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  1. Hello folks in the end I just gave up on VR the performance issues and the poor quality was not worth the immersion, however I bought a DelanClip and now use TrackIR which works wonderfully for me thanks all for the replies maybe if I save some money I can upgrade my rig and HOTAS (TOO EXPENSIVE ATM!!).
  2. Ok guys thanks sorry for being a noob tbh I was just being lazy haha!
  3. Just flew first mission on PWCG and wondering whether you have to restart your game after every mission?
  4. I disabled HT and enabled XMP on my BIOS however none of these seemed to give me an fps boost it just seems that i will need to upgrade my cpu and ram and also imrpove the cooling of my pc i will just have to tolerate 40fps in the meantime.
  5. This was the result it seems to be the CPU not doing too well the cpu cooler thermal paste is inefficient now and sadly i do not have any more I will have to buy some, the screenshot was taken at the start of a career mission with 4 planes in render distances fps would jump to 80 very briefly and jump back down to 40 again. Also ram speed is drr3 at 1600mhz I believe the solution is that I just need to upgrade my pc.
  6. Does the Rift S support FPSVR? if so I'll download it and post the results also thank you for the replies.
  7. I have an Oculus Rift S which with my rig i7 4790k rtx 2060 and 16gb ram struggles to pull off 80fps most of the time, it always seems to be stuck on 40 fps but does stick to 80fps when there are hardly any planes nearby, the game stutters when shooting down an enemy plane and i have turnt ASW off and tried lowering the supersampling on the coulus debug tool and steam vr in which both have failed to give me better fps, i'm wondering whether to upgrade my rig as my cpu is relatively old or maybe the gpu is not strong enough for this game in vr may be the problem but other vr games run exceptio
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