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  1. Just gonna throw my Hat into the Ring again. I'm still on the Mailing List after all. I promise I'll behave this time.
  2. I normally calculate 400l/h per Engine with all German Planes. with a Ju-88 most proper Flights, including a 25 Minute Climb, Cruise to Target, Drop and Return take at least an Hour, so I fly the 88 with 800l Minimum. If a Flight Takes me over more than 2/3rds of a Map or I fly with more than 3 other People I calculate 1:15 to 1:30, depending on Map and Season, in Summer on Kuban I will go with 1:30, on Moscow in Winter I calculate with 1:15h, either way it's gonna be 1000l ot 1200l. For the He-111 I never take less than 1000l, because it is more likely to get Flak Hits and Leak, so I want some reserve to get to friendly Lines. The 111 has lower Fuel Consumption due to lower Cruise Settings, but is also slower, so you just look at the Flight, if it's a short one take 1000l, if it's a Long one tale 1200l and if it's a really, rally long one take 1600l.
  3. I play Games like Arma 3, Hell Let Loose, Squad and Post Scriptum, some of which have simple to use Squad Based Voice Comm, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY a Mute Function that is only 2 Clicks away if People annoy you. Having a Voice Chat just ingame in my Experience leads to about 80% of People listening and 40% Talking. Not everybody has a good Mike, but most have Speakers. A simple Squad based Command Structure, always with a managable Number of People involved in Voice Comm is nice and makes for easy Coordination among Squad Leaders. For those who Play X-Plane or FSX with the IVAO Multiplayer Mod, you will know the Teamspeak 2 (TWO!!!) plugin which offers a pretty good Voice Service and is already developed to interact with Games and Radios such as FSX and X-Plane. Integrating it into Il-2 would be almost seamless I guess if done well. And in Flight Sims we can count on the Playerbase not to be complete Cunts, it's just the Nature of the Beast(ly Machines we fly and the average of all you old Farts).
  4. I think it mostly just Shows that the Spitfire Airframe was just absolute Crap in Terms of Performance. It has extremely oversized Wings and the Shittiest Aspect Ratio of all WWII Fighters, and some of the Thickest Wings, due to the Spar Design and just sheer Size. The Wings, as soon as Cannons were introduced grew Worse Blisters than the Bf109s, as did the Cowlings. The Radiators have comically large Intakes, probably the Largest of all WWII Fighters, yet still insufficient in their Effect. I got to Compare the 109 and Spitfire Intakes in a Museum, and the Spitfire Pertrudes roughly my entire Hand, while the 109 is barely my Index Finger. The Mustang has a High Aspect Ratio, very Thin, Highly Loaded and clean Wing with Flush Rivets on the Entire Plane, Retractable Gear and Covers etc. And the Higher Wing Loading definetly helps too. The Spitfire simple is underloaded, and the Wing Twist and so on just creates so much unnecessary Drag.
  5. Can you make a Video of the He-111 AI Gunner actually hitting something?
  6. Even in Quick Missions my Gunners reliably Miss the Target, and I don't think they have ever hit a Target, but always the same Spot about 2m next to it, in all Plane Types, even in the Halberstadt and Bristol, which should make excellent Work of Targets.
  7. Not only more Power, but the Power evenly through the Altitude Band, without the Power Holes and Peaks of a geared Supercharger. The only disadvantage of the Turbo is it's Size and Weight.
  8. Greg actually has a pretty nice Graoh demonstrating Turbo vs. Super vs Perfect Charging System at 9:35.
  9. A Theoretical, Perfect Charging System which ate up no Power at all, would mean the Engine would become more Powerful at Altitude, as the lower surrounding Air Pressure would make for easier Exhaust Scavenging. At 25000 Feet that can be up to 10% Power gain. The Turbo pretty much completely neutralises that Power gain, so it produces the exact same Power through the Altitude Band, and takes more and more Power the higher you go, at 25000 fett roughly 10% of the Potential Engine Power.
  10. That is why the Fuel Injection normally happens either in the Supercharger or behind it. The Higher the Plane, the larger the Throttle opening for a given Manifold Pressure, the more Energy is imparted onto the Air, meaning it is heated up and thus even up high it's still just as Warm as down low.
  11. Water Injection is a Bitch essentially. The whole Idea behind Water Injection is to cool down the Air between Supercharger and Combustion Chamber. What is supposed to happen is that the Liquid Water absorbs the Heat from the hot intake Air and beomes Water in the Gaseous State (not condensed Water Vapour). There is a lot of Energy in the Change of the Aggregate Phase of Water (or Petrol, though less). This does however require that the Intake Air is hot enough to fully Gasify the Injected Water, otherwise the Water Droplets in the Intake will cause Issues with extreme Soot Fouling and Flame Extinguishing, and the Engine will Act like your Headgasket (in a Watercooled Car) has gone to Shit. Petrol also pulls a lot of Heat out of the Intake Air, the fatter the Mixture, the Colder the intake Air, however, if you decrease the intake Temperature, you get the same Problem as with the Water, and that is that the Petrol doesn't fully Gasify, which causes Shitty Burn and Soot Fouling. However, since Petrol is more easily Gasified and since Fuel Delivery to the Cylinder is less critical than Air, some unburnt Fuel isn't all that bad for Performance, if it means you can cram more Air in.
  12. OK, I don't fly the P-47 at that Altitude a lot. Low down (25000ft and less) you definetly want to keep the Turbo RPM low and the Intercooler Temps up. Above the 64" Critical Altitude the Water Injection just kills Power Full Stop. So if you can't make at least 64" anymore, just run it on normal Auto Rich and Full Turbo and Throttle.
  13. Well, as far as I can see your Intercooler is far too open as well, the Temps need to be in the Yellow, otherwise the Water Injection actually kills a lot of Power. Full Turbo is also quite often Counterproductive, as it tends to produce too much Boost for the 100 Octane, and the Automatic Manifold Pressure Regulator will Throttle you back to 66". And Throttling a Supercharged Engine is a proper Power Killer and you end up with the Turbo and Supercharger fighting the Throttle and you loose even more Power due to Scavenging losses as well. Normally the 90% Turbo Position is absolutely enough and you will never need more unless you are using Fuels Rated for the later 70"+ of Boost.
  14. Performance in HLL is good. It is very beautiful and runs well. So Performance and Looks are good. Physics and Mechanics are 95% OK, the Rest can be a bit snaggy in Places.
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