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  1. Thanks for answers! I did not know about it, then everything works correctly!
  2. Good day! Today, in mission No. 145, I bombed the Kubinka airfield on He-111. The load was 2x1000, bombs exploded in the hangars, destroying them; in the game statistics, the hangars and artillery counted me dead. At the end of the flight, the statistics on the website showed that I did not damage the airfield, and did not destroy a single unit during this flight. My friend recorded the bombed hangars and was also surprised why not a single object was counted in the statistics. Is this a server error, or is it a feature of it? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=26215&name=Denisik
  3. Anti-aircraft gun 72k is very unbalanced, kills from the 1st hit. I for all time most of the time perished from Pe-2 and 72k ....
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