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  1. Hi, Back in RoF, they listed a limit for the number of different types of planes for a multiplayer mission. They said that the max number was 10 different types. Is there a limit for IL2 and do the different types of tanks also count towards this?
  2. Need the British up gunned version of Sherman. The Firefly with the 17 pounder gun.
  3. Sorry, polls closed. no can edit. My previous post should put an end to any miscommunication most definitively and set the record straight regarding my participation in what until now, due to a borked DM, has truly been one of the great events that people look forward to year after year in a time of limited opportunities and dwindling capabilities whether due to health or other problems that now present themselves in a myriad of unfolding patterns that lead us in unintended directions for which there is often no discernible outcome that can be either chosen or avoi
  4. S! all first, yes I looked at the manual. The game has changed I think. I can not find the slider to set my personal upload limit. I want to set the dserver to allow maximum players. Is there a sweet spot for upload download limits? Does a 5000 dl allow more players than a 10000 dl?
  5. S! All My NO vote was merely informational and not a comment on the event or J5. Sizzlorr produces great missions and J5 as always, is exceptional at organization. My lack of participation is due to the DM. I, like many others, dropped out of Black September over the frustration and stress of dealing with the DM. If you can put up with the DM, you're a better man than I am Gunga Din. My fear is that FC vol 2 will be just as worthless until they fix the DM.
  6. S! All This Saturday is the last Dry Run before hostilities begin. Tournament info in Tanks in Flames area at at JG1 Some changes F2 functionality will be removed. It was accidently on in the first dry-run. The commander tank is a resource drain. It has been removed. Right now, all flags are pure capture. We added new aircraft for people without Bodenplatte: the Bf 109F-4 (BOS) and the Yak-1 series 69 (BOS) Because Red team has few people in tanks, air and ground battle-zones will now be restricted to just one sector at a time. Onc
  7. S! All We added pictures of the aircraft spawn locations. This should help orient pilots to their location relative to the runway. You always spawn at the end of the runway and perpendicular to the runway. You will need to pull forward some 50 m or so. When you spawn in. look for the wind sock. When you pull onto the runway, turn towards the windsock. This should give you the maximum length of runway. Pictures are here in the map section.
  8. S! 1PL-Husar-1ESK We wanted to recreate Ghost Skies. The 777 program is not the same as the original IL2 so we had to do something different. With the addition of Tank Crew, we had a means for territory capture. Combining air targets into the ground war was easy. The conditions for the tank battle took some time. Fortunately the nice people at Simulated Combat Group have a lot of experience with tanks and helped us improve the ground war. We now have a fluid ground war with immediate dynamic effects from the air war and a moving front from session to session depending
  9. s! 1PL is very welcome. Registration never closes. Register here or on discord. The official TIF Discord server can be found here: https://discord.gg/QZyWYEp There is now a Tanks in Flames area at JG1 Tournament info is very important. This is NOT FiF in WW II. Please look through the "Features" and "objectives" section. This is a "Capture Territory" game. The tank battle locations move as territory is captured from session to session. Tanks are dependent on planes to destroy enemy HQ and other targets. Planes depend on tanks to captur
  10. S! All TiF will be open server this Sunday. Due to time changes it will be run on Daylight Time - 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC. This is the result of last session action. German forces captured Allied base in the South. This session starting positions. Allies have fallen back towards their Ammo base. Detail of southern location showing German Advance.
  11. This week is the final session for this series. Due to time changes it will be run on Daylight Time - 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC. Good luck to all.
  12. To fly, or not to fly, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of an outrageous DM, Or take up arms against a sea of developers And through constant posts get them to fix the DM. DM aside, If you have unlimited SPADs you need to have unlimited D7f. Having limited D7f says "oh, we want the SPAD to be an I win button." The D7f is not an I win button because the SPAD can always dive away faster. The problem with the D7f is that it can be effective at altitude or even be higher than the SPAD. The SPAD looses the
  13. S! JG1 Forum has a TiF section. You will find a registration thread. Under general discussion you will see several informational threads like rules and features. click here JG1 Forums.
  14. S! All We are heading into the final two sessions. We will be switching sides. Blue team will be Entente and red team will be Central.
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