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  1. I dont speak russian :russian_ru: :russian_ru:
  2. Congrats for the victory Blue team! Congrats and THANK YOU developers for this GREAT server. We have been waiting a long time for a server like this. It would be perfect if teams were even, I dont mean allways even but more than this time.
  3. Obviusly the Lagg 3 is OVERmodeled, the flying stone is provided with a force shell like the death star and laser cannon. OVERturns, OVERclimbs and OVERruns ANY of 109 models. Nothing to say about VYa-23 with nuclear head.
  4. Its funny to read, more ppl more targets....yesterday it was sometimes 18 vs 1 , a lot of fun for the one is flying alone vs 18 germans. :lol:
  5. Saludos a todo el ECV56!!! Neca!!! como va eso camarada!!! ....echo de menos esas noches de ADW :lol: ;)
  6. Aqui estamos.....a ver si va cogiendo forma este simu y nos da muchas alegrias!!!! Saludos a todos.
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