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  2. The serious anomaly here isn't just the gunner's accuracy and reaction times but also the fact that they do n inordinate amount of damage in a very small amount of time. Just getting hits at all in some of these scenarios would be a miracle for a human gunner let alone completely demolishing a fighter with twin 7mm MGs. I've seen fighters take an order of magnitude more damage from being bounced by another fighter than they do when a gunner flips it's kill switch and decides to delete you. It's fairly insane for a tailgunner with a single MG to do more damage more quickly than a FW-190 with two MGs and four 20mm cannons. Nobody is arguing for bombers to be helpless. I wouldn't want that at all. But when you set up an attack to make it as close to impossible for any human gunner to kill you and the AI takes their 2 second or less firing window to unceremoniously execute you with a high deflection shot it is ridiculous. Gunners should be better than they are currently in some situations, but what we have here is some sort of glitch.
  3. apologies for the audio quality of the commentary but: Fixed link
  4. My beef with the AI gunners isn't necessarily their accuracy or inaccuracy but the fact that they can go from not being within 50 yard of your plane to 100% accuracy so fast it's like flipping a switch. I've recently observed this and realized what part of the issue may be. I will be posting a video on this soon.
  5. I got a request for commentary for my first fight of they year video and so I gladly obliged. Hope you all enjoy.
  6. This was taken from a track which does not record or reproduce those messages. There is a way to do it for while you’re flying but I don’t remember what it is.
  7. Eventually we will get there I have no doubt. There are quite a few Hurricane and a vast amount of Spitfire variants to model yet. Plus the typhoon, B and C model Mustangs, early P-40b and C, Razorback Jugs, and a plethora of Yaks still on the table. All in due time.
  8. The K4 is a 109. We already have a G14. Fly that and you’ll know what you’re in for. I personally love the 109s with MK108 cannon but when they release this and the 47 I’ll be in a jug lighting up German kites like candles.
  9. As far as screen resolution is concerned I’ve ramped DSR up to 400% off of 1080p and this issue still exists. Maybe it’s less so on true 4K monitors but I saw absolutely no difference between true 1080 and DSR up to 8K.
  10. I’ve installed the mod and labels are now hidden by the aircraft cockpit but I see no difference in how planes appear in front of clouds. I’ll have time to do more tinkering tonight.
  11. Resolution is one of the things that has been brought to my attention and I’ll examine that tonight when I get home from work. Unfortunately my big monitor only does 1080p but I’ll see if DSR helps any. I understand that this may not be fixed any time soon mostly because their resources are probably being thrown at Bodenplatte and Flying Circus. Ultimately they need to produce new content to generate income. No one wins if 1C/777 go under.
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