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  1. Inducing a scissor will shake any AI off your tail. Once you get past a certain point they go dumb and break off.
  2. I didn't take there to be any snark or sarcasm. I agree completely. "Speed is life, altitude is life insurance" Too many people try to gain as much altitude as they can as fast as they can and end a sitting duck at a higher altitude.
  3. If you could paraphrase the entire video with that single sentence.
  4. That shot on the G-6 Late went straight to the cockpit. Nice.
  5. Keep practicing! Try to get closer before you shoot. Glad to see anyone playing the game and enjoying it!
  6. As a fighter guy ground attack is only more fun than air to air if you're talking about AI. Otherwise there is no comparison to the thrill of fighting another player in air to air. The targets are mostly stationary and easy to hit. Only challenge is getting in around AAA but even that can be mitigated or eliminated. Biggest challenge in ground attack is avoiding getting shot down by other players in multiplayer. A lot of the ground attackers on public servers just go on suicide runs beating up as much of the target as they can until they get killed to avoid having to fly home and back aga
  7. If you’ve got speed from a dive this plane is really good. Drops flaps very quickly so overshoots can be easy to force if you do it right. Though if you get slow you’re practically a sitting duck.
  8. Because the weight penalty, complexity, and effectiveness make it not worth it.
  9. P-40 is okay as long as you keep your speed up. Plenty of enemy pilots underestimate it.
  10. The failed ditch at the end lol. Good reversal. Hard to pull off a climbing scissors in a FW.
  11. Thanks! Yeah that Spitfire didn't have a clue. Neither did the last Mustang. I did the exact same thing to a different P-51 in the sortie immediately before this one, too.
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