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  1. Tactical Air War

    The one WWII Pilot ZG26 had the Opportunity to Speak to never gave a [edited] about the Limits. He used the Power needed whenever he needed it and once the Threat was eliminated would go back to normal. Neither did the German Pilots. And this was Part and Parcel of flying in a War. So until the ingame RNG is replaced with a Realistic Solution I will keep the Technochat.
  2. Tactical Air War

    And their Engines wouldn't blow up after 1 Minute of Emergency.
  3. Tactical Air War

    You just assume everybody has a High Value Setup with Axis for everything. If you have a complete Cockpit Setup at home, having no Technochat is mostly OK, especially if your Potis and Sensors and Buttons work Flawlessly and Reliably. I rather spend my Money on Real Flying. And I virtually never look below my Instrument Panel, I don't look at my Throttle Lever, my Mixture or Fuel Selector or Cowl Lever unless something is very Wrong. I also don't look at the Gear Lever or Flap Switch, I do however confirm by looking at the Lights and Indicators. Having a Low Resolution, Visual HUD Throttle Indicator is very much what you would normally feel with your Rough Hand Position on the Throttle. The Percentages are Stupid, but just a Vague Visual Aid would be useful and not detract from the Experience. Only Axis Fighters draw a tiny benefit from it. Axis Bombers and Attackers have all the same Controls as VVS except Mixture.
  4. Tactical Air War

    I always adjust by Flame Color and RPM Jump.
  5. Tactical Air War

    Have I ever said you shouldn't check your Instruments? I already said that the Precise Percentages should go away, Warnings as well, and that only the Control Inputs should be Technochatted realistically. Telling People to put their Eyes away from Flying and look at the Wheels and Levers they are turning is just absolutely ridiculous and Gamey as Hell. A 5 to 8 Position Visual Throttle Confirmation would suffice, giving just the Necessary Information without making use of Instruments unnecessary. Not everybody has a 2000$ Quadrant Setup with everything on the Stick and a Flight Seat, some People have a T-16000M, a 3 Way Throttle Quadrant and a Keyboard. And the Slider on the T16000M has about 3.5cm of Range, so Technochat is Vital.
  6. Tactical Air War

    It's about as stupid as looking at your stick to see what Gear you're in. Removing Technochat is Gamey and adds nothing to Realism. Most of the Real Pilots here would agree with me.
  7. Tactical Air War

    Quick Glances. Unlike in the Game, IRL you have an enormous Field of View and a sensible Arse.
  8. Tactical Air War

    I agree with Removing some Parts of the Technochat, like "Engine Damage", "Overheat", "Gun Empty" etc. However, everything concerning your Controls should have at least some Sort of Technochat but get Rid of the Percentages, and if a Wheel or Relative Control is used: No Info on Position That includes: Throttle (Lever Position with Visual Representation maybe as in Rise of Flight, maybe as a little 8 Position Lever Icon, however on Aircraft with "Gates" (190, Spitifre), breaking through the Gate should be represented as well) RPM (Lever Position as mentioned Above, unless it's on a Wheel. Controls on a Wheel just "Increasing RPM" and "Decreasing RPM") Mixture (Lever Position as with RPM) EDIT: Auto Mixture Positions "Mixture: Full/Auto Rich; Auto Lean; Cut Off" or as on some: "Mixture: Auto" and "Mixture Manual as on Spitfire and La-5" Cowlings (On Aircraft with Wheels: only Message: "Cowling Opening" and "Cowling Closing", Lever: Visual Representation on a Slide or Icon; Notches and Buttons: "Cowls: Notch 1" etc.) Flaps (On a Wheel or Hydraulic as in LaGG, 111 or 109: "Flaps Extending" and "Flaps Rectracting" , Pneumatic and Notched Flaps (Stuka, Sptifire, Yak) "Flaps Notch X" or "Flaps Up/Down") Trim (At this Point you should have caught on to the System) Gear (I-16 and F4F when it comes: "Winding the Gear Up/Down", All others: "Gear Lever: Up/Down Position" and wait for Wing Indicators or Lights I think that is a System all can Agree on.
  9. Tactical Air War

    He only flies 109 and 190, so he can act all tough and many with his Super Complicated all automated Controls.
  10. Tactical Air War

    Bullshit. The Technochat enhances your Haptics, all the "Touchy Feely" Stuff you can't get from a Screen if you don't have Axis Controls for everything. The Engine Limits are Bullshit as well, and a Game Mechanic, completely unrelated to reailty, and so, to read that Game Mechanic, you need the Technochat. Flying without Technochat is like walking around in Lead Boots. I consider myself a Simmer and Technochat is Part of Simming. and doesn't take anything away from my need for Realism. But I wouldn't expect any less Arrogance from a Pure Fighter Jock with Mediocre Stats like yours. You only fly 2 Kinds of Aircraft, while I fly ALL of them. Technochat then is a Nice little support every once in a While.
  11. 72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    If this is your Vision of the New Random Expert, in which all Ground Attack is basically Kamikaze, I won't be Part of it.
  12. 72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    So far a 0% Survival Rate agains Mechanized Divisions in Bf110 and Bf109 Bomb Runs, on the First Run.
  13. 72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Russian AAA is extremely OP. It took 3 109s down in less than 30 Seconds. Set it on Low.
  14. 72AG-DED- Random Expert +

  15. 72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Will GPS be turned off for the Main Campaign?