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  1. Earlier Yaks were built around the less Powerful 105P and PA Engine, which produced less Heat and thus were the Radiators sized. With the Switch to the PF Engine on the S69, it became apparent that the Cooling Power of the Radiators was insufficient, but it was produced nonetheless but suffered from Overheating quite a lot. In the S127 they adressed the Issue the Soviet Way, by simply allowing the Shutter to open more. Cooling Effectiveness was increased slightly, but Drag is increased enormously when it is open that much. So only open it that much in Emergencies.
  2. They went insane and developed well more than only a Game. https://steamcommunity.com/games/771800/announcements/detail/1693856151146075454
  3. The Pre-War Ju-87A had the JuMo 210, which was a much smaller, much less Powerful (550 to 700hp) and carburetted in most Versions. These were the early Legion Condor Pilots and Planes who brought back their Experience and Technique to the Luftwaffe Pilots who would then go on into WWII. The Roll over also just looked really good iin the Wochenschau.
  4. This Spitfire outflies the lot.
  5. He is not necessarily correct. Outside of large Airports, there are tons of smaller ones that have Bends, Curves, Slopes etc. that make Numbering Odd. There are Airfields that only have 18 as Landing and 02 as only Take-Off. Take Sobernheim for example. It has 04 which is Uphill and bends to the Left, while 21 is downhill with a curve to the Right. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Flugplatz+Bad+Sobernheim-Domberg,+55566+Bad+Sobernheim/@49.7900477,7.6638925,942m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47bdffb94cdd735b:0xf1a850b8afea8c67!8m2!3d49.7919066!4d7.6672814
  6. Only in a perfect World. Plenty of curved Runways out there.
  7. I often fly the Stuka with Sirens on in Dogfights.
  8. My Guess is about 30 Years. This would put us at about 150 Years from the Universe first taking Notice of us to the Point of World Leaders threatening the End of Civilization via Social Media Bragging. If we are just an average Civilization this would mean that most Civilizations would never be within Radio Range of other equally advanced Civilizations during the same Time Period between the invention of the Radio and Total Nuclear Annihilation. Kinda happily depressing but would also explain why we are so alone.
  9. Having a bit of an @raaaid Moment here. I mean, all Types of modern Combustion Engines are derived from Pumps, and are essentially still that, just with a few more Steps, the Wankel Engine being the most prominent Example. The one that's really breaking my Head right now is how to Enginize a Roots Compressor and one of these Things.
  10. Given that the Razorback at the same Powersettings is faster than the Bubble and faces Aircraft on roughly the same Performance Level as the Kuban Aircraft (if not worse) the P-47 in BoN will not be nearly as outmatched as it is by the BoBP Planes. It will be faster pretty much everwhere, and around 18m/s of Climb it will be able to compete far more readily against G-6s with barely 20m/s and A-6s with roughly the same at some Altitudes. The P-47 Bubbletop falls Victim to insanely strong enemy Aircraft and Powersettings from 1943.
  11. Tried it IRL, and that is just BS. And we tried it with an Autogyro at 80km/h. Out of a Moving Aircraft you won't be able to read Shit. And at least in Germany you will find that there are an awful lot of Places called Amtsgericht, Finanzamt or Hauptbahnhof.
  12. IOt's the first time in Years that it has been this bad.
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