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  1. Thanks for the update on minimum height. I'll lift my SP Formation Aeros team and see if it helps. I'm constantly amazed at the work that goes into this Sim. The other day I was watching a track from a low-set Static Camera and noticed for the first time that treetops wave in the wind!
  2. Opponents in Desert Hawks Campaign Macchi 202's seem much harder to get in your sights than 109's. They also support their comrades a lot better- usually if you're fixed on a 109 you are pretty safe maneuvering for a shot, but if the opposition is Macchis you really have to keep checking the mirror and the rear views. Maybe they are just set with a higher skill level, but I've found this pretty consistent.
  3. Yes, it's hard to describe. A very flat, loud, short thump - at the gun position you don't hear the supersonic bang of the projectile so much as you do with the lighter calibres. In CloD probably the closest noise is the 40mm Bofors, although of course the Hispano fires faster. I've never been close enough to a target to hear cannon projectiles arrive, for obvious reasons. I have marked targets in the butts for rifle calibre weapons: that's when you get the supersonic whip-crack. If anyone ever tells you about bullets 'whistling' or 'humming' past, he's never been there. I've never been in an aircraft firing munitions, except for the 2 inch anti-aircraft rocket. I have heard .303 and .300 Brownings fired from, of all things, Sunderlands. It's pretty near impossible to distinguish individual shots with multiple weapons firing (two guns in the front turret, and four fixed in the nose for the pilot).
  4. Evaluation report - Bf109E vs D520. Still digging. I imagine that expert builders already have this comparison report, carried out by the Armee de l'Air, but it's well worth reading. Here Or Here in English. By and large the conclusions align with the performance I've seen in Blitz Campaign missions, with the 520 being outfought by the 109, except maybe in turning. You pretty much have to wait for someone to dive on you, avoid his fire (!) and hope for a shot as he departs. The French report is perhaps a little kind to the 520, but that appears in all wartime evaluations. It gloats over the fact that the 520 has an appallingly rough stall and flicks inverted from steep turns, and that a following 109 can be caught unawares when it overshoots .... Hopeful. The report does comment on the very light controls of the 520, which are similar in Blitz. Anyway, the information may help some mission builders.
  5. A quick FMB to check skill settings. Those Aces are good - the No 2 caught up quicker than I expected.
  6. The oldies are the goodies. I've solved a number of problems by deleting the cache, so now I delete on every update as recommended. I found one a few days ago where an FMOD error stopped missions loading and deleting the cache didn't stop it. Nor did verifying files. However, restarting the PC did. Worth a thought for anyone who's stuck, in these times when a lot of PC's stay on permanently.
  7. I think the Mk2 and the Mk5 used the same ammunition - the Mk5 had a lower muzzle velocity because of its shorter barrel. I've only worked on Vampire Mk5's, but we had a bunch of ex - Mosquito Mk2's around. The Hispano was not well made and needed to be shot in with a lot of rounds to smooth it up - we'd drench it with metal polish to speed up the process and fire it at the butts until it reached the right number of rounds per minute.
  8. J-Hat, nice ideas. 'Ideal' is an ultimate objective, but having it out in front might make it easier to assess different paths heading towards it. I have a feeling that the GUI is so firmly embedded in the game software that it's extremely hard to do much with it. I sympathise with the team who have to live with it and do the best they can.
  9. Operational Research As part of my research into Operation Torch I've just downloaded (free) the file series AIR 27/2387, covering the Fleet Air Arm. It is totally fascinating, but the relevant part is that there is quite a lot of coverage of missions in the desert, at and near Tobruk. I will be pulling more RAF Operations Record Books and so on out of Kew. At the moment, due I think to Covid, downloading is free for those who register so I thought I'd mention it to members working on missions. As a taste, here's a few excerpts:
  10. Congratulations to all TFS on a lot of update work done very quickly. I look forward particularly to the increased cockpit view angles on aircraft I'm using a lot. And I'm delighted that the inappropriate use of flap has been removed - I thought it would take much longer. It's been a minor niggle of mine for a while. Regards, David
  11. That would be why, if I'm out of ammo, I can't carefully cut the tail off a 110 with my Spitfire prop! Wondered why he goes happily on, minus a rudder, and my aircraft explodes.
  12. There's an awful lot of good stuff here. Pretty ambitious, too. It seems that Oleg's view that Multiplayer was the objective is still with us - I can't see any other reason for the complex Generalship that is among the objectives. Me, I'm one of the despised SP. What I'd like to see before the bells and whistles is cleanup of all the glitches spelled out in years of bugcatching. I have no trouble appreciating that TFS want to use their skills to move towards total warfighting - replay D Day, down to being the unfortunate guy in the beach bunker, or the parachutist, sure. But let's, please, sort out the unromantic bugs first. Even before VR, which I must say I'm keen to try. I don't know how many people who've never played a WW2 flight sim are likely to buy Blitz/Tobruk. But I suspect that most of them will to want to learn on SP before transitioning to MP. If we want them to stick with us, we need to make sure that their introduction and initial experience is simple and enjoyable. Ideally their stick should be instantly recognised and mapped, with an explanation of this and vital key bindings supplied. Also ideally, a workable set of training scenarios should be available. Not necessarily the original attempt at simulating real flight training, which hasn't really worked, but a series of staged demonstrations leading to the player trying on his/her own. Trimming would be one - how many pathetic requests have we seen from people who can't get their aircraft to fly straight? Maybe a section of the Main Menu, like the one now devoted to Flight Manuals, giving a sequence of the best available how-to-do-it videos would be worthwhile. I'd like to see (or have TFS members see in their own forums) an agreed list of priorities, with bugfixing and simple introduction to the sim taking priority on the 'really nice to have's'. As usual, I do really appreciate the trouble so many people have taken, for so many years, to make a crippled sim into something enjoyable, realistic and challenging. Please don't take my suggestions as criticism. And don't get too close!
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