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  1. Sounds like it's a game issue then glad it's not just me , let's hope the new update next wk fixes it
  2. Hi all does anybody else get random game crashes usually in mp with a windows message that says "bos has stopped working" I get no warning or symptoms just a crash to desktop with the above message? I understand bos is still in development but just wanted to see if is just me or if others have the same issue. I'm on win7 and have not tried reinstalling bos yet. Thanks Paul
  3. when i had a gtx 770 i had to run high settings with 2x aa for reasonable fps so yours should do the same, i didn`t have sweet fx so maybe you should try it without and see what results you get. Also in nvidia settings change "power management mode " to maximum performance and see if that helps.
  4. Ok cool ive not played about with my BOS config but I did with my il2 1946 but again this was on my old 920 cpu setup.
  5. My idea was that if you set up your config to run on say cores 3 and 4 but one is parked via windows would it stay parked or would windows unpark the selected core and re park another?
  6. When you say i series do you mean i7 and i5 cpu's ? My old 920 has the parked cores when I checked but my newer version i7 didn't and both pc's have win7 sp1 installed.
  7. Ive been reading up on this and found that atleast one of my pc`s had this problem and its a easy fix . It closes some of your cores and can cause slow down on games and seen as BOS is a flight sim we need all the cpu power we can get!! First open task manager and then select resource monitor and press cpu. Down the right hand side of the screen should be all your cores and if one or more is parked it will say on the display screen, im not 100% sure but its windows way of saving energy. There is a simple way of disabling this which this u tube vid will explain better than I can but you will need this.... 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 This mod if for both pc and laptops. PS this is not me in the vid but he explains it well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20v3lZuUi1s
  8. started of with IL2 in 2004 then went - il2 fb + ace expansion pack- pacific fighters - il2 1946 and now bos. All great sims!!
  9. Hi Kirin ive just had the same dilemma as you re a new system build but mine was a lot older. My system was a gen 1 i7 920 clocked to 3.8ghz with 6gb of ram and a gtx 580 running two sata hhd in raid and this just about run BOS in high with fps between 30-50. Ive now got the new 4790k i7 clocked stock 4-4.5ghz with 8gb ram and a gtx770 with two ssd and now pull 50-60 fps with same ingame settings( I use v-sync), apart from running smoother and faster load up times in still experimenting with other games but my idea is to add a 2nd gtx if I struggle to pull decent fps in future games. Don't forget that BOS is still in development and future drivers will be released to improve gpu performance
  10. Thanks for the advice guys some good info there, ive just had a quick play about in game and found it awesome!! feels and looks a lot better that 1946. I did seem to stall the aircraft a lot more than usual tho but I guess that will be something I learn as I go. One thing I noticed in normal mode some settings I changed didn't seem to work ie flaps up and down and using the pitch/roll trim? do these only work in expert mode or am I doing something wrong???
  11. Hi all ive just downloaded BOS and im hopeful my system will run this better than il2 1946 due to it using dx as oppose to open gl. Just b4 I jump straight in to the game is there any advice you can give me re aircraft setup ie does it use complex engine management , variable pitch prop or anything else I should know about. Ive played il2 1946 for a few years know so I can say I know the basics but any advice would be welcome . Cheers Wilson
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