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  1. Never used this mission generator. Looks great though! I'm wanting create a mission using the Kanonenvogel. Do you just select the Stuka D-3, (and then some armor targets). And then prior to the launch select the 37mm canons?
  2. What a great mod! thank you. I installed it yesterday and really enjoying it.
  3. cool beans, and congrats to the winners!
  4. See my sig for my specs. Flying both BoX and DCS with an i7-9700k and GTX1080. Have the 9700K OC to 4.9ghz on all cores. This combo fly's great with the Rift S. I'd like to upgrade the video card, but I think it's insane to pay $1,200-1,400 for the 2080ti. I'll just hang tight with this GPU for now, until sanity returns to the GPU world, (which may be never). 🙂 I also just switched to Open Composite. It looks very promising!
  5. glad I saw this thread. I just converted over to Open Composite as well! What a great tool!
  6. amen brother, me too! I took the 23rd off, and now have a 4 day weekend. Planning to hammer the "S" real hard.
  7. I have a 4670K O/C to 4.2ghz, and with 1600 MHz DDR. I've no issue flying in BoX. See my specs in my sig. My CPU mark is 9266, (via Passmark rating).
  8. I have a 4670K, and O/C to 4.2ghz. Running BoX just fine with the Rift. My specs are in my sig.
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