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  1. I had the same question in my mind today...
  2. Track IR is one of those devices you can't live without, after you try them. It's worth every euro and the level of inmersion it provides is amazing.
  3. I'm back after a year out of IL2 so still relearning everything. I don't fly with comms (but I will install TS2 today) so I'm mostly a lone worlf trying to spot something while I try not to get shot and not kill my engine. I do a lot of scorting, cos I like it and while I still get lost half of the time and I'm not good at my job, it's fun
  4. Do you guys need any translation English-Spanish? If so, PM me, I can help.
  5. The map, and all the information showed the city itself was not covered. The limit of the map is the outer region of the city.
  6. Oh, an A-20. I could touch myself while flying it into a german factory.
  7. I know few things weirder than this https://youtu.be/fbGkxcY7YFU
  8. You can switch to the nose gunner and your point of view will be almost exactly that one.
  9. I actually never tried with unlimited ammo. I will have to try it, sounds a fun way to level the balance between these nasty ships and me Good video!
  10. Nasty planes...get a room!!! I like the last crash where the Pe2 pilots just bail out. I can even listen to them saying: 'F*ck this, I'm out...'
  11. CGI video for IL2? Like we don't have enough AWESOME videos around to choose! And, as always, modded to the roof FSX in the top 3...
  12. Well, these videos will feed my spare time for a while
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