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  1. 'cause its only complaints and not really an issue.... (russian logic)
  2. My head was on a swivel but yet I didnt see him coming, at first I thought he was in the clouds aswell, just like me, but after watching the recording I asked the person and he said that he came diving, he was above the clouds when he started his attack. The AA AI's started shooting when the enemy entered its range, it doesnt matter if it inside clouds or not, I had times where I could see the flak shooting and the little pom-pom from the flak exploding inside clouds and no sign of enemy plane. My bet is that I just didnt see it coming and its just a track bug, I only posted because it was similar to the OP situation.
  3. I have noticed something similar, I'll try to make a video of it -edit- Here it is: (funny that 110 appeared just fine at distance, and because of that I had thought that the whole invisible shbang airplane was a track bug, anyways, if anyone wants the ingame track recording files just send me a message and I'll send it to you) -edit2- It happened on Combat Box server.
  4. I still see it from time to time, but if I open up a topic on the forums people would call me luftwhiner....
  5. When I need to take the road I always take my yellow-tinted glasses. What it does is that it makes for a better contrast, meaning youll see the outline of other cars and objects better, and it also has the benefit of "filter" the light coming from headlights of incoming cars, making it easier for the eyes. I also noted that my brown tinted sunglasses also have similar effect, although to a lesser degree, maybe the yellow filter on the gunsight would have the same effect in real life ?
  6. I dont know if it works with the latest version, but Veteranen had some nice Scripted Campaigns, both for the 109G2 and FW190: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13912-veteranenmissions/ Heres the direct link for the FW campaign (its played on the Velikie Luke map): http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=15
  7. Willy__

    ME 262

    Horizontal Stabilizer, the same you can find on 109 (it uses the same control aswell).
  8. Congratulations, you all just discovered that convergence is all about preference to each pilot, heck I have a friend that uses the maximum available ingame (1000m) and he said that it became much easier hitting his targets.
  9. The thing with the Emil is that the cannons are much further out in the wings, making horizontal convergence much more important too a point that I almost completely disregard the vertical side of the convergence. But ultimately its down to preference to the pilot, some people like to shoot very up close, while others like to "snipe".
  10. Yeah, and most of it if not all went to IL-2s instead of LaGGs
  11. If the engine is shutting off its because you didnt move the throtle past the cut-off zone (15% on the HUD), if you look closely to the throttle ingame you can see little levers attached to it that change position after you move the throttle past the cut-off zone.
  12. Willy__

    ME 262

    Combat Box has it, check it out! I didnt try restarting the engines mid flight, but somebody told me its just a matter of hitting the Starter buttons (default RShift + numpad 1/2), the specs sheet does mention that restarting the engines above 4000m is impossible though.
  13. I'll try that next time. Since I was coming to land anyways the engines going out didnt bother me that much LOL
  14. Willy__

    ME 262

    Im in love with the 262, the sound of the engines are so addicting. People who were confortable with the 190 are gonna love this bird. Funny enough, I have yet to encounter a bomber while flying it, but I already shot down a couple of spits, 47s and an odd yak, all of them went down with a single quick burst
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