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  1. I have now killed so many Mustangs with Pilots too stupid to properly adjust their Fuel Load, that got completely G-Locked, with G-Loc resulting in fatal Spins, as well myself getting caught in pretty nasty Spins in the P-39, that I would say that Spin behaviour in the newer Models is pretty good.
  2. The Engine Maps of our Aircraft all look something similar to this, just not done by Electronics but through Governors and Vacuum Switches. Auto Rich/Lean only select a Pre-Load on the System, the "n" of the Function so to speak.
  3. Most ingame Aircraft at Cruise Settings don's smoke at all. All of the Aircraft with Automatic Mixture Control (Western Allied Aircraft) barely smoke in Auto Rich and don't smoke at all in Auto Lean. The only ones who really smoke are the ones who are too mentally Limited to remember putting the Mixture in the correct Position. Also: ALL INGAME ENGINES AUTOMATICALLY ENRICHEN THE MIXTURE AT FULL THROTTLE. Barely any modern Warbirds are run at these Settings during Displays. Early and Mid War German Planes don't Smoke in Cruise, and barely at higher Powersettings. Only the later ones are really rolling Coal hard, because they are using excessive amounts of Fuel for evaporative Cooling of the Intake Air Remember, these Fuels in the American Octane Rating are around 78, in the European Ratings about 87, meaning when run at Stochiometric Optimum in an N/A Engine will Self Ignite at 6:1 Compression already. So to get any Power out of these Fuels, you have to run them insanely Rich to get any Power out of them, meaning most of the Fuel doesn't actually fully Burn. The ones flying today are running on 91 Octane American, 98 European MoGas or 100LL or higher. With these Fuels they can run the Engines near Stochiometric Optimum for nearly all Powersettings, and during the Displays they are running pretty much on Optimum. The Late War Germans should be Rolling Coal like 60s Jets and Turboprops, because they are just about as Efficient, if not less.
  4. Hi, can you enable the G-8 Modification for the 190A-8? It is the F-8 Mod + Removal of Nose MG131 and makes it lighter than standard A-8, but with only 2xMG151/20 in the Wing Roots an 500 Rounds in Total.
  5. Currently the G-8 JaBo-Rei without Center ETC is probably my favourite 190. It's lighter than the Fighter Version with only very little added Drag and a very useful Bombload, while the Higher Ground Power Rating makes it faster than an A-8, better Climbing and with the reduced Weight in the Wings she becomes an absolute Charm to Fight Close in. So I'm really looking forward to the G-3 Variant of the A-6, and the Insanity of 6xMG151 or Torpedo Carrying. Did the G-3 Variant also delete the MG17s in the Nose? The E-7 can still trace many of it's Construction Components back to the Bf108, and you would be surprised how many Parts were LITERALLY THE SAME. Underneath the Skin the Emils are essentially still Re-Bodied 108s, same Constuction Methods, same Machines, and especially the Wings are scarily similar, just reinforced in certain Points to increase Vne. But you can still fit Ailerons, Slats, Flaps etc. from 108 to 109 and they will fit and probably work up to 450km/h, maybe even more. They won't fit perfectly because the Profile was changed somewhat, but the Mountings are the same. Elevators are nearly Identical too. It explains why the early 109 was perfect up to about 450, the Aerobatic Limit of the Taifun.
  6. They always Advertise Bits, 8 of which make up the Bytes we OH so desperately crave and need.
  7. BoN. More interesting and beautiful Planes. Also: P-47 is more competitive in that Planeset.
  8. Imma put it like this: I have stopped buying and planning any Payware for XP11 the very Second the MSFS2020 Announcement came.
  9. What natural Ways does they Body have to remove small amounts of Air or other Gasses from the Blood Stream? I get that large amounts of Gas in the Blood cause Embolisms, but what about very small amounts?
  10. Man, I'd take BoN, got all the others or at least a Hurricane. But good Luck to those who still need the Old Ones.
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