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  1. I havent flown since last year.... but the last time, I was landing, wheels on the ground (still rolling though) and some retarded came and shot my pilot. He didnt get a warn, kick, ban or anything. It was the last time I flown. Why set rules if nothing is done to enforce them ?
  2. I kid you not, but once me and my friends were attacking a pe2, we somehow managed to kill his [human] top gunner, the pilot then did a roll and started flying upside down, as his friend re-entered his aircraft as the bottom gunner; we just stayed out of the gunner range and after a some time his engines starved/shut off and he crashed. LOL
  3. I got killed while braking after I touched down.... Guess next time I see a 262 available ill just camp the red af's
  4. Hey guys, I took the 51 for a spin the other day and got some weird techno chat msgs, something along the lines "Watch Cowl Flaps, the aircraft is shaking", which got me confused as the 51 doesnt have cowl flaps, or am I mistaken ? Anyways, I thought it was a bug because I continued receiving those msgs even after landed, stopped the plane and turned the engine off. I was flying on Combat Box server. Does anyone experienced something similar ?
  5. Willy__

    Jedi flak

    I dont know if they removed that feature, but when I shot at flak and miss, hitting all around but very close to it sometimes the gunners will run away and after some time they come back to gun (the only animation is them running away from the gun btw) and the firing continues.
  6. That video is from 2018.....
  7. Unfortunately, everytime I want to play some offline campaign, somewhat historical I have to go back to the old 1946, the AI there is much better and believable even though they cheat on FM. BoS/BoM/BoK careers stay in the shelf, sadly.
  8. Either Im blind or that tearing doesnt happen to me, using Win7 btw.
  9. I have no idea, but I also use borderless windowed and have better FPS compared to fullscreen
  10. If you plan on using it online, I would go with 190A3 and Yak1B as it both are very competitive and are commonly availaible on the servers, the La5FN is also nice but its somewhat limited on availability. If you like underdogs then the G6 and the Vb are the choices
  11. They are definatelly better at maintaining formation if you compare to older versions of the game, its even stated on one of the patch change logs, it shouldnt matter much if you have a human leader or AI. But, the AI from the old 1946 is still miles ahead, even though it "cheats" on the flight model a little, but I at least can get some believable fights and scenarios most of the time, where as in BoX I completely abandoned the single player because of the shenanigans that the AI pull; somehow it has both crazy aimbot shooting hitting you on unthinkable deflection shots and craptastic-never hit anything when you fly straight, the never ending right/left turn, the AI gangbanging on the player, the AI suicidal tendencies and some other stuff made the single player portion not as fun as the 1946 version, at least for me.
  12. They are better at maintaining formation and thats it, they still do the infinite left/right turning when you get on their six
  13. Kinda. Its in the middle, on one hand if you take HE-only, PK and engine snipes become more rare, but blowing wings and surfaces apart is easier, if you take the AP-only its hard to de-wing enemies, but its easy to PK and get engine shots and you also get the benefit of tracerless ammo (the russian AP round doesnt have tracer). So I'd say it depends on what results you want, having a mixed belt is also a very strong option, personally, I think the full HE belt is the worse of the three options. Generally the mixed belt is good in all situations, and the AP-only is very good when you want to be sneaky.
  14. The A8 when released had a bug on the radiator, even though it uses the same(ish) engine as the earlier A5, it could barely stay at continous power without overheating, you basically had to fly with rads full opened all the time and it would cost too much of performance. The plane stayed that way until one of the recent patches this year which made it "usable". Off course its heavier than the other 190s but it also gets a lot more firepower, with the default 2 MG131s, 4 MG151s, even more if you swap 2 of those 151s to MK108s, making it perfect for those 1 hit and run tactics.
  15. 'cause its only complaints and not really an issue.... (russian logic)
  16. My head was on a swivel but yet I didnt see him coming, at first I thought he was in the clouds aswell, just like me, but after watching the recording I asked the person and he said that he came diving, he was above the clouds when he started his attack. The AA AI's started shooting when the enemy entered its range, it doesnt matter if it inside clouds or not, I had times where I could see the flak shooting and the little pom-pom from the flak exploding inside clouds and no sign of enemy plane. My bet is that I just didnt see it coming and its just a track bug, I only posted because it was similar to the OP situation.
  17. I have noticed something similar, I'll try to make a video of it -edit- Here it is: (funny that 110 appeared just fine at distance, and because of that I had thought that the whole invisible shbang airplane was a track bug, anyways, if anyone wants the ingame track recording files just send me a message and I'll send it to you) -edit2- It happened on Combat Box server.
  18. I still see it from time to time, but if I open up a topic on the forums people would call me luftwhiner....
  19. When I need to take the road I always take my yellow-tinted glasses. What it does is that it makes for a better contrast, meaning youll see the outline of other cars and objects better, and it also has the benefit of "filter" the light coming from headlights of incoming cars, making it easier for the eyes. I also noted that my brown tinted sunglasses also have similar effect, although to a lesser degree, maybe the yellow filter on the gunsight would have the same effect in real life ?
  20. I dont know if it works with the latest version, but Veteranen had some nice Scripted Campaigns, both for the 109G2 and FW190: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13912-veteranenmissions/ Heres the direct link for the FW campaign (its played on the Velikie Luke map): http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=15
  21. Willy__

    ME 262

    Horizontal Stabilizer, the same you can find on 109 (it uses the same control aswell).
  22. Congratulations, you all just discovered that convergence is all about preference to each pilot, heck I have a friend that uses the maximum available ingame (1000m) and he said that it became much easier hitting his targets.
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