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  1. Talbot Shot at dawn for treason Hunter Shot at dawn for treason Larner Needs to be shot at dawn on general principles Bear Should be shot whenever you find him. Parsons Shooting is too good for him. Needs to be bombed.
  2. I think they are roads or RR. There is a button on the tool bar to clear them.
  3. S! All Yes, the airfield attack should be a server option or an ME option. When you make an airfield an active entity you could select the option to turn off the attack notification.
  4. S! All Considering the environment, the AAA and the determination of the enemy, this is a great accomplishment. big CONGRATZ !
  5. S! The "improved" version caught me off guard. I thought something was wrong. Ever since flight sims came out, players bitched about not being able to see enemy planes as far away as they should. Developers have explained view distance, pixel size and what they have done to compensate. Well, here we are again. Is it a cheat? Does it display objects at a distance farther than you could see in real life? That means when you zoom in. Is it a way to compensate for the limitations of computer based displays? It alerts you to something over yonder that you should be able to see if it was real life. Similar to seeing glint on wings that attracts your attention. For the WW I crowd I do not think "improved" really helps because the planes are so slow. It is like having radar? The view distance has already been increased on a scale that is beneficial for WW I players. It may be another thing for the WW II folks. 5000 post and two years from now we will have a better idea.
  6. S! So sad to hear this. Sincere condolences to his family and 1PL
  7. S! All This may be a mission editor problem. For RoF the default temp is 15 degrees C. For the FC/IL2 series it is 20 or 25 degrees C. Mission makers need to review their air temp.
  8. S! Would like Zeppelins with cabins and view stations. Need to set up a tour company flying over major cities on Arras map. Amiens, Arras, Douai and Lille, Each tour last 2 hours. Only 10 marks. Get your tickets now.
  9. S! I really. really, really like the small map. The textures and detail are great. If they may fix a few things might it be possible to add a few airfields? Such as: Bailleul 0105.3 Lomme Lille 0207.1 La Gorgue 0305.8 Hesdigneul 0404.5 Villers-Bretonneux 1204.4 Faucaucourt en Santerre 1206.4 Change name of Villers Bretonneux at 1203.9 to Cashy-Bois And make the ground solid so you can land in a field?
  10. S! Awesome fight. I was in the last Halb that landed out. I think we accounted for 3 SPAD losses. FM/DM are great. No lag or stutters by anyone on Central side. You may need to pay that cable bill 😉
  11. S! Please do not confuse IL2 1946 BAT MOD "Flying Circus" with IL2 Great Battles Flying Circus. Even ROF looks way better than that video. Have you ever heard of Track IR? No need for hat buttons or F4.
  12. S! Brief description: Several objects in the blocks category float above ground on the Arras map. Detailed description, conditions:Port and industrial objects float about 2 meters above the ground. Place on ground button does not work. The height of object is not adjustable so it should be on the ground Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Picture is low rez but you get the idea. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, I-7 4490, 16 gig DDR3
  13. Regarding servers, long ago I suggested putting a label in front of the server names. IL2 for WW II, FC and TC. This would organize the server list and let players know what the server was offering.
  14. S! All I hope they will add the RoF airfield models. I really miss them. And Balloons. And a Shrubbery.
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