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  1. Excuse please, You want to know if at least a certain units are alive after a certain time? You start with X units and after a certain time T you need at least Y units alive to be successfully defended. Attackers kill Y + 1 to win. No need for Complex triggers to determine winner. Each ground unit is tied to a counter. When it hits Y + 1 Counter hits subtitle " Attackers win". Same counter hits a Deactivate. Deactivate goes to timer T. Timer T is tied to subtitle "Defenders win". If attackers do not Kill Y + 1 then timer goes off and defenders win. These two outcomes can be tied to secondary goal MCUs.
  2. The BOX series, dating all the way back to RoF, is incredibly flexible. There are dozens of options that can be adjusted. Such things include seeing navigation icons in game from the cockpit, Aiming help, Icon labels on planes and objects, External views and many others. These options let the beginner experience the sim and gain experience. As the player progresses many of these options can be turned off. Many of these options are set by the server operator. Some servers are set to very high custom settings. They will often have no help options except warmed up engine. There will be no icons on targets, no external views or other help options. While you may think these are for expert only, the people there are very friendly and willing to help anyone to adjust to the environment.
  3. S! The server is Very active on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. On these days there are many single players and several squads. Often up to 70 players. Jasta 5 is preparing to host Bloody April. This is a tournament event which will be on Saturdays. This is a sign up event. See this post for info.
  4. S! All Due to big disco session three is not being counted. Blue team was practically wiped out of planes. Red team still had planes and Blue had some people still flying, so the session went to the end as something to do for fun and to test the scoring system. It was fun and the tally system worked as expected. We will move on to session 4 and not replay session 3. We do not run into time set for Bloody April. The number of allowed players was set to 90. We had less than 60. There were no problems with people getting on the server but due to lower numbers it was not a real test.
  5. S! All As Klaiber posted above please check times. Personally I wish we would get rid off the whole daylight savings time thingie. A brief update. I think I have found why the totals page is not correct. I thought it was a function of counting the actual missions. The missions were being counted correctly. It was a link deep in the actual display array itself. It now works as expected. There was a bug in the Central HQ recon where it would sometimes display the HQ location incorrectly after the plane returned to base. There was a duplicate function that was fighting itself. The Central HQ mission now works as expected and the error is not reproduced.\\ There was a problem with people trying to get on server. Server was set for 70 players. Updated server for 90 players.
  6. Wings or All planes great or small up stairs or down stairs was a wonderful series. Fantastic cast with exceptional writing. The story covered so much. It was very authentic and was spot on with so much of the experiences of people in uniform and out. Most important .... they got the planes right.
  7. What you describe is a search mission. We have been doing these type of missions for years in RoF and FC. Do you want to search for an unknown or do you want to put an icon on the map in the location of the downed plane? It sounds that you want it to be an unknown area because you mention a plane in flight. This is basically a ping pong of one complex trigger activating the next one in series. Use a complex trigger with the plane name as part of the condition and (on object entered.). Have the downed plane on the ground and spawn in when the complex trigger is triggered. Put in a timer so that the downed plane fires a flare a few seconds later. That timer also activates another complex trigger at the home base set to the same plane name but the condition is (stationary and alive.) This mcu is attached to a timer that activates another complex trigger at same spot as downed plane set to same plane name and (on plane stationary and alive). This complex trigger activates the final complex trigger at home base, again (on stationary and alive). So all these complex triggers start as NOT enabled except the first one over the downed plane. Once you get the ping pong working as desired you can spice things up. Copy the series and paste it a couple of times so that you now have three copies. Turn the first complex trigger to not enabled. Use a one out of three random switch to activate only one of the first downed plane complex triggers. Now you have three places somewhere on the map to search but you do not know where. Eventually you can clean up the program by eliminating the multiple sets of complex triggers over the home base. The three random areas could all be connected to just one set of complex trigger. It gets complicated though, making sure it only activates the proper downed plane area complex triggers. I use a set of counters that are deactivated after the mission starts and then the specific counters needed are activated by the same random switch that activates the first complex trigger. WARNING: do NOT use the Bodenplatte map. You can not land off field on the soggy ground.
  8. s! yes, it can be done in MODS ON Mode. I do not check mods on mode very much so I think most people do not. I could be wrong. Do people want to go to mods on? As it is an adjustment in just one file, why have the DEVs not put out a Summer Arras map with no soggy ground?
  9. Yes, the prob;em is the size of the area. 10 k radius is too large. It gives no specific information. 5 k or under would be Ok. Making it a drop down box on the airfield properties would be better. Make it adjustable from 0 to 10 k.
  10. S! Have posted about this several times: An Arras summer map with no soggy ground. The soggy ground prevents mission builders from adding airfields on level ground. It also prevents missions that require planes to land in open country behind enemy lines. An Arras summer map with no soggy ground gives mission designers the option to use it or not. Airfields missing from the Arras map: Bailleul 0105.3 Lomme Lille 0207.1 La Gorgue 0305.8 Hesdigneul 0404.5 Faucaucourt en Santerre 1206.4 Warfusee 1204.9 Without these fields The norther half of the map is very limited which is why you do not see it being used for MP missions. Arras is a beautiful map but only half of it is able to be used. Airfield under attack feature: This may work for WW II and arcade style missions but does not work for WW I Expert missions. The graphic destroys the fog of war and because the airfields are closer it does not give useful information. The diameter or range of this feature needs to be added to the airfield properties box so it can be used, not used or adjusted by the mission creator. Balloons: Adjust properties so that Balloons can flare. Influence area: Should show on in game GUI map as a colored area as in RoF. Would be nice to see nationality symbol as well.
  11. S! Flashy is correct. It works. It works best on areas that are flat to begin with. As he said, you then need to play in mods on.
  12. s! Joker and Flashy Both are still in Blue Team. Blue team will be Central this Saturday and next. You should have access to the Blue team area on the FiF boards. Blue team uses J5 Team Speak. Since this is Flying Circus event it has a new stats page. You may want to register at JG1 STATS cya there.
  13. S! There are proper roads. They are solid gray on the map. When you use way points be sure to select a proper speed. Default is 100 Kph. Place way points on the road. Target link each member of convoy to leader. Command formation "On road convoy" to leader. Then start the convoy with a timer to the first way point. You can start/stop convoys at intersections such as waiting for trains to go by.
  14. Part of the reason to combine forums was to create a single resource for all. Many squads are active in BoX, FC and TC. With a new sub forum, they would then need to list in both places and constantly review both. Some things work well as separate, some do not.
  15. Let's not ask for the moon when we have the stars.
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