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  1. I don't understand what you are talking about, you just aim the round cursor at the target and that's where your turret goes. The new mouse controls for me have just unnecessarily restricted the mouse cursor so you can no longer move it a decent distance away from the center so now you have to constantly drag your mouse for long turret turns which is just stupid.
  2. This is exactly the problem I have with the new mouse movement. I hate the fact that the cursor is so restricted now, to move your turret through long turns you have to constantly drag your mouse whereas before you could just move it off the screen and wait.
  3. Oh my god that is so frigging stupid, why do I have to hit the "machinegun: take leave / control button" before I hit my "binoculars" button, and you have to do that every time you want to use binoculars *facepalm*. anyway thanks for the heads up.
  4. Where did you get the info that they will fix it tomorrow?
  5. Yep same issue, makes playing the game pretty much impossible the devs really need to fix this ASAP.
  6. I'm really glad you are enjoying the new joystick controls, but I'm a Warthunder vet and so I've always used a mouse. I found the mouse controls to be pretty much perfect pre 4.105 I would set the zoom to my mouse scroll and so had zero issues with aiming with the mouse. I would just like the option to have the old mouse controls back. Also with patch 4.105 the mouse scroll no longer works with pilot head zoom and the binoculars button now doesn't work for me most of the time, I really hope they are at least going to release a hotfix soon to fix those annoying issues.
  7. Its got nothing to do with my mouse settings as of patch 4.501 the devs have fundamentally changed the way the mouse controls work and I think its worse and would just like the option of having the old controls back.
  8. Just noticed if I set the pilot head zoom to a key on my keyboard it works, but if I set it to mouse scroll like I want it doesn't work. It worked on the mouse scroll before patch 4.501.
  9. Hello, recent Aussie recruit here. I've been playing for about a month, Single player only so far as I'm a bit intimidated by the multiplayer.
  10. I would prefer that they improve the textures on the buildings, outside of the Prokhorovka map (I still think the textures on those buildings aren't great, but they are higher res) the buildings have laughably bad texture work compared to the rest of the game which does break the immersion quite a bit for me.
  11. Why did this get moved to "Controllers and VR"? I'm talking about mouse controls.
  12. After update 4.501 binoculars and pilot head zoom in and out are no longer working. I've tried resetting key binds to default and they still won't work. Quick zoom seems to work fine, just not pilot head zoom.
  13. I'm hating the new mouse turret controls. More specifically I really hate that the cursor can no longer be moved very far away from the targeting reticle and now to turn my turret 45+ degrees to the left or right I now have to keep flicking my mouse whereas before I could just move it off the screen and just wait. Is there anyway we could have the old mouse turret controls back as an option?
  14. After updating to v4.501 non of the custom single missions and custom campaigns for tank crew work anymore. When I click on them they all say "Mission description is loading" and no matter how long I leave it the mission description never loads and when trying to start a mission it just boots me back to the mission selection screen. This is a pretty big deal for tank crew as 80% of the content is user created missions and campaigns. Whoops my bad, there is already a thread about this with instructions on how to fix the issue:
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