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  1. Willy__

    Tactical Air War

    I havent played much after the last updated, but i heard some people commenting that after you de-track the tank it becomes basically indestructible, also I dont know why, but the game started to credit you for the kill if you de-track the tanks even though it didnt explode. Maybe thats related to issue ?
  2. Willy__

    AI improved after 3.007?

    If you wanna play the career, expect your squadmates die or lawndart every mission. I think there were some updates on the AI but not what people were expecting, because the ai's still broken af, they are either cyborgs with perfect aim or they dont hit anything at all, let alone the lawndarting stuff.
  3. Willy__

    Tactical Air War

    Costa I had a similar experience long time ago flying on Wings I believe... It was just like you said, the plane would become unresponsive and Esc and Tab also wouldnt work, and the only fix was to close and restart the game. I dont know what caused it but IIRC I was alt-tabbing and/or looking at the stats ingame when it happened; I play the game on windowed mode btw. It never happened again though.
  4. Willy__


    working as intended comrade
  5. Willy__

    P47 Guns feel off

    I have the opposite situation: everything that isnt a bomber/twin-engine dies with a very quick and short burst of the 8 .50cals. Are you sure you are hitting the target with all 8 guns ?
  6. Anything but the General Section of the forum get forgotten, if OP had posted there almost nobody would see the topic
  7. Willy__

    P-47 interconnecting engine controls

    Im not used to the 47; if the light is blinking that means that the turbo is over-speeding ?
  8. Willy__

    Tactical Air War

    Just put him on your ignore list like most of us do. All of his posts are complaining about "blue whining" and that reds dont get enough "goodies"
  9. Willy__


    Use your eyes and navigate like they did back then.... or you think the enemy put some bonfires indicating the place of landing ?
  10. Willy__

    What's your top speed on P-47 at about 5000 ft?

    ??? Most of the time you wont be seeing the prop as it will be spinning...
  11. Willy__

    Tactical Air War

    And 190 D9.... And me262....
  12. As expected in terms of ingame mechanic; the ingame Lagg3 also needs less altitude to recover from a dive if we compare it against real life reports.
  13. Willy__


    WoL has custom skins locked for all planes, not just the la5fn.
  14. Its been like that since long time ago