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  1. Hi, Interactive artillery spotting and photo recon are in the single player 2 seater career of RoF. AnKor made a script that turned the single player photo recon into a client side operation that has given us this wonderful experience in RoF multiplayer. A similar script could be used for the artillery correction mission. The developers are aware of this and show no interest in making this part of the standard game. At present, the photo recon mission will have to go back to a system similar to the Vintage missions created a long time ago in a sim not so far away.
  2. This update was the work of several teams. They were producing different projects that all had to merge into a single product and work together. A most awesome accomplishment. Congratz and thank you very much.
  3. S! After additional discussion and examination the rule was modified to allow combat situations to continue but spawn camping to be banned. New rule is : Refly Rules (Spawn Camping) Spawn camping is not in the spirit of the Flanders In Flames tournament. Any pilot who safely lands his shot down or disabled aircraft on top of a spawn point must "Finish Flight" and despawn as soon as possible. Sitting on the ground on top of a spawn point, so that you can act as a forward controller for friendly aircraft, or position your rear-gunner to shoot at enemy aircraft, is unacceptable. In any other situation, pilots may sit in their shot down or disabled aircraft as long as they wish.
  4. S! All I put the question mark in the title because I have not seen this before. Someone else may have seen this and posted and I missed it. We had an incident in Flanders in Flames. A pilot was close to an enemy airfield. He was engaged and his his plane became disabled. Not sure if it was loss of oil, fuel or bullet damage. The pilot was able to land at the enemy airfield. This was strange because the airfields are surrounded by AAAA, The AAA did not shoot at him. He was able to stay on the field and his rear gunner was able to shoot at enemy spawning in. The pilot was probably shocked that he was not being killed by AAA. Some of his teammates entered the area. They were promptly shot down by AAA. This is the first time we have seen this. The situation was examined and it was determined that the game does not see a disabled, shot down or crashed plane as a target. So you may ask, how many times is an enemy plane going to suffer a disabling event and still be able to land on an enemy airfield. In actual game play this is a very rare event, however.........it was pointed out that a pilot could get close to an enemy airfield and over rev his engine to disable his plane and then glide into the enemy airfield. I tested this and yes it works. The AAA spawns but does not shoot at a disabled plane. I am not sure if BoX/FC works the same way but it probably does. The result of all this is a new rule for Flanders in Flames: "Refly Rules (Spawn Camping and Objective Camping) Spawn camping and objective camping are not in the spirit of the Flanders In Flames tournament. Any pilot who safely lands his shot down or disabled aircraft must "Finish Flight" and despawn as soon as possible. Sitting on the ground after being shot down, so that you can act as a forward controller for friendly aircraft, or position your rear-gunner to shoot at enemy aircraft, is unacceptable."
  5. S! All Does the Dolphin prop animation look like an engine at idle? It never spins up. Just wondering.
  6. S! All Shooting a person in a chute is nothing but murder! Only pilots with no honor or chivalry would do such a thing. Recent incident reported to Geneva Convention man. After the war, there will be trails for crimes. These people will be found and tried. Firing squad..........Ready............Aim...........Fire! Another Talbot bites the dust.
  7. S! All I tried doing our usual multiplayer coop for career night in FC instead of RoF. I had not fully tested it and it was a huge flop. We did learn something important. Many mission designers add sounds and pictures. These go in a folder called "externalmedia". The stock BoX game may not have this folder. You may have problems or lock ups unless you have this folder. If you do not have one, just create an empty folder and name it externalmedia. The pathway is data/ swf/ externalmedia
  8. S! All Only one more session. We have had some very good fights. Unfortunately in the heat of battle things can get out of hand. We have seen some unfortunate things said in chat. This is not good sportsmanship. Accusations in open chat are not acceptable. Participants engaging in this behavior will be sanction according to the rules and code of conduct. If you have something that needs attention please go through your team commander
  9. S! All You do not need to buy the map. It was in the latest update. It is available to mission builder. You can fly on it in MP - J5 server or JG1 server. Both have it in rotation. The Prokhorovka map does strain graphic cards a bit.
  10. S! All This week we switch sides. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. To all: "May your plane be swift, your aim be true and your enemy vanquished." good luck !
  11. S! Once in the air you must arm the bombs.
  12. Yes, Each random timer is set to go off at a different time. That makes each timer a unique event. It is not one out of three or one out of four. It occurs as one out of one. It either goes of or not. It relates to the rest of the random timers in that if it does go off then any timers set to activate at a later time are deactivated. Again the probability of it going off is what is important not the number of timers left. Set to 25, 33, 50,100 The problem is when you look at it in increasing order it tracks in an expected progression. The progression is based on the choices left not the probability of that choice being selected. That is why I reduced the timers from numbers to X. It shows the progression is based on choices left not the choice itself. Yes that is where the problem occurs. People assume that because there are only 3 choices left that it must be one out of three. The random timer is a unique event and does not know or care what other timers are set to. I think the best way is actually a branching A or B set of choices. If A is chosen then it goes to the choice between 1 or 2. If B is chosen then it goes to the choice between 3 or 4. All choices are then a 50/50 possibility with 4 possible outputs.
  13. S! And thank you. "You're looking at the probability of the random timers firing (set in the timer) when you should be looking at the probability of the output timers firing (set by the design of the logic as a whole). At every step, each output has an equal chance of firing, and taken as a whole, that works out to 25% for each output (for four random timers and four outputs). All this is assuming you wanted an equal chance for each output" If the output timers all have an equal chance of firing why are the random timers at different percentages? The random timers determine if the output timer is fired or not. That is the purpose of the random timer. If you have 4 output and you want an equal chance for all of them then why give the first 25% and the next a 33% and the third a 50%. Looks like the first choice is getting the short end of the stick. This is the text: "Here is a formula that you can use to calculate the probability to set in each random timer: TPx=OPx/(OPx+...+OPn)×100 where TPx is the probability to specify in the current "Random" timer trigger to obtain the desired probability (OPx) of triggering the related output. OPx is the probability that you want for the current output to be triggered. OPx,...,OPn are the probabilities that you want for all of the outputs associated with the "Random" timers that have yet to fire. For example, say you want a three-way random switch where the probability of output 1, 2, and 3 are 75%, 20%, and 5%, respectively. Here are the calculations for each random timer setting: (these percentages are random selected by the author to demonstrate the formula and meant not to be equal.) TP1= 75/(75+20+5)×100=75 TP2= 20/(20+5)×100=80 TP 3=5/5×100=100" If you change the last number from 5 to 60 you get TP1= 75/(75+20+60)×100=48 TP2= 20/(20+60)×100=25 TP 3=60/60×100=100 So a 4 way switch with each at 25% with all equal would be TP1= 25/(25+25+25+25)x100=25 TP2= 25/(25+25+25)x100 = 33 TP3=25(25+25)x100= 50 TP4=25/25x100= 100 look familiar or TP1 = 75/(75+75+75+75)x100= 25 TP2 = 75/(75+75+75)x100= 33 TP3 = 75/(75+75)x100= 50 TP3 = 75/x100= 100 gosh what is up here? TP1= X/(X+X+X+X)x100= 25 etc. This formula has nothing to do with the probability of a timer going off but with the number of choices. it subtracts a choice at each step and recalculates the percentage. We are back to the example of the box with the gold coin. This is why I long ago asked for a true random number generator Random number ( enter random number here) ex: 3 On 1 ( enter target link) On 2 ( enter target link) On 3 ( enter target link) "Perhaps someone experienced in probability can confirm or refute my belief and explain the math." + 1 Same here, I could just be spouting crap from the inside of a box in boat sitting upside down in the lobby of some downtown hotel.
  14. Yes, that is why the last one is set to 100%. In my example of the other three set to 25% the last one is still only one 1/4 because the first three timers have failed. Traditional set up with first 3 output set to 25% and last at 100% and a cyclic where each option is 25% and the 100% restarts the system
  15. S! All We are in phase B. Our first session was very exciting. The fight at the end was epic- planes everywhere. More like the battle of Midway with both teams throwing planes at each other. Unfortunately with that many planes all in one place there were several collisions. I am sure there are people on both sides that think some of it was intentional. It is easy to say that it takes two to tango. That is not always the case. Planes get damaged. Pilots get wounded. Wings hide other planes. Someone has a higher ping. Shit happens. I would hope no one is intentionally ramming another pilot. That is just poor sportsmanship. The goal is to have aerial combat not bumper planes. Be that as it may, a JG1 pilot made a comment in open chat. That is unacceptable and against the rules. He has been admonished. If any pilot feels that another pilot has violated one of the FIF rules, or has acted in manner that is not in the spirit of FIF, he should wait until the session is over and report the incident to his team commander. Just a reminder. All 2 seaters may have just one gun in the rear. Likewise, be careful with the Halb Cl.II. It is allowed only one gun in the front. Do not use 2 guns on the front of the Halb Cl.II Limit two-seaters to their default armaments, with one or two forward-firing machine guns and only one rear-firing machine gun. The W12 had two guns front because that was the default and could not be changed. The default for the Halb Cl.II is only one gun. OK now lets go out there and kill each other !
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