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  1. JG1_Butzzell

    Flanders in Flames Winter campaign 2019

    S! All We have gone through the first half of phase A. Now we switch sides. Blue team will fly Entente and Red team will fly Central. Please remember FE2b is allowed two guns up front. The Roland and W-12 are not allowed two guns in the rear. Only one gun for the back seat. We have seen some glitches where a secondary mission is not activating. I have checked, checked and re-checked. No explanation. Sorry.
  2. JG1_Butzzell

    Attn: Server operators

    s! All Well as you can tell from the questions posed by West, I really did not have things fully worked out. I placed the thread here because I was originally thinking of just FC. I added the TC at the end because I was starting to understand that there may be additional applications. Only time will tell. Thanks for all the input and help.
  3. JG1_Butzzell

    Attn: Server operators

    S! ty Very interesting. I remember Hyper lobby. You sit in a room with friends wanting to play for one team and when there are enough people for the other team, it starts. Like World of Tanks also. I do not think IC 777 will put up servers and missions. This will probably be a Dserver add on. Something up to the server operator if they want their server set up as a lobby server. This works well for coop missions. again, ty
  4. JG1_Butzzell

    Attn: Server operators

    S! There are a variety of servers offering combinations of modules. No one system works for everyone but may work for some. I think everyone is interested in the Air Marshal and how it will work. Cab you explain Lobby? I am used to other games like CSF 2. It had a lobby for players and then would start a coop mission when there were enough players. 777 has a TS server set up where people can meet and see what server they might want to join. They can stay and use TS while playing the game. I think I am asking "What is a lobby used for?"
  5. JG1_Butzzell

    Attn: Server operators

    S! All The Great Battles series expansion into Tank Crew and Flying Circus has given the community new opportunities for fun and adventure. Server operators and mission designers are experimenting with these new features. Unfortunately finding a server for the type of Great Battle you are looking for can be confusing. Most servers have a name of the sponsoring group up front and then the type of conflict. Ex: JG1 FC Kuban V .3. What IF ( notice big if) all Flying Circus servers were named with the Great Battle series name as the first part? Our example above would change to FC JG1 Kuban V.3. Why would we do this? So that when a person is looking for FC servers they would all be in the same area of the server list. Simple, easy to do and helps everyone. Maybe TC for Tank Crew servers?
  6. JG1_Butzzell

    ROF Free To Play

    S! Curves refers to an in game tool. It allows you to change how the game sees your control inputs. The best example is pitch control. If you do a quick mission with your plane at 2 k and your enemy at ground level you will have plenty of time to adjust your curve. Put the plane on auto level. Right click mouse to bring up tool bar. Select the tool function. This brings up several options. You want responses. This is a work area with a list of planes on the left and what looks like a joystick calibration screen in the middle. Be sure the All Planes box near the top left is unchecked. Make sure you pick your plane in the list on the left. Under the All planes check box is a drop down box where you can select the pitch axis. Once selected hit the shift down arrow a couple of times.. As you hit it you will see the line move down and a representative of the elevator move down. Save and go back into flight and see the difference. I have my planes set to fly level hands off. Experiment to see what happens. Many people have posted their favorite curves settings.
  7. JG1_Butzzell

    'Faker C.V' - a 'Hollywood' Skin for the U2VS

    S! SP1969 Thank you. Um how does the big skin download work? Can I just download individual skins or is it the whole thing? I would hate to download the whole thing every few months just for 4 or 5 skins that I like.
  8. JG1_Butzzell

    'Faker C.V' - a 'Hollywood' Skin for the U2VS

    S! Looks great. can you post a download link please.
  9. JG1_Butzzell

    PTO/Korea/ETO... next il2 expansion thread?

    S! All I believe Jason said they are having problems getting translations for the Japanese flight manuals and instruments. I might be wrong. The basic problem with most PTO operations is navigation. You have to know the wind direction, how far you have flown, basically the direction you have flown and for how long , where your carrier is headed and at what speed. Now just hope you can fly there with enough fuel before it gets dark. The best first attempt at PTO would be the battle of the Coral Sea. Lots of Islands for bases and landmarks. It could work out very nice. Personally I want a B25 on the Hornet. 😉
  10. JG1_Butzzell

    U2 skins Brit

    S! All The template is out. I did a quickie Entente and Central version. I am sure real skin artists will have something better soon. But for now here goes. U2VS_Brit.zip Here is German skin U2VS_German.zip
  11. JG1_Butzzell

    Flanders in Flames Winter campaign 2019

    S! All Session one got off to a rocky start because I had corrupted the server file somehow. Fixed now. Blue team had a problem with the rescue mission. When completed, it did NOT give a secondary. Well the mission is perfect. Naturally. I flew the mission and NO secondary. I slapped the guy around and he would not talk. I looked the mission over. The trigger for the complete subtitle also activates the secondary mechanism. Not only is there a single trigger but there is a backup. I replaced the primary and backup and it works fine. ( famous last words ) Red team had a secondary subtitle with the correct name of the town but the wrong sector location. Corrected. Entente airbase at Firnsted is placed close to some trees. People were spawning in the trees. The base was moved forward. The shadows look strange but it works. Next- I found some invisible object at Sole Street airfield. It took quite a while to fully locate the entire anomaly. I was eventually able to mark the invisible structure and move the airbase. Do not fly near the water towers.
  12. JG1_Butzzell

    The Groups Sharing Corner

    S! All I was thinking about this and the odds of an event happening. You have four possible outcomes. Each of the timers is set to represent a chance of activating. The last one is set to 100% to make sure that some event does occur. If you have four possibilities then each should be 25% ? In the example above the first is 25% and the next is 33% followed by 50%. I understand that that it looks like the first timer is one 1 out of 4 and the second timer looks like 1 out of 3 but should that really be the percentage they are set to? So the real odds of the first event are 1 in 4, The odds in the second event are 1 in 3, The odds of the third are 1 in 2 and the final event is 1 in 1. It looks like the first event is getting less priority . Priority goes up on event 2 and 3. So if the first 3 are all set to 25% then they are all 1 in 4 and even though the last one is still 100%. it should happen just 1 in 4. Does this make any sense at all or am I just failing math class?
  13. S! I had the bombers landing on the bottom air strip and the escorts on the top. It was so they would not hit each other. Also the player could come in and land on the top airstrip so he would not have to watch for bombers landing. I got rid of the airfield. No one is taking off. When they land they de-spawn. The counter for bombers landed could be changed to 4. It counts bombers and the player so 3 bombers and 1 player is success. Not sure why you would want to use entered alive unless you did not want a shot down plane activating something. Sounds like you are doing rather well. It takes a lot of experimentation to see how things work. Suggestion: there is a compilation of saved groups at the top of this sub forum. Those groups do a lot of things and are all set to go. It is worth downloading them and seeing how they work.
  14. It is just a target link (red) from escort way point to train way point. Colors may look strange in picture. I am not sure. I think it activates the MCU and sends the proper command to the planes. That is a 10 minute timer that activates the RTB way points for both bomber and escorts. Message is -mission complete RTB- You could drop the mission complete and just leave it RTB Good idea. Creates a more variable mission. If you check, the bombers and the leader plane all connect to a counter set to 5. It counts if these planes all land. That counter activates the mission success MCU. If the leader is killed or crashes it activates the mission failed MCU. Likewise if 2 bombers are destroyed it activates the mission failed MCU
  15. Mission I posted above should look like