen wenn ich mit der Blase auf dem Touchpad unterwegs bin, sondern nur mit dem gesunden Teil. Experten! Woran liegt das?
  4. There are just so many Questions. Do they Wipe? If so, how? What Shape would at Toilet be? Could they even Control when and where? Shape? Apples or Sausages? What even is their Diet? I would guess Human, but Which Part of their Body is Lungs, which is Digestion or do they have two Complete Sets? Do they also have two Hearts, or just one and where? Do they Sleep in Beds or Stalls or Upright? Spooning, between the Arms and Front Legs or Front Legs and Rear Legs? And so many more.
  5. https://www.psychforums.com/psychotherapy/topic184028.html
  6. I find it suprisingly tasteful. It's not lying about Glory etc. but is all about simple Grief about Lives lost.
  7. Looking for some interesting E-Books available on Amazon. There is a lot of stuff out there about the early War in the East, but for the last 2 Years I do find it difficult to find a lot.
  8. It requires higher Supercharger Gearing. Which isn't impossible to do. On a Yak it would bascially mean making the High Gear the new Low, and adding another even higher Gear.
  9. I like to do a simple Parity Check whenever discussing Planes. So same Conditions Weather, Fuel, Airfield. Put a later Mustang on the Eastern Front, 700m Cloud Cover, Mud/Dust Runway and the same Fuels as used by the Russian Aircraft (somewhere in the low 90s Octane) and give the Crew 24h to tune the Aircraft for Service (Supercharger Gearing, Adjusting Injection and Ignition, Test Flying and Essential Repairs/Improvements) and then pit them against one another in a War of Attrition. Result will be a Mustang likely without Gear Covers and locked Tailwheel, Massively derated Engine (at best 52"@3000, ca. 1200hp) up against a Yak-9U or La-5FN at 1650 to 1850hp and far less draggy, thus massively outclassing the Mustang. Reverse this to the Western Front, 2000m Clouds, Good Airfields and 150 Octane. Suddenly you can uprate the Yak or the Lala to Power Levels well beyond 2000hp, and their Airframes were already Low Drag to begin with, so they will also leave the Mustang absolutely in the Dust. But generally the 109 and 190 always Shine in any Parity Check. Put a 109 into the RAF Hands and a Spit Mk.I to the Luftwaffe, and the 1450hp 109E on 100 Octane will run absolute Circles around and inside of the Spitfire barely making 1000hp on our 87 Octane Juice.
  10. Are you trying to Trigger the "actually it's called the "X" Crowd? You know full well it's Erla Haube (Hood) and Galland Panzer (Head Armor).
  11. I think the Malcolm Hood is a bit like Cancer. It grows on you with time.
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