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  1. Indeed! The Mods are most appreciated, and really enhance our sim!
  2. I was so close to pulling the trigger... had been away from the whole CloD scene for a while. Then it dawned on me, I should check if this has VR support... Unfortunately, I can't fly pancake mode anymore. I've been in VR for 2.5 years. No going back. So I backed off on the buy. I do congratulate TF for all of their efforts nonetheless. Outstanding job on their part!!
  3. Wow, glad I came across this thread. I bought FC as part of the stay at home sale. Had been looking forward to flying WWI. In particular, the SE5a, which is my favorite WWI bird. Just love the look of her. Hard to explain, but this bird just doesn't feel right. I know it wasn't a "wonder bird", and I'm not expecting to have something invisible. It feels like a dog on how quickly it loses energy. Plus, its most difficult to hit anything with guns and my rudder control. But if that's how it is with WWI birds, ok. I've tried a few tweaks via the curves, but it doesn't seem right. By no means am I a FM expert, so if this is the way the SE5a fly's in RL, I'm very disappointed. So I presume I just have to level set and adjust, (and have a wing-man even with a 1 off encounter). ๐Ÿ™‚ I've only had FC for a few days, and have only flown the SE5a to date (because I love that bird). ๐Ÿ™‚ To all, stay safe and be well! -Jav
  4. Thanks Jason! I did take advantage of getting the Flying Circus.
  5. Never used this mission generator. Looks great though! I'm wanting create a mission using the Kanonenvogel. Do you just select the Stuka D-3, (and then some armor targets). And then prior to the launch select the 37mm canons?
  6. What a great mod! thank you. I installed it yesterday and really enjoying it.
  7. cool beans, and congrats to the winners!
  8. See my sig for my specs. Flying both BoX and DCS with an i7-9700k and GTX1080. Have the 9700K OC to 4.9ghz on all cores. This combo fly's great with the Rift S. I'd like to upgrade the video card, but I think it's insane to pay $1,200-1,400 for the 2080ti. I'll just hang tight with this GPU for now, until sanity returns to the GPU world, (which may be never). ๐Ÿ™‚ I also just switched to Open Composite. It looks very promising!
  9. glad I saw this thread. I just converted over to Open Composite as well! What a great tool!
  10. amen brother, me too! I took the 23rd off, and now have a 4 day weekend. Planning to hammer the "S" real hard.
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