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  1. From my Limited Engine Knowledge, shouldn't Colder Intake Air reduce Knock Tendency at Sea Level? So if the Engine is tuned for Autumn's 15°C and for the Climbing Condition of about 120km/h, flying slower than that at Full Throttle should result in higher Risk of Knock, while flying Straight should allow you to crack it open just slightly. This mostly due to Heat dissipation from the Cylinder Heads being better at high than at Low Speeds. Flying with that Tune in Summer at 25°C and hotter shouldn't allow you to open the Regular Throttle fully without knock, as the intake Air is now so Warm. It would only be possible to be fully opened in Top Speed and Straight Flight. On the Plus Side the Engine will give you a considerably larger Performance Advantage over Non-Overcompressed Engines, as the Critical Alitude at which the Höhengas can be fully opened, is now Pushed Upwards Considerably, giving you an even bigger Edge over the Enemy. In Winter it's the Opposite, and in the Russian Winter the Intake Air would be so freezing Cold, you should be able to Run with both Throttles fully open under all Conditions.
  2. In the A-4 the Forwards firing Gun could be locked Forward and fired by the Pilot through a Button on his Stick.
  3. Well, our Fighters all weigh in at about 3+ tons, with small Drum Brakes that you wouldn't want on a 200kg Motorbike. These Brakes are good enough to Pivot the Aircraft, but they aren for Taxiing. All Aircraft ingame can be taxied with careful Application of Throttle and Rudder. Realistically speaking most of you guys would torch your Planes IRL by overheating your brakes.
  4. For those of you who aren't subscribed to him yet, he's definetly worth it.
  5. You are getting it entirely wrong. If the Germans have 50 Players and Russians have 30, the Germans can take 30 Fighters and 20 Ground Attackers, making ti more 1v1 for the Fighters. As a Russian Fighter Pilot your goal must be to defend your Targets. Your Targets have Flak that will show you the Location of enemy Planes, and you can sneakily shoot them down. Just never fly Ground Attack without Air Supremacy, and wait for them at your Targets. Use Tactical Intelligence and concentrate on Destroying their Attackers, because the German Fighters are no good at Protecting them.
  6. Well, if you want to fly a Fighter it makes most Sense to fly on the smaller Side. Ground Attackers like me enjoy Air Supremacy. I fly whichever Side has more Players, which means Cover for me.
  7. Well, the difference is between 20$ and 50$ Aircraft. I have X-Plane for Study Level Stuff.
  8. My Pilots are all counted as Dead 1 Minute after I finished Flight. I managed to die twice even 15 Minutes after Finish Flight. http://coconutside.eu:8080/de/sortie/log/85689/?tour=8
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