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  1. Maps should be like skins and have their own folder. Stock maps that come with the game are read only locked. Maps that you make can go in this folder and be used by the game and are downloaded when you log in on multiplayer. That way you could have modded maps that do not require you to play mods on.
  2. S! All We switch sides this week. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. The spawn in point for planes has been changed from a single line abreast to an array of 5 wide by 4 deep. This is to allow more people to spawn in at a base. Please remember that when you spawn in there may be someone in front of you. This should also get rid of any bugs where planes spawn in behind hangars. Famous last words.
  3. S! Klugermann Apologies to you an Lopnow for Monday night. We were actually testing the new spawn in points for FiF and checking the view distances with various server settings. That is why the server was constantly resetting. We used track view to test view distance. Previous to hot fix, plane visibility was 10 k with some folks seeing planes at 14 k. Now it is down to 5 to 8 k.
  4. S! All Since the last few hot fixes, has the view distance decreased?
  5. S! All I am not sure what is causing the disco at the beginning. I am using the single line spawn in at the airfield. This limits about 6 planes in line and then someone needs to move forward for others to spawn. I am testing a multi line airfield spawn in. If it is successful, I will change them over. It would mean that you have to be careful when you spawn in because there may be someone in front of you. Obviously I do not really know what is causing the disco. Why does it happen once and then not after the restart? Is there a maximum number of players no mater what is selected in the SDS file? at present we have about 64-67 players. Server file is set to 70. I will increase it to 80. Have fixed a Supply Depot subtitle error again. I have added a Central air start to the Entente side and an Entente air start to the Central side for the practice map. This will shorten the times for practicing 2 seater missions. These are just air start. You cannot land at them to complete missions.
  6. Uhm, how about adding hypoxia above 4000 meters. After 10 minutes your FoV gets smaller and controls become sluggish. Very realistic. Obviously planes with O2 systems would be exempt.
  7. S! All Has the new system affected "Alternate Visibility"?
  8. S! All When it comes to color and contrast, every monitor can be exactly the same but people want what is best for their personal experience. No one setting is perfect for everyone. This is a low res image but I like it as a reference for ground texture.
  9. S! All 3Smigoto and Resgade. the question becomes: to restrict or not to restrict? Whether tis nobler to suffer the bullets of those with mods or to restrict them so that all see the game as intended. Ah, there's the Rub. Who really knows what was intended.
  10. S! All, As we start this FiF please remember. Blue team is Central and is using J5 Discord. Red team is Entente and using JG1 TS. Good luck to all !
  11. S! All The present FiF is almost a completely new file. Thanks to the many people that have been testing it, most of the bugs and glitches have been found. A couple of changes from the past. A trench attack plane is not necessary. Any plane can attack the MGs when the trench attack mission pops up. The altitude for the HQ recon is above 2 km and below 4 km. There are only three locations. There is no way to know which one is active. You must fly directly over the building. About 10 seconds later you will get a message to make a second pass.
  12. S! All So far the FM DM looks OK. It is not the same as before the patch but it is within reasonable expectations. Not sure what they did to the sounds but love it. Explosions really kick. The lighting of buildings looks much better. More color and less glare. Additions to the Syndicate campaigns and building them into the game was a bonus. Very nice that they put this much effort into FC. Many thanks to Devs.
  13. The Dr.1 Had a single spar in each wing. The struts were not needed. The prototype flew without them. The struts on the D.VII were not needed. They merely transfer some lift force from the outer portion of the lower wing to the upper wing in flight which is carried through the spars of the upper wing. Please remember, these spars are not a simple box. Each wall has three layers of wood. The leading edge of many Central planes was covered in plywood. In looking so closely at the spars we miss that the wing itself as a structure is stronger than the individual parts.
  14. S! Is Less More? It is a computer sim. No reality. Are we going the wrong way? It has been pointed out that more hit boxes is worse for the computer. Would less hit boxes be better? Entire left or right wing is one hit box. 25 hits - first damage graphic 50 hits - Second damage graphic 75 hits - Aileron falls off 100 hits - Wing pops off
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