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    Bomber Blitz

    Thanks, I don't think I've ever seen such brilliant 3D models as the planes in this game, the lighting/effects also.
  2. Reshade 4.3.0 works fine with 5.002 and only crashes if you select Player Plane in the final screen before flying (which I dont use). You dont need to rename anything after installation, just move the 2 files (dxgi.dll & dxgi.ini) into 'core ' and leave the shaders in the default directory. To disable Reshde just rename the dxgi.dll It does add a very realistic look to the game if you set up the right shaders, I only use about 3.
  3. Thx for checking, did you check the machine gun sounds also? All things apply to the Hurricane I Rotol in CLOD Blitz which I have been flying around to every airfield in Southern England so have got to know it quite well.
  4. After the 5.002 update I found that for the Hurricane I Rotol the machine guns are still way too loud in the external view. In the internal cockpit view the machine guns sound dwindled to nothing. There also seems to be something wrong now with the sound for the undercarriage, seems inconsistant and out of sync.
  5. Buzzsaw: Thx for your reply regarding the Hurricane Rotol, it does seem to fly as though it is heavier as I now need more throttle to take off or it goes haywire as soon as its airborne. I'm not at my pc at the moment but I will check for bombs as soon as I can. I am still using the same plane as before though and only in CLOD Blitz. Also I did put an earlier post in about the guns on the Hurricane Rotol which are now coming out way too loud and not balanced properly with the other sounds as they were before the TF5 update. Edit: I checked for bombs but there are
  6. Since I purchased this game a couple of weeks ago I have been flying a Hurricane I Rotol which I found a nice stable plane to fly for a newcomer. However sice the TF5 update the handling characteristics have changed. It is now more difficult to control, not as stable and harder to land as it does not glide down nicely onto the runway as it used to but comes down a bit like a flying brick. I have had to try and reduce the aileron and elevator sensitivity in the axis setup but has made no difference. I have turbulance and flutter unselected inthe realism settings so has nothing to do with the wi
  7. TF 5 MACHINE GUNS COMING OUT TOO LOUD Flying a Hurricane I Rotol, since the TF5 update yesterday I find the guns are coming out way too loud in relation to the engine noise etc. Everything else seems fine. (This is in Cliffs of Dover Blitz not Tobruck). More evident in external views.
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