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  1. I'd like to know how many Degrees I'm giving it.
  2. Just take the UAZ, Land Rover and Jeep as Examples.
  3. They are somewhat exaggerated, yes, but not nearly as much as you think. The late War Planes are running either Synthetic or EXTREMELY Leaded Mineral Fuels. The German Planes are also running Air Fuel Ratios of 10:1 + Water Injection to keep Intake Temps down and prevent Knock under High Boost. Because they are unleaded or Low Lead Synthetic they have worse Knock abilites than the Mineral Fuels, but only create Carbon Soot Fouling, which burns off easily once Power is reduced for short Periods. But still, only about 2/3rds of the Fuel is burned under High Boost, while 1/3rd is just used for evaporative Cooling of the Intake Air. The Burn is thus extremely Sooty. Also: With Planes using MW50, you also have some 2 Stroke Oil in the MW50 Mix. High Lead Mineral Fuels are more Knock Resistant, but have to Burn Hot as to prevent Lead Buildup on the Spark Plugs. So the Max A/F Ratio the Mustangs run is about 12:1 with 150 Octane. This is still a Burn in which 20% of the Fuel simply cool down the Intake Air through evaporation without Burning. If you run too rich you lose Power and Foul Valves and Plugs in Minutes normally.
  4. Well, a Centrifugal Type Supercharger eats more Power the more it is throttled. So you just have less Power available even at higher MAP.
  5. The Issue is that I don't know how to disconnect the Battery for disassembly. I have always been a Notebook Scrub and I am used to modifying them. but I don't know how the ones with fixed Batteries work.
  6. Hi, I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 with 1.25TB SSD, 16GB DDR4, GTX1060 and an i7 with 3.8GHz. All in all it's a pretty good Machine. For Ventilator Control I have the OEM Acer PredatorSense Software installed and for Gaming I generally set it to Max. I used to get 6122RPM, then 6000, then 5882 and now I'm down to 5769. I do occassionally Vacuum on the Ventilator Inlet, which would spin them in Reverse, but always with a Shut Down PC. Have I done Damage or do cleaner Ventilators spin faster?
  7. It has 24 Cylinders for the same Reason Moto Guzzi built a 500cc V8!!! when others were still running twins of singles. More Cylinders at the same Displacement means more Power because you can Rev higher because you have less Stroke and smaller, lighter Pistons. For the same Reason this Monstrosity had a 1.5l V16 to overpower the 8s, 10s and 12s.
  8. The Pe-2 simply has the Strongest Wings ingame. It would though, because it is a heavy twin Engine Dive Bomber.
  9. Ki-43 needs to come someday. It makes my Hairs stand on end, just watching how beautiful it must fly.
  10. Not really though. With the Soviet Armament (Shvak+UB) Packages and several Bomb Racks, or the 4 20mm (or the 12 .303 MGs) Hispanos in English Service and up to 500kg of Bombs, as well as the later Merlin XX Engine with almost 1500hp while maybe not very quick, it will not be easy Prey for most early German Fighters.
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