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  1. Aha, thanks. I didn't know about the connection between RPM and manifold pressure, or that you needed to drop the RPM to stay within the right threshold. She's climbing now. Much appreciated!
  2. Yeah, maybe this. Perhaps I was over-stressing it somehow.
  3. Hi all! So, I'm new to the game, and I'm trying to take off in the IL-2 Sturmovik. I've managed to get it off the ground and into the air, after a bit of practice, but I can't seem to climb. I've only got a fuel tank 36% full, so it's not that. I am carrying rockets and a heavy gun iirc. I've set both radiators to 60% open, which has helped my power a tad, but anytime I push the throttle above about 60% I get a warning not to say boost is on and not to use combat power on the way to the target (which I assume is good advice?). I'm struggling to get above even 100m off the ground. Any tips? Thanks.
  4. I've not been touching my mixture much, but I've looked into it just now and I don't think it's that. I set my mixture to 75% and the message telling me 'change your mixture' went away, but power was still whack. THEN I MOVED MY THROTTLE CONTROL. So, it looks like at the very least, THIS TIME the lack of power after the engine cut out might be a hardware/software integration issue. As soon as I moved the throttle, power came back. I think maybe because my throttle axis was static it assumed the last known power setting (which was, like, engine switched off) was correct? I have no idea if I didn't touch my throttle last few times. It still doesn't really explain why my engine cut out randomly in mid-flight though.
  5. Hi all, new to IL-2 and flight sims in general. I'm having a recurring problem in my Yak-1. She's a beautiful machine, full of grace and fury, who likes to randomly switch her engine off in mid air for reasons I can't discern. I'll be happily flying around, and all of a sudden the engine will splutter, switch off, then restart itself. But when it does, I don't seem to have any power. I slow down to about 200 kph unless I dive to gain airspeed, then I eventually end up having to ditch. I have no idea why this keeps happening. Honestly, it's quite funny, and adds an element of je ne cest quois to never be certain when my bird is just going to decide it can't be arsed partway through a mission. But I feel like I should probably figure out why it's happening so I can stop wasting materiel. It's happened a few times when I've come in for landing, fudged it, and had to pull up to try and go for another try. This time it happened at 2749 m up over German territory, which is less fun. Looking at my gauges, my manifold pressure seems to be zero, which sounds bad. I feel like whatever manifold pressure is, my plane probably needs it, or there wouldn't be a little clock on the plane to tell you you haven't got any.
  6. Excellent! Yeah, I'm subscribed to Sheriff on YouTube, I'll certainly use this to help me get started.
  7. Thanks! I think those 3 will probably be the ones I stick to at first. Can you tell me what you like about the Yak and La-5? 😄
  8. I'm quite new to IL-2 and flight sims in general, but I'm excited to learn. I just got BOS on the crazy sale deal (I also have about 10 hours on COD and about 20 on 1946). I'm eager to learn to fly and fight in an easy plane to start, BUT I'm just a bit less excited by the Bf-109 than other people. I just dig the Russians a bit more, generally, I suppose. The planes I'm most eager about are the IL-2, Yak-1, LaGG-3 and La-5, and to a lesser extent the FW190. I'd like to try some bombing and air combat. I'm aware it's best to stick to one plane for a while at first, so which do you guys think I should pick in the game's current state?
  9. Wowza, 6 GB of code corrections. Have the graphics been updated or just the physics engine, etc.?
  10. I don't have the new DLC (literally got the base game this week) but I notice a huge update is happening to the base game. Have there been any changes to the base game?
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