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  1. Hi Mick, I am not sure, I don't recall seeing that but it's been awhile. Look in the keybinds and see if there is a a bind for it. I don't think there was though.
  2. Nice about the fw-190. Not a fan of cgi trailers. Already seeing people complain about no gameplay in the trailer on the mainstream sites, the game engine is very pretty should have just shown that IMO' Some of the user made trailers are amazing.
  3. Everyone has access to LA-5 until full release I thought. I've certainly been flying it and don't own it.
  4. I used it in fsx and cliffs of dover with a ps3 eyetoy, it worked. Was a little clunky and laggy though. I'm not sure how much better kinect would be. Have trackir5 now. Pretty big difference
  5. head tracking makes all the difference. Definitely want to get facetracknoir or build a freetrack if you don't want to buy a trackir. More I play more I feel like I need one of these quadrants so I can see where my rad/mix/prop is doing pretty good price and since youre aussie pccg http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=6117&cPath=953
  6. Furious I have to teach you some things. Modern planes have features that the Stuka had. Those big airliners flying every day have air brakes and Air craft warning systems. They are not just used for dive recovery. The air craft warning system has a audio warning that is a voice. When you get close to the ground from descent for example it says "pull out, pull out" oh wait that makes no sense and it does not say that at all. They actually say "pull up, pull up" Maybe you can write a letter and tell them and explain they are pulling out of descent not pulling up and ask companies like Airbus to have it changed? Civilian air craft are not the only planes to have Air brakes. Tank killers have them, fighters have them. Movies plots where even made about them. Do you remember when Maverick said I'll hit the brakes and he'll fly right by. Goose didn't say but Maverick I was reading some forums and this cat said we can't use the brakes for that, it's gamey we can only use it during a dive. and Maverick says ok thank god for that cat on the forum gets shot by a missile and dies. Wait that's not how the movie goes. Maverick ignores the forums cats advice and relies on his instincts and military training instead hits the brake instead and gets a target lock. Air brakes can and are used in combat. Stop trolling my thread
  7. It is not a civilian aircraft, flaps don't have to be used for landing, gear does not have to be used for taxi. engine parameters do not have to be followed. Engines don't have to be running. There are no rules. In war they did whatever it took. You sound like the type of person who would tell Japan off for destroying ships without using weapons. You can't do that cheaters! it's not a game! Blechbohrer I I have tf 4.31 installed and made a dive bomb video a few days ago. It does not auto dive. Stukas would roll inverted before starting the dive as shown in the documentary. The airbrake in clod does prevent over speeding in a dive though as documented, in BoS not so much.
  8. Thanks I watched a documentary today and it showed them being used later on. Said stukas took out 1000 soviet planes (mostly grounded) and only lost 35 stukas doing so. great to watch if you have 50 minutes spare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25qbGT5txVM Also heard another stuka pilot say the dive siren reduced speed in a dive by up to 20kph. He also said the bombs had cardboard pipes on them that whistled.
  9. I can't tell if your'e being a jerk or not, maybe I'm misreading. Obviously I know what dive brakes are for. Obviously there are no real stukas left flying. Obviously this sim is just one programmers interpretation of historical data. Either way go do some dive bombing in this simulator and see if it does what you claim it does.
  10. Wish I could find one, is none for sale in my country. I doubt amazon would ship me one they usually wont ship anything gaming related out of usa but even so says ships in 1-2 months on amazon
  11. I big fan of steam, been using it for 10 years, since it was in beta. I have BoS added to my steam library and the steam overlay works with it, you can use steam to take screenshots and upload them etc. Would be nice to get a steamkey when the full game releases though for the faster download servers, achievements and trading cards. viking that is not a steam issue, I have many games that release new content daily and weekly on steam. If rise of flight updates are slower it's because the devs are choosing not to push them out.
  12. No the siren seems separate from the field mod on UI and has that big padlock on it. Although I have a passion for the stuka information is pretty vague as far as the internet goes. As far as I know only the B model had a siren. When I recently watched "Enemy at the gates" about the battle of Stalingrad the stukas had sirens (can't rely on hollywood film) The sirens are visible on the landing legs Currently not modelled in BoS I would love to see a photo of a model besides the B with them. Also the air brake seems quite weak in this compared to cliffs of dover and dare I say it, warthunder. I think these features are what makes the stuka a stuka. Without them it's just a slow fighter. I would have imagined the airbrake and auto pullup would have given the stuka some unique options vs a fighter. Surely being able to dive vertically at a slower rate than a fighter would make them overshoot and the knowing a fighter pilot would black out trying to compete with the Reihenabwurfgeraet
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