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  1. Well, finally, it works. It's amazing! What I ended up doing was to buy the Sturmovik game that's on sale on Steam for around $10. Not a big risk I thought. I launched it, did the dual sign-in for the game - which gave me access to my non-Steam purchases. What I really wanted was the WW1 stuff I'd bought directly from the developers and I got it, along with all my other purchases. I launched a quick mission and THE JOYSTICK WORKED!!! I can't say enough about how great it is. Playing while using my monitor, even with joystick adjustments, my sights bounced all over the place. I'd also lose my target after the first pass and waste incredible time and opportunities looking for it. In VR I shot my target down in the first minute. This is great, and I could go on and on but I'll spare you all that. Thanks once again for all the time so many of you put into lending a hand and helping to get me going! I very much appreciate that.
  2. Thanks, again, for all the help. I don't have any "Sturmovik" files in my Steam directory, most likely because I bought it directly from the developer, not through Steam. It doesn't appear in my files in the shop - I'm sure for the same reason. I can find it as a library item but there's no choice to verify its integrity.
  3. Sorry to be so confused. Is the devices file you're referring to the "current.devices" file? All I've been able to find is a "devices.txt" and the "current.devices" file. I deleted both. I haven't been able to verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam because I can't find a way to do that, despite doing a search on how to do it. What I found in the search results didn't correspond to what I see on my system. When I press the Windows key and open settings my joystick does show under the devices choice. Doing everything but verifying the game cache didn't bring any changes. I'm still being teased with sitting in a cockpit and having no control other than jump keyboard responses. I feel like all I'm doing is spinning, and not the good way, in a fiery crash after being shot down. 😕 Gave that a try as well. No luck. Thanks though.
  4. Ah! Really? Disabled? Wow, I've never even looked at or for the Steam settings. Thanks - I'll give that a go. BTW I've realized I neglected to mention that the keyboard does give input to the game, so this sure looks like a joystick issue for me. Yes, thanks, I've gone through the setup a few times - one of those to return to the default settings so I could start fresh and drop the changes I made before getting the G2. And the joystick is in a 3.0 port, left that way from first using it.
  5. Hey, thanks tons for all the information. I can see that part of my confusion is due to not really being into gaming except for this and one other. Due to that it seems I haven't seen the use of one, sort of, similar "brand" being used for games that really have little or nothing to do with one another. The fact that these games are presented, and play, in a manner that looks similar to me is I guess just due to inexperience on my part. I appreciate all the time some of you put into helping me understand better.
  6. Yeah, I've done that and even though on the settings everything looks like it's set for joystick, my joystick doesn't get recognized. I've even used the control panel to make certain the joystick is working with the computer, and all's good there.
  7. Well, I've finally got the VR working. It's incredible. Now I've got to figure out why my joystick isn't working. It's as though it's not plugged in - no response to anything I do with it. But, being able to turn my head and look around as the plane is flying - wow. Maybe the G2 hand pieces are supposed to work like hands on the plane's control items? Man, this is difficult going. I guess I'll try a reboot since you said it made a difference for you dburne.
  8. From the start, when I first realized how much there was to Rise of Flight and I wanted to expand, I found myself confused. Due to something about the way I came across ROF and the Sturmovik line of sims I thought they were all related. I bought a number of ROF planes believing I'd be able to use them in Flying Circus. Is the way these games are presented just a matter of a business model I'm not familiar with? More recently, since I would LOVE to have B17s and such available I was jazzed to discover 1946, which has heavy bombers. I've now found that the people who are connected with Sturmovik have nothing to do with 1946, but yet, the way these games come across seems extremely confusing. Has anyone else here had similar trouble distinguishing which games are supported by which people? I'm not used to this! 🤯
  9. Yeah, I've discovered and installed the Steam home. I've wandered around until I did find the IL2 game my desktop icon points to. Progress, a little bit at a time 😏. I tried running it and ended up with a umber of Windows dialogue messages saying another instance was already running. I can smell it now. Lol, never realized how much there'd be to learn and I'm grateful for the help I've gotten here.
  10. I've got all the necessary programs installed but still can't access IL2 from my VR "house". I even did something where I got to a place to select my non-steam IL2, clicked its box, and got out of that. Still can't see IL2 from my virtual "home" to be able to run it there.
  11. Thank you so much to everyone who replied! I have to admit I was feeling a little discouraged but I'm now looking forward to getting set up. Thanks again; I'll report back.
  12. Thanks Madov. This is so new to me I'm blown away by how much I don't know. 🙄 I'll be heading to my garage (hanger? Lol) to work on getting set up. I'll report back with how things go.
  13. Amazing! That must have felt great.
  14. Thanks so much, QB. Is it the usual thing for an application that runs VR to require installation of a secondary program such as Steam? My version of IL2 is something I bought directly from them and has nothing (or so I thought!) to do with Steam. Also, I hope you can forgive a little ignorance; what is WMR? Again, thanks! Yes, I think it does. Imagine me thinking since IL2 supports VR that I'd just plug my new headset in and use it! 😒 By the way, then, does this WMR take over the VR stuff? Could I run other games, games that don't say they support VR, by using it?
  15. I posted this in the 3rd party sub-forum before realizing this might be more appropriate here. And now I see my attempt at posting in the VR controllers thread went into simshaker. I didn't mean to do that and I can't find a way to delete it. My sincere apologies to the forum administrators! I've just got my Reverb 2 and the main thing I was looking forward to was "flying" with IL2. I've got it connected and working independently on my computer. The virtual house and everything associated with that works just fine. I had, and still have, no idea how to make it work with any of my IL2 stuff. In the main setup I've clicked the box for VR. The closest I've got so far is really a big nothing. My IL2 screen from my monitor shows, basically like a window, in the headset display but there's no interaction. I'm not using the Steam version of the game if that makes any difference. I'm obviously missing something important. Help?
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