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  1. Bon le Covid nous aura permis de réaliser pas mal de vol avec des grands moments de rigolade ! Merci Fly pour le montage !
  2. I recognized the first 3 minutes of the video
  3. Buongiorno a tutti For next Wednesday (10-06) we are 16 IRRE bomber. If possible we would like to fly Stuka. See you next Wednesday Have a good weekend !
  4. Hello It's too just for us this Wednesday. We have already an event the Wednesday. But from next Wednesday we will be there. I’m launching a roster right now to find out how many we’ll be next week. Do you have the planeset for german Bomber ? Are the planes limited ?
  5. Hello thanks for invitation I started a poll in my squadron. For the moment we would prefere fly in bomber with the german side. But I start the poll this afternoon and i have just 5 answer. We are approximatively 12-20 pilots. I come back quickly with an final answer
  6. Dans cette période de confinement Fly nous a pondu un petit condensé de nos sorties ! On aime larguer des bombes et des ailes !
  7. oh my english is bad sorry ^^ We were 6 spad and 4 Camel vs your 5 Pflaz
  8. I don't know if it's me but it was the French community that attacked your Pfalz group. we were outnumbered sorry 😅
  9. Dans cette période de confinement, les IRRE sont de sorti et notamment sur le soft Flying Circus ! Nous sommes maintenant une bonne dizaine ! Une petite vidéo de nos exploits (comme l'attaque du mauvais pont) lors de notre participation à la campagne Bloody April une première pour les IRRE. Nous volons aussi depuis presque 2 mois le jeudi soir avec l'ensemble de la commu Francophone (CCG C6 OBT ...)
  10. Many of us didn’t have enough gas left we had to go home before the bombers (for Camel)
  11. Yes it's us many begginer in our IRRE Team. We did not have the chance to know the great time of Rof
  12. It's me the Se5 ! And other entente aircraft are french IRRE, C6 and Obt and CCG
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