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  1. It would still allow for the small Tail while having Erla Haube and Galland Panzer as Standard. Any Later than Winter 44 would put it too close to the G-14 to have any meaningful distinction. And it would of course be most representative for the Aircraft at the Front of early Spring 44. And just because I personally would prefer to have a Short Tail G-6 with MW50, meaning some Extra Speed over the G-14.
  2. Yet here we are with 64bit, DX11 and VR.
  3. I believe the G-6 will be the most modifiable 109 we will ever get. Here is what I bet it will be (coming from the Kuban G-6) It will be represantative of a Production Line Model of the Winter of 1944. 100% Certain: Erla Haube and Galland Panzer as standard now, as well as Radio Navigation. Large Tail as an Option, Trade Off in Level Speed for later Flutter at High Speed and better handling due to more Rearward CG. The main Reason for the new Tail was the overbalanced Nature of the small one in a Dive. The Tail, as the clipped Wing Tips on the Spit, was an easy, Plug In Field or Factory Mod. MW50 Installation. 66% Certain: DB605AS Engine, but only usable in Combination with the large Tail Unit. Almost completely Certain won't come: Flettner Tab Ailerons.
  4. When has that ever been relevant with the Devs though? There are plenty of Mods ingame that were exceedingly rare, but operational.
  5. Not sure wether I like the Look, but in the Air it seems Practical to have.
  6. It works though. Maybe it shouldn't, but it does. In Win-10 you can't assign priorites like that anymore. So simply go into the Root and set them to run on Admin Rights, even if you are an Admin. You will find the game to run a lot more stable. Also: Set your Antivirus to Settings for Slow PCs.
  7. Run the Il-2.exe with Admin Powers. It gives Il-2 higher Priority. Generally run all your Games as Admin. Especially with Win 10 this is an Issue.
  8. And now here I come to say the complete Opposite. The I-16 is not a good close in Dogfighter. Especially once it is equipped with the Cannons it can be thrown off with a good combination of Low Speed Rolling Scissors and hard, high Power Slat Turns. Between 300 and 400km/h the I-16 is better than the 109. Between 300 and 250 it's an even fight, below 250 the I16 is an absolute mess. So if you find yourself with an I-16 hard on your Six and in Gun Range, give her full Aileron and as much Pull as she will allow and drop that Speed.
  9. What Upshots does it have over the MiG-21 then? In Terms of general Idea and Date they are the closest thing, but the 21 is faster and is more of a Warplane.
  10. Having almost Split my Skull on the Leading Edge of one I've also started wondering how a Supersonic Airfoil like that works at any kind of AoA. I imagine that as soon as you gave it more than 3° it would become extremely Turbulent, as the Sharp Leading Edge would basically create a Wave just behind itself.
  11. Somewhere in my Brain there is embedded a Claim that the F104 produces a significant Percentage (or even Majority) of it's Lift at the Fuselage and through the Engine Nacelle. This would explain the Negative Longditudinal Dihedral of the Wings (which at 0°AoA at the Wings would forice the AoA upwards) and Bananashaped Fuselage. Is there any truth in it?
  12. The only 109s able to carry the 500 were those with the long Tailwheel. The only Aircraft equipped with it were the G-14AS, G-10 and K-4.
  13. Agreed. Would be nice. Or a G-10 for the same Reason. An early MW50 G-6 would also be cool. Maybe the Team gets the Time and Money some Day, but it is unlikely.
  14. G-14 has larger Tail and Erla. The G-6 is a mid to late 43 Model, so it doesn't get Erla or large Tail.
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