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  1. S! All Even though it is a small map, navigation can be tough when on the ground in a tank. To help a bit, Moxy made a map showing cities, flags and spawn points. Green lines are bridges.
  2. S! If you have a repair refuel vehicle that has a setting less than 1 (0.5), the resaver will not work on that mission. You need to edit that mission and save it with those values at 1. Then the resaver works.
  3. S! Thank goodness they made the spotter option a setting that a mission maker can control. Now if they could just get rid of the airfield spotter range so that you do not know if an enemy plane is close to a friendly base. If that was a selectable option it would be great. Much less arcade.
  4. We are trying to get a Tank PvP event going. These bases are kinda close. It is a small area for planes. The goal is to capture all the territories. Decisions: Do you go for a neutral territory which only has about 7 or 8 defensive guns near the flag? Do you go after an enemy territory which has the guns around the flag plus 8 other guns spread around? Do you defend your territory? Do you have your planes protect your tanks? Do yo have your planes hunt for enemy tanks? Do you planes attack gun positions at a flag? or all of the above?
  5. S! All We had a scare after the update. The Tank Crew mission did not want to reload and all the advice and methods given in the mission editor forums did not work. Problem was that some of the Rearm, refuel values were set at less than 1. The resaver program could not deal with that. Values were manually edited and all is OK to go.
  6. Yes, I have it installed and can play mods off. With HDR and super sampling, I really do not see a big difference with the mod installed.
  7. S! We would like to use FC but at this time there has been no development. For now, RoF just has so much more to offer, both in the variety of planes and features. We realize that many people will see this as a step backwards and will not participate. Some have moved on to VR and will not play RoF. Others have uninstalled RoF and do not want to put it back on their machine. FIF will probably stay with RoF until FC gets some TLC from the Devs. ( hopefully very soon) FiF will be MODS off. The terrain bump map mod can be installed with JSGME and the game can be played Mods off. And J5_Klugermann, ahem, thank you very much for spilling the beans on the new bomb for the Gotha.
  8. Uhm, I would like to see Flying Circus Vol 2. Unfortunately we have to deal with the reality of market forces. With that in mind, Korea has the best chance. Jets are fun. The landscape is interesting. It opens a relatively untapped market for flight sims, China. Think there might be a lot of people in China that would love to get into a MiG 17 and shoot down an F-86? Is the addition of Chinese language to the sim a hint?
  9. A dynamic campaign for the Great Battle series. Scenario Ground Forces function toward Territorial “capture”, Air Forces support and aid Ground Forces. Territorial “Captures” are the in-game “Dynamic”. Territories can be “captured” by opposing forces repeatedly in a single session, and are also the campaign “Dynamic”. A territory held at mission/session end is carried over into the next session and will be friendly, with spawn points and defenses for the team that captured it last session. The map you see at the end of this session is the map you will see at the start of the next session. This includes Airbase's, ground, and “open” territories. Victory conditions are not set yet as this is a very small map. The actual number of territories can be continually expanded untill you run out of map. Victory could be anything from.... length of a campaign (number of sessions) vs. a coalitions inability to wage war. (winner takes all). Campaign design Mission Builder considerations and Game play Design goal: The game is built to start out as Player versus AI and progress to Player versus Player. Neutral territories have AI defenses as a minimal challenge. As territories are captured players will have to attack an enemy territory. Enemy territories will have additional AI defenses and hopefully a group of enemy players. Teams will need good communication skills for ground and air coordinaion. Air crews will be supporting ground units, searching for enemy ground units, intercepting enemy air units and attacking enemy static positions. Ground units will be the eyes of the air units. The landscape is full of forests, small villages and farms. The enemy could be hiding anywhere. Territories overview: A Territory, is a dimensional area on the campaign map. Within this area, are the Defenses, Objectives, Spawn places, and Downed pilot “Captured” zone. When a territory is captured by a coalition, all of the entities within that terrirory (ie defenses, spawn points, etc) will change to that coalition. Each territory is an independent group. Capture overview: Ground Forces “capture” territories by the in-game “Capture the flag programming”, once a territory is captured, the territorial area and its entities with in, become the possessions of that coalition. (Flip) Whether an Air Base or a Ground territory, the “Capture” mechanics are consistent. A “Commander Tank”, is the only vehicle that is able to “capture” IE change the coalition of a territory by itself. Any ground force (tank) is able to initiate “the capture” and change the flag but “the capture” must be completed by a “Commander Tank”, in order to finalize (coalition change) the capture. Commander tanks are limited. Team members need to support and protect commanders.When the “capture” mechanics are complete, the spawn point(s) and remaining defensive armaments, will change to its new coalition and become immediately available for use. A team also receives eight anti tank guns placed in the area along possible enemy attack routes. If you are attacking a territory that has been captured by the enemy you will need to watch out for anti tank guns. The nine territories in the center are all very similar with changes in position of flags, spawn points, structures and defensive guns. The center territory, MitteStadt, is a bit different. The flag is in a small city. You have to fight your way in and watch out for traps. In addition to the normal defensive guns there are four extra anti tank guns protecting the city. If you hold this territory at the end of session it will be yours next session with a spawn point and the anti tank guns will also spawn as your defensive units. Please do not try to rob the bank in the town. Kelly was already there. Airfield territories: Contain both a “Ground” territory (ground capture) and the addition of an airfield within its' area. The airfield has its own defenses in conjunction with the defenses of the ground territory . Airfields have RRR. Forward Airfields territories: Contain the same as above, But have extremely limited aircraft. RRR is set for fast Rearm and Repair. Defenses: Each unclaimed territory contains up to nine defensive guns (MG, AAA) territorial defense guns. Claimed territories also contain eight defensive anti tank guns as described above in the Capture overview. These defenses can be located anywhere with in a territories area, and will be of a familiar layout. (grouping, type, objects, etc.) Destroyed defenses, whether by Air or Ground forces, remain destroyed through out a session. It is not necessary to destroy defenses in order to capture. The wire in the picture below can be driven over by a tank. It will make smoke and fire but not damage a tank. Bridges and bridge repair: There are 3 types of bridges. “Stock”, “Placed” and “Engineered” bridges. Stock, are the in-game destroy-able bridge locations on the GUI in game map.Placed, are bridges at non gui/map locations and are destroyable. Engineered bridges are placed bridges, that are in destroyed condition at mission start, and are repairable. All bridges are destructible. Only a “Bridge Brigade” tank is able to “Repair” an engineered bridge. Repair radius is about 150 m from the center of the bridge, and repair is automatic, in 4 mins. Engineered bridges are type consistent. Fine print Code of conduct The goal of GF is to encourage and develop a tight-knit community of mature, like-minded players who wish to enjoy a challenging, rewarding, and fun combat environment. In order to accomplish this, GF adheres to a Code of Conduct with several important guiding principles. These include an atmosphere of sportsmanship, respect, and fair play. Individuals, squadrons,and teams should at all times strive for the following: Respect for your opponents and teammates. A commitment towards participation, including welcoming and helping new players. Avoiding a poor attitude,such as “win-at-all-costs.” Killing an enemy pilot within their parachute (i.e. “chute killing”) is legal.While many individuals and squadrons view chute killing as a dishonorable act, it is up to individuals and participating squadrons to determine how they will choose to deal with this reality of virtual war. Other than what is stated above, there are no rules. This is an introductory event. The mission is intermittently running on the JG1 server so that people can check it out. It will be run as an open server event on Sept 20th and 27th at 2:30 pm Eastern North American time. In game coms SRS will be available. Recommended coms are on Team Speak ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 pw- 1917. Axis players please use main German channel and Allied players please use main English channel. The mission runs for three hours. The ending map with captured territories on the 20th will be the starting map on the 27th. JG1 Stats server has been upgtaded to include tanks.
  10. S! All The traditional practice time for JG1 has been 9:00 pm Eastern North American time on Mondays and Thursdays. We have used this time to have some excellent fights with other squads and unaligned pilots. JG1 is not changing the time or days of practice, only the place. With the FiF Autumn 2020 campaign shifting to RoF, the JG1 practice will also be shifted from FC to RoF. JG1 will be on either New Wings or Cubans' Vintage missions server if it is running. We invite all with RoF to join us. This not an abandonment of FC. On the contrary, you will still see JG1 in FC events such as Black September.
  11. S! All We are thinking of running FiF using RoF. If you are interested in participating please vote in the poll on the RoF forums. Here is the link. ty
  12. S! All, Just to show my age, you do know that the ambulance thing was real in Red Baron 3D. It came right to your plane. In single player you then got a convalescent hospital screen.
  13. Han, thank you for doing this. I like realism. You can not make all people happy. Do what you think is best.
  14. S! All, I know many have dreamed about it but it is now a reality.
  15. Finally found answer in a different search
  16. S! bzc3IK I think you missed a point here. Look at the bars under kroepke 10's name. Looks like he does not have any of the WW II airplane versions. Maybe he and others ( like me, that have TC but have no intention of getting BON) would buy BON if it had 5 or 6 new tanks. Adding the tanks would expand the market for the product? Maybe not.
  17. Just a question. I have not seen anything about it so, will BON have some new player operated tanks? Maybe a Churchill, Crusader or Centurion. Possibly a late model Sherman with the 105 howitzer mod and although it is really a 1945 tank, an M26 Pershing just for fun? as a collector edition feature?
  18. Many thanks to SCG for hosting. Very complex mission with lots of surprises. Very professional attitude by all with great organizational skills. In other words.... A hell of a lot of fun! Again many thanks!
  19. Is there a list? Or nobody ever limits tank options? ty
  20. S! All and apologies if this has been asked before. Some of the airfields are in the GUI map but not on the ortho map. One example is the airfield just north of Arnhem on the Rhineland map. There are several others. Is this a known omission? Have others run into this? Is there any comment about fixing? Do I need to compile a complete list? ty
  21. Maps should be like skins and have their own folder. Stock maps that come with the game are read only locked. Maps that you make can go in this folder and be used by the game and are downloaded when you log in on multiplayer. That way you could have modded maps that do not require you to play mods on.
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