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  1. As a fighter guy ground attack is only more fun than air to air if you're talking about AI. Otherwise there is no comparison to the thrill of fighting another player in air to air. The targets are mostly stationary and easy to hit. Only challenge is getting in around AAA but even that can be mitigated or eliminated. Biggest challenge in ground attack is avoiding getting shot down by other players in multiplayer. A lot of the ground attackers on public servers just go on suicide runs beating up as much of the target as they can until they get killed to avoid having to fly home and back again. I agree with this. A lot of people don't understand how to steady their plane to shoot or judge range and adjust for bullet drop and ground attack can help with those things. If you can't shoot a ZIS truck and destroy it with a short and accurate burst from fairly close range you're most probably garbage in air to air gunnery as well. This is how I get used to a convergence range by seeing how the bullet arc effects aim point vs point of impact. And yes, that bomb drop was pretty sweet.
  2. If you’ve got speed from a dive this plane is really good. Drops flaps very quickly so overshoots can be easy to force if you do it right. Though if you get slow you’re practically a sitting duck.
  3. Because the weight penalty, complexity, and effectiveness make it not worth it.
  4. P-40 is okay as long as you keep your speed up. Plenty of enemy pilots underestimate it.
  5. The failed ditch at the end lol. Good reversal. Hard to pull off a climbing scissors in a FW.
  6. Thanks! Yeah that Spitfire didn't have a clue. Neither did the last Mustang. I did the exact same thing to a different P-51 in the sortie immediately before this one, too.
  7. Only thing that happened in this video is a P-51 got spanked because he overshot his bandit and flew in front of his guns, repeatedly. The 109, regardless of version, cannot accelerate in a 45 degree climb. Any appearance of this is either due to camera angle (as the 109 is flying towards the camera at the start of the climb) or errors in perception. P-51 pilot needs to use their energy better and not overcommit to a ruined shot. I knew on the second dive starting the 3rd pass the p-51 did not have the separation or energy advantage to do anything but commit to a turn fight. Either way, pressing the fight after that was practically suicide.
  8. Anyone who flies the 109 and doesn’t use the rudder during heavy maneuvering, either offensive or defensive, is leaving a lot on the table. I like to use heavy rudder inputs with elevator at high speed to produce much higher roll rates. Has saved my skin many times. Especially against Spitfires in CLoD and 1946. Also, a lot of people lose the scissors because they don’t know where to fly to defeat a scissors attempt when they are offensive or they don’t know how to properly initiate one.
  9. I have never seen an AI that was convincing. Though the AI is better now. I flew a quick mission in a P-38 against a G6 and was surprised that it was actually turning very hard. Used to be you could put turn a Spit IX in an E7. If I really want to try to simulate career I’ll fly on TAW
  10. The brakes are very underpowered in this game for a lot of planes. The 109 and 190 are definitely too weak. Planes are easy to loop and will fully spin 2+ times with full opposite brakes and rudder as if you aren't even trying. There was a 190 doc I watched some time ago and it shows a 190 pilot taxiing through an unprepared airfield. He is taxiing with some speed and plants the right brake and the plane just rotates on a dime. He turns something like 90 degrees and keeps on going without any loss of control. Something you couldn't dream of doing in this game. This needs to get fixed, and you'd think it should be pretty easy.
  11. That was a pretty good landing. Was half mad to see you made it back to base. Not sure who shit their pants more. You when you got hit or this P-38 with a full rack of bombs that you flew right in front of. Lol. Salute!
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