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  1. Hi everyone, I don't know if this is the right place to ask for this, but since the release of the Stalingrad module, I have been playing the game with Nvidia surround in 5760x1080. I had noticed until now that the menu is still not suitable for this resolution. Would it finally be possible to adapt the game with the triple screen ? You can see on the screens below that it is not really aesthetic at all and that it is really difficult to view your vehicle or plane to choose a camouflage. It could be really nice if you could fix it. Thank you in advance. Tschuss ! 171/5000
  2. Hi E69_Julian57, First, I'm using the HD textures grass by FF*VaSoK*22; I have reduced the alpha of the texture by decrease light (with photoshop). I suppose you haven't any problem to do that at your convenience. Second, I modified the value of the line 37 in startup.cfg (...\STEAMPLAY\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data). grass_distance = 600.00000 (if more the game is flickering) Third, to restore some dramatic ambience, I'm using Reshade 4.6.1's post-effects and settings of my own. It looks natural and enough contrasted with light, bounce color and deepness. Thank you for your support. Shuss ! Worg PS: BTW, thanks to share your beautiful work E69_Julian57
  3. Yes, it is. It could be nice to use precise optics (no more less 2D bitmap), better display at the horizon, let the destroyed tanks smoke and burn longer and intensely (perhaps, could I do it myself with adjustments to the option of the appropriate data), better animation of the crew when the tank is in motion like SABOW's Graviteam and adding the ejection of the empty shell. And this is on a good way ! This is a really beautiful game... -i7_8700k @3.7Ghz, 32Go DDR4, GeForce EVGA RTX 2080 SUPER, 8Go DDR5 -5760x1080p, 75Hz, IIYAMA G-MASTER GB2730HSU-B1 (x3) -Grass Mod texture reworked (grass_distance = 600.00000. I can't increase it anymore ). -Reshade 4.6.1 of my own.
  4. Hi chaps, Bug appears in mission when in me262 then game crash. Note that I have removed armor option at the configuration interface of the fighter. Hope it will help. Edit: problem was due to "Multicolored Tracers" mod. Sorry for the inconvenient...All is working fine.
  5. Bump Hi Blastervideo, If you find a solution, let me know. Thank you
  6. Hi Blaster, Same problem...No help from the support, no viable solution... Regards,
  7. Hi Blaster, I never found any solution to resolve it and always experiment this problem unfortunately...All is working fine then, don't know why, 10032 problem appears...
  8. Hi, Always the same problem. Otherwise, I launched the program via the il-2.exe located in the game's folder. I notice this message: My system if it could help: Windows 10 x64 ver1903, i7 8700k @3.7Ghz, eVga Z370, 32Go DDR4, eVga 980 GTX SC + ACX2.0 + 4Gb DDR5 I'm trying to reinstall Net Framework 3.5 (include 2.0) but nothing to do...
  9. Thank you AndyJWest, I only hope that this problem is related to mine...Thanks anyway
  10. Anyone could help me, please ? Problem is not resolved. All is working fine, but no feedback of the mission...
  11. Hi, When I finish an offline mission, I'm experiencing this error: #10032 Error occurred while receiving results from offline log parser module. What's wrong ? I tried to reinstall .Net Framework 3.5 via the functionalities of Win10 but always the same thing. Have you an idea please ? Thank for your help. Edit: I update my Windows 10 with 1903 release. Always the same problem as you can see below...
  12. Money for nothin' and chicks for free
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