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  1. S! All Dry Run is this Saturday at 2:00 pm Eastern North American time. Server comes up 15 minutes earlier so people can load in. This will not be Dead is Dead. We want people to experience and explore as much as possible. If you are going to do special 2 seater missions, please review the requirements for the mission. You must have a plane with the proper name. Arty spot has altitude restrictions - above 750 m and below 1250 meters. If you do photo recon, be sure you have the photo load out and you see the camera icon when you spawn in.
  2. S! Forgot to mention the Prisoner Rescue mission. This is another type of mission where you land in enemy territory.
  3. S! Spy mission has been a regular "Flanders in Flames" mission For the past 8 years. You have to search an area on the map for the spy. This is a random spawn location. When you pick up the spy it gives a 5 minute repeating subtitle that tells you to search a specific area on the map. When you search the area you find a target to be bombed. Spy plane does not carry bombs so another plane must bomb the target. The purpose of all this is to prevent the spy plane from just running around the outside of the map. By searching a sector you provide the players with the possibility of an opportunity for combat. The picture below is from RoF but the logic is the same. Sorry about "food" landing spot. Should be "good".
  4. S! Brief update as TnS evolves. We had a lot of server overload messages on last Sunday. One third of targets have been removed. There are now only two tank battle areas. Door nocker anti tank guns out in the fields have been removed. A couple of anti tank guns at the flag have also been removed. Live entities have been brought down from 245 to about 160. This should get rid of the overload. (famous last words) We have been trying to get the heavy tanks in without having them overpower everything. In the past, the heavys were limited to two of each with a one hour respawn. That is still the case but.... we are going to tie the availability to spawn heavy tanks to a new target, the ammo dump. This is the supplier of ammo for the heavy tanks. Destroy the ammo dump and Heavy tanks will not be available at the spawn point. It is a vert dangerous target for airplanes. The target has only two AAA guns. The target is very small and will be a low altitude bomber target. The supply depot no longer repairs the HQ. If the HQ is destroyed, it stays destroyed. The supply depot repairs the Ammo Dump. Destroy the Ammo dump and the supply depot sends out a repair convoy. If the Ammo dump is repaired, heavy tanks will be available. If the convoy is destroyed, the supply depot sends out another after 30 minutes. If the supply depot is destroyed, it can not send out a convoy. The supply depot repairs 30 minutes after being destroyed. If the ammo depot is in a destroyed condition, the supply depot sends out a repair convoy. This sounds bit complex but just takes a bit of play to see how it works. If the ammo dump creates too much attention to a single attack area and we end up with a quake spot, it will be re-evaluated. Please note the re-fuel airfields on the map. No planes are available here but planes can land and re-fuel and re-arm. You can take these out by bombing the oil drums. The map for tonight is the Rhineland map summer.
  5. S! All We will be doing TnS Sunday, 10 January a 2:15 Eastern North American time and will run for 3 hours and 15 minutes. The extra 15 minutes is so people can log in and form up. A green flare will mark the official start. This will be the Stalingrad winter map as posted above. Please remember: Any tank can change a flag. You need a Commander tank to capture a flag. The HQ for a captured flag must be in the destroyed condition to capture a base and turn it to friendly. If you destroy the HQ, the Supply Depot sends out a repair convoy to the HQ. The convoy takes 30 minutes to arrive at the HQ. IF you destroy the supply depot before destroying the HQ, the supply depot can not send out a repair convoy. The HQ and supply depot are best bombed from high altitude. Flak down low is very dangerous. Blue is friendly. Red is enemy. Make sure you do not have Russians always red selected. This is in settings/flight interface color.
  6. Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy the holidays and being with family.
  7. S! All Just a brief clarification. This is not re-registering on the forums. This is a sign in for the event. We just want to know the number of people that want to participate so that we can make sure the teams are as even as possible. For new people that register, it may be a few days until you are assigned a team. Thank you.
  8. S! All The war continues! For this FiF we will stay with RoF. This FiF will be on the Tarnopol map and have a full 16 objectives. It will use the very early plane set. Yes, the S-16, S-22and Russian N-17 will be included. The order of secondary objectives has changed from the last FiF. Because the map is covered in trees and mountains, there is a special consideration for the Entente. For the General Capture mission, you do not need to land to capture the General. You just fly over him and you will get the capture message. A few seconds later you will get the area to search message that leads to the secondary objective "Tanks at a Factory". There are only 2 bases for each team. If you have a lot of players at a base, please have the first ten players pull forward a couple plane lengths so others can spawn in. Otherwise you might loose planes as people try to spawn in but the spawn in slots are full. New feature: In the past there has been only one Front Line Recon area. You will now see two areas on the map. They are both active. You can do either one to complete the mission. You do not need to do both. This will help create a little more fog of war. The enemy will not know which one you are doing. If you get interrupted on one you can go do the other one instead. Or you can do both at the same time and the one that gets back first completes the mission. The practice mission is running on the JG1 Server. Mission start time is 11:00 am and runs for two hours. If you get on and there is not enough time to do a mission, you can kill the balloon at the two seater base to restart the mission. Each team has an Air start base in enemy territory. This is to save time while practicing. It is highly recommended that if you are going to do the special 2 seater missions that you practice them a few times. There will be a dry run 23 January at the usual time- 2:pm Eastern North American. Remember the server comes up 15 minutes early so people can get in and make sure they have the proper load out. Hostilities begin on 30, January. At this point, the teams remain the same. People that have registered are still registered. We will be looking at the number of players and new sign-ups to make sure the teams stay balanced. We are still in the process of finalizing a few things and will post more details as they become available. For info please visit the JG1 forums. There you will find a registration section and a tournament info section. The info section will have maps, plane sets and objectives. Please review the objectives as there are more than last time and the order of secondary objectives have changed.
  9. ty I take it Red for Russian works for all Allied coalitions such as British or French? So players need to select Red Russian in their own settings because it is not a server or ME selection?
  10. S! All Have a question. When I join server and play German, I see German installations such as troop or artillery locations as having blue Icons and Soviet Icons as red. This is what I am used to all the way back to the early days of RoF. When I join the Soviet side, I see German markers as Blue and friendly Soviet installations as red except for spawn points. The spawn points are blue. I expect the spawn points to be blue. I also expect icons on the friendlies to be blue. Just like with a server with Icons on, I see enemy players as red and friendly players as blue. When you pick a translator icon, you assign it a role such as attack enemy bridge or cover friendly bridge. You also select which coalition can see this icon. That way if you see red you attack. You see blue you defend. Just wondering why Icons are not set up as way game was designed?
  11. S! All Full tournament version like last Sunday but on Stalingrad winter map. Siren at 1 minute before top of hour. Flares at top of hour. NDB at air fields. North are beacon 1. South are beacon 2. Same planes and tanks. Server comes up at 8:45 pm. Mission runs 3 hours. Please review capture mechanism posted above. Map
  12. S! All Thanks to all those who participated. Congratz to German team for taking forward Allied Base Apple. Allies have retreated to Base Pears. It is a genetic thing. I think the quake plane fight has been fixed. Many suggest going back to 3 hours. Durability on buildings was glitched. It was set to 300000. Game does not accept this and reset to 4400. Max setting is at 100000. That has been set. Attack area MCU at targets was borrowed from the tank spawn point. They were set to ground targets. Changed to air targets. Josey Wales moment. Butzzell to Vonalba: Only an Indian can sneak up like this. Vonalba: That's what I figured. Butzzell: You figured? Butzzell shoots Vonalba not realizing Darth Tater has snuk up on him. Kaboom! Great moment lol. Results are on this map. This would be starting position for next session.
  13. S! All. Some changes to TNS for Sunday 27, December 2020 at 2:00 pm Eastern North American time. Tank 'N Spank is an effort to create a pvp environment for tanks. Much has been learned over the last month. The next phase is an effort to get the plane part of the combined arms effort from a quake battle into a somewhat more tactical role. The way to achieve that is to spread out the tank battle areas and add other targets. These targets can not just be things to do. They have to have an affect on the capture mechanism. One suggestion was a building that must be destroyed. This evolved from a factory into an HQ. It makes sense to destroy the enemy command and control in order to take a territory. This was seen as a good idea and was added upon. If the HQ was destroyed a supply depot would launch a repair convoy. If the HQ was repaired before the flag capture it would prevent capture until destroyed again. This creates the convoy as a target or kill the supply depot before the HQ and you eliminate the convoy from ever existing. So to capture a territory, you must change the flag with any tank, have a commander tank enter the flag zone and have the enemy HQ in a destroyed condition. The result of all this is that you now have two high altitude bomber targets deep and deeper into enemy territory for every tank battle area.. How deep? Deep enough that it takes at least an hour round trip. If you limit the tank battle spots to just three and place them about 30 km apart. You spread out the air support for attacking enemy defensive positions. When you add in the HQ and Supply depot, you end up with nine targets for the air group to attack. Likewise you have nine targets to defend. Commanders will have to prioritize assignments. Also the session time is reduced from three hours to two hours. This helps limit the number of tasks that can be accomplished and helps with game mechanics such as convoys and rear target destruction. It adds another element to the commanders prioritizing assignments. Adding the HQ and supply depot does change one TNS game mechanic. Once a tank base is captured it stays captured until the next session. There is no recapture in the same session. Kill HQ then capture flag and Capture flag then kill HQ are tactical decisions. If the HQ is destroyed and repaired before the tank flag is captured, the next time the HQ is destroyed the territory is captured if the flag has been captured. That means that once tanks capture a flag ( and have a commander tank in there) they do not have to stay there. At this point the enemy could come in and change the flag but they can not capture because there is no enemy HQ to kill. The only way to prevent capture at this point would be to keep their HQ healthy. The tanks that Captured the flag can now move to another area. The goal is to get to the point where this can become a Dead is Dead event. The difficult part is making DiD not so dead. We did this in FiF with the "You can be a gunner" idea. You have only one life as a pilot but unlimited lives as a gunner. It would be the same here only with a bit more chance of not being dead. Parachutes ! You bail out to save your life and can fly again after a time out. If dead or capture, you have unlimited lives as a tanker. Well, we just spent all this time explaining how deep the targets are in enemy territory. What about being captured? Yes, being captured is the same as dead. No more flying as a pilot. Moxy designed the original so that the front was not solid. There are areas that you could land in and not be captured. This can be done in such a way that the closer you are to an enemy installation, the higher the chance of being captured. Somewhere around 10 km from an installation and you would be over contested area and not captured. This area would not be visible on the map. You would never really know until after you landed and hit finish mission. You would see in the map room if you were captured. I would put the target for success of this set up at about 50% of pilots shot down over the front lines to be able to fly again. I think this goes to the heart of DiD. You can not just hang out and fight till you die and fly again. It discourages Kamikaze fights. If you take damage you are going to want to bug out to save yourself if you can. Examples of maps and targets
  14. S! Been there. Done that. Actually started with punch tape. Started programing in BASIC and then FORTRAN. Many nightmares trying to debug.
  15. S! ALL Maybe I am just slow or missed something in the update notes. We have all discussed the new terrain bumpiness. Well, there is a new setting in the Graphics Settings panel. You will find "Terrain Roughness". I believe the default setting is low. I think if we set this to High, we could get some flying tanks. The really big news is that you can turn it off and it still gets rid of soggy ground. It does not smooth out everything but the FC planes now have about the same ability to land off field as RoF. Very nice indeed. Many thanks to Dev team! Now to launch a Tiger over a farm..........
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