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  1. Binoculars work fine. No problem. You realize they were never included as an option on the original free tank from BoS? And yes, if you are in the gunners position and take control of the gun it prevents you from using Binoculars if you switch to the commanders position without releasing control of the gun.
  2. Would love FC vol 2. That is why I bought FC vol 1. Unless they fix the DM no use in buying more planes that don't work.
  3. Sorry but the current state of RNG is 1 hit is enough all the time.
  4. S! The problem hoes back to the beginning of BoS. They learned that they could not use the RoF flight models for WWII planes. They started with the RoF FM/DM and had to change it. Now we want to add WWI planes to BOS. Well, It was really good for WWI planes. Then they decided there was something wrong with WWII and had to fix it. The fix completely ruined the DM for WWI. Then they fixed that only it was still bad. Now with the addition of flight control DM it is two steps below Red Baron 3D. Very much a shame that it started out as a shining star and has ended up as a dead battery. Suggestion: Hit box damage is based on a certain amount of random damage. I believe that is why the damage model is a bell curve? Get rid of the randomness. Do away with reality of spar thickness. Make the damage model an absolute. Ex: 20 hits on a spar and it is gone, 3 hits on a radiator and it is a minor leak, 6 hits and it is a major radiator leak. You can do this for all the various hit boxes. Planes with thicker spars could have a higher hit number. The problem is, how many hits do what damage? This is the playability vs reality model. Reality is probably the ultimate goal for sim. Unfortunately at this point in time, there is no playability. jmho
  5. S! I think less than 1 slows it down. I use it on fuel. That way it is easier to watch the fuel being loaded and you can stop when you get what you want.
  6. Well, We had about ten people on the server. We had some good fights in the air and on the ground. A lot of action. A lot of sneaking around. A lot of ambushes. We saw some flags slip sides and then flip back. Altogether it was good fun and nice to see some real PvP action in the tanks. Because the flag that was captured was recaptured right at the end, there is no change in the map for next week. We could change it if people wanted different starting positions. The south part of the map is hill country with more forests.
  7. S! All Even though it is a small map, navigation can be tough when on the ground in a tank. To help a bit, Moxy made a map showing cities, flags and spawn points. Green lines are bridges.
  8. S! If you have a repair refuel vehicle that has a setting less than 1 (0.5), the resaver will not work on that mission. You need to edit that mission and save it with those values at 1. Then the resaver works.
  9. S! Thank goodness they made the spotter option a setting that a mission maker can control. Now if they could just get rid of the airfield spotter range so that you do not know if an enemy plane is close to a friendly base. If that was a selectable option it would be great. Much less arcade.
  10. We are trying to get a Tank PvP event going. These bases are kinda close. It is a small area for planes. The goal is to capture all the territories. Decisions: Do you go for a neutral territory which only has about 7 or 8 defensive guns near the flag? Do you go after an enemy territory which has the guns around the flag plus 8 other guns spread around? Do you defend your territory? Do you have your planes protect your tanks? Do yo have your planes hunt for enemy tanks? Do you planes attack gun positions at a flag? or all of the above?
  11. S! All We had a scare after the update. The Tank Crew mission did not want to reload and all the advice and methods given in the mission editor forums did not work. Problem was that some of the Rearm, refuel values were set at less than 1. The resaver program could not deal with that. Values were manually edited and all is OK to go.
  12. Yes, I have it installed and can play mods off. With HDR and super sampling, I really do not see a big difference with the mod installed.
  13. S! We would like to use FC but at this time there has been no development. For now, RoF just has so much more to offer, both in the variety of planes and features. We realize that many people will see this as a step backwards and will not participate. Some have moved on to VR and will not play RoF. Others have uninstalled RoF and do not want to put it back on their machine. FIF will probably stay with RoF until FC gets some TLC from the Devs. ( hopefully very soon) FiF will be MODS off. The terrain bump map mod can be installed with JSGME and the game can be played Mods off. And J5_Klugermann, ahem, thank you very much for spilling the beans on the new bomb for the Gotha.
  14. Uhm, I would like to see Flying Circus Vol 2. Unfortunately we have to deal with the reality of market forces. With that in mind, Korea has the best chance. Jets are fun. The landscape is interesting. It opens a relatively untapped market for flight sims, China. Think there might be a lot of people in China that would love to get into a MiG 17 and shoot down an F-86? Is the addition of Chinese language to the sim a hint?
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