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  1. Is the "migoto zoom mod thingymajig" considered a graphical injector ? Or we can all still abuse cof cof use it ?
  2. You know the saying... if you cant beat them... join them. Where can I dl this fine piece of exploit software ?
  3. Its been like that since the release. It was tweaked a little bit along the time, but overall the career is still unplayable for me and a lot of people for that reason. If I want to enjoy some random generated stuff with the ai, tracking kills, sorties and whatnot I fire up the old il2-1946. I remember one funny patch where the ai "unlearned" how to fly, you just had to dive near the ground to make them all crash lol
  4. Initially I would like to thank the CB team for their work, which should not be less. Many blue side mates and I would like to know and claim for a decent number of 262 on the maps, mainly Eindhoven, B-25 Mitchell, Bridges and Scheldt. It is quite disheartening to compare and see that on these maps we have little more than 2-3 262's, that in the first half hour of the map ended, while the red side has Tempests and / or dozens of P51s and Spits, and when it has a reasonable number, they are always concentrated at the bottom of the map, like Closing the Ruhr and Y-29 maps. In sho
  5. I havent flown since last year.... but the last time, I was landing, wheels on the ground (still rolling though) and some retarded came and shot my pilot. He didnt get a warn, kick, ban or anything. It was the last time I flown. Why set rules if nothing is done to enforce them ?
  6. I kid you not, but once me and my friends were attacking a pe2, we somehow managed to kill his [human] top gunner, the pilot then did a roll and started flying upside down, as his friend re-entered his aircraft as the bottom gunner; we just stayed out of the gunner range and after a some time his engines starved/shut off and he crashed. LOL
  7. I got killed while braking after I touched down.... Guess next time I see a 262 available ill just camp the red af's
  8. Hey guys, I took the 51 for a spin the other day and got some weird techno chat msgs, something along the lines "Watch Cowl Flaps, the aircraft is shaking", which got me confused as the 51 doesnt have cowl flaps, or am I mistaken ? Anyways, I thought it was a bug because I continued receiving those msgs even after landed, stopped the plane and turned the engine off. I was flying on Combat Box server. Does anyone experienced something similar ?
  9. I dont know if they removed that feature, but when I shot at flak and miss, hitting all around but very close to it sometimes the gunners will run away and after some time they come back to gun (the only animation is them running away from the gun btw) and the firing continues.
  10. That video is from 2018.....
  11. Unfortunately, everytime I want to play some offline campaign, somewhat historical I have to go back to the old 1946, the AI there is much better and believable even though they cheat on FM. BoS/BoM/BoK careers stay in the shelf, sadly.
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