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  1. Please Tell me please why Am I wrong. Becouse I can'T say only " oh my god" or shut up!!!
  2. Yes, we play same " game" from different perspective. And I still don't know yours. Total unfair. But perhaps you need to see forward and ask yourself where the "game" is going.
  3. dear developers: we(lot of payers) realice that the simulator is getting worst in playability. The game ( no longer simulator ) looks like a house when you can cry and the developers change what you want. buaaaa my favorite plane does not perform as I want.... dont worry, we can change that. In last patch, the damage of the planes has been modified .... now you can make high Gs manuveur with a wing full of holes.... Are we crazy ? what we want? a plane shooter? do you think that one plane with a sigle 8mm shot shot on engine block is not enough to stop it? perhaps you need to read more about planes.... perhaps one day you will see a electronic sky fully of german planes becouse no one whats to fly russian. PDT: the La5 (premium russian plane is a bull shit you (developers) are loosing players and future inversors for your proyect....
  4. why everyone think that you need 3 or 4 hits of a 20mm bullet to destroy a wing?? its more easy... one hit and a 3Gs turn is enough. Even the lower calibers can do it. In real life, no pilot atempt to make a tight turn with a damaged wing. All this mods about the weak strengt of the planes is to make the comunity happy wile they make impossible tight and slow turns (109) with a damaged wing.... and of course, becouse german planes are better and stronger and bigdicker than russians......
  5. this Plane is a joke!!!! Cant belive that the Lagg3 fly better and combat better than La5.... O my god is a Premium Plane that NO ONE USES!!!! Please, change it or delete it. IS USELESS!!!!
  6. Brief description: Mixture control on URSS planes not realistic/non linear Detailed description, conditions: -The engine works better on 80% mixture at ground level, even on take off . 100%mixture never needed to gain full power. - No linear loose of power when reducing the mixture at any altitude. You can find 2 or 3 mixture possitions where the engine works well at any altitude. The only thing you can apreciate is a fructuation on RPM gauge, Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Not needed/not relevant Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Not needed/not relevant
  7. Yo uso una reacondicionada desde hace 2 años (de PCCOMPo... precisamente) y ningun problema.
  8. Saludos a todos!!! Desde el ultimo parche no soy capaz de configurar los ejes para mover las torretas. Antes por defecto se usaba el ratón para manejarlas. Ahora solo solo puedo configurar el eje horizontal. ¿Alguna idea?, ¿he pasado algo por alto? (seguro que si)
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