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  1. Of course shooting in a simulator isn't going to be as hard as it was in real life. One of the reasons for this is that people get a lot more practice in a simulator than anyone in the actual era did in real combat. Notably, we get to survive fatal mistakes. So people in sims, even if the simulator perfectly modeled real life, will be leaps and bounds better than the vast majority of actual combat pilots in the wars we simulate. I don't think this takes too much from the sim, you just have to adjust to it.
  2. Pretty damn good gunnery on display here.
  3. Well I'll be getting my computer up and running again soon so if you need a voice for an American character I'd be pleased to offer mine. I can also do somewhat questionably passable German.
  4. Video is a too long. Some of your early sequences could be stand alone videos, like the one starting around 3:30. Some of the later sequences lack context, like your near miss head on with the P-38 (great shooting btw). Your accuracy is good but here are some of my thoughts. First thing I noticed was that the entire video is with a K4 with MG151/20 Gunpods. This gives the plane a very potent punch, but also leaves it a bit slower and piggish. This means that in order to be successful you would need to be surrounded by friendlies to help you because your defensive capabilities are much more limited. What I saw in the video seems to largely confirm this. Most of your shots are on people who are engaged with other German planes and many are actively being shot at by others. Your accuracy is still great and the shots of enemy planes coming apart in the barrage of 20 and 30mm cannons is cool, but few of the shots are technically difficult. What I would like to see is more flying in slightly more risky environments where defensive flying and reversals are more likely. Sequences where some plane is engaging you specifically and not trying to dodge a hail of bullets from 3 different directions. There is a sequence in which you tag a La-5 that is defensive against you but this sequence showcases their inability more than your ability. The sequence at the very end is more like what I'd like to see where you are defensive and have to force an overshoot, however it fades out right as it gets good. After forcing the overshoot you are low and slow with gunpods hindering your performance while two enemy aircraft just tried to take a swipe at you. Though I feel like I know how that ended, because I've been in that situation before (lol). Overall, you have great accuracy and this video is a demonstration of the effectiveness of massive firepower used accurately. I really liked your discretion with your shots. Shots are taken with quick bursts. A lot of people who take loadouts like the gunpods used them to spray and pray, making up for inaccuracy. You are using this loadout to make your shots that much more effective, and it works well. I would personally suggest working on the editing a little to trim some of the fat out of some of the clips while trying as much as possible to retain context. Also, a little more action in higher risk situations. And try to keep the videos around 10 minutes max. I'd say this is an excellent first attempt at a kill montage and you have a good skill base to do more. Bravo!
  6. The serious anomaly here isn't just the gunner's accuracy and reaction times but also the fact that they do n inordinate amount of damage in a very small amount of time. Just getting hits at all in some of these scenarios would be a miracle for a human gunner let alone completely demolishing a fighter with twin 7mm MGs. I've seen fighters take an order of magnitude more damage from being bounced by another fighter than they do when a gunner flips it's kill switch and decides to delete you. It's fairly insane for a tailgunner with a single MG to do more damage more quickly than a FW-190 with two MGs and four 20mm cannons. Nobody is arguing for bombers to be helpless. I wouldn't want that at all. But when you set up an attack to make it as close to impossible for any human gunner to kill you and the AI takes their 2 second or less firing window to unceremoniously execute you with a high deflection shot it is ridiculous. Gunners should be better than they are currently in some situations, but what we have here is some sort of glitch.
  7. apologies for the audio quality of the commentary but: Fixed link
  8. My beef with the AI gunners isn't necessarily their accuracy or inaccuracy but the fact that they can go from not being within 50 yard of your plane to 100% accuracy so fast it's like flipping a switch. I've recently observed this and realized what part of the issue may be. I will be posting a video on this soon.
  9. I got a request for commentary for my first fight of they year video and so I gladly obliged. Hope you all enjoy.
  10. This was taken from a track which does not record or reproduce those messages. There is a way to do it for while you’re flying but I don’t remember what it is.
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