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  1. Spitfire Mk.XIVe "RN201" I've got another beauty for you all today. This time based on a plane still flying today. The paintjob of which is in turn based on a racing livery from 1947! You can find it and some history on HSD!
  2. We finally have Update ready and it's a big one! First of all, we included the EULA for HSD. Read it carefully before agreeing to it! If you click on exit because you don't agree, HSD will uninstall itself and only the HSD.exe will remain. On to the good stuff! The primary focus has been on optimising and improving the workflow through lots of tweaking so that it's easier and quicker to use. A new upload component has been included that speeds up uploads by about 4-6x!!! The filter section has been improved as well and now includes check-boxes for some options which will be sav
  3. I'll be keeping an update log here so you can always read back what has been changed. Release V1.2.1.10 Hotfix Update EULA, optimisation and usability If you notice any bugs, please report them in our Discord
  4. Happy Birthday Jason! Enjoy your time in the casino. My question of the day: Do you intend to rework the "artificial lighting" effects ingame to match with the new improved visuals. By "artificial lighting" I refer to the Navigation lights, tracers, etc. which can be visible at times when they really shouldn't. BlackHellHound1
  5. Hello everyone, Today someone uploaded a few skins made by Tom Weiss. Sadly Tom passed away last year so someone else is uploading his work. While I would love to see his work on HSD, it does need to happen under the right conditions and with the permission of the family. Could the person uploading Toms work please PM me on the forums or on discord. Thank you BlackHellHound1
  6. Was going to share this on Monday when we reach the 1 month mark but might as well share it now. So far we've had 12.000+ unique visitors with an average of ~1300 people checking in each day. Over 7.2 Terabytes worth of data has been downloaded which is roughly equivalent of 330,000 skins. About 2900 unique skins (about 70GB worth of data) have been uploaded to HSD already and more are still coming in. Thanks to @Alonzo We use the Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) that cashes all our files and distributes them around the world. This has truly ma
  7. We don't use any naming convention and we're also not going to enforce such a thing. If it is available on HSD, it means it publicly available and enforcing something like "personal skins" goes out the window anyway. You are of course free to continue using that convention, but don't expect that everyone will adhere to it. BlackHellHound1
  8. While Alonzo is right and a one time donation through Patreon would work, we are adding an option for a Paypal donation in the next version of HSD. Just wait for the update. That said, Please do consider a monthly pledge, as Alonzo also stated, it helps us manage and plan ahead more gradually and dynamically. Regardless of your choice, we are very happy to hear you enjoy HSD and are willing to help monetarily. Thank you BlackHellHound1
  9. Luckily there is a new tool call HSD that can do it all for you. Follow the installation instructions and you can quickly and easily select and download the skins you want.
  10. You should be able to use your TrackIR software. Pretty sure you can't use your TrackIR camera with Opentrack anyway. Proprietary TrackIR software stops you from doing that iirc. BlackHellHound1
  11. That is certainly possible. We prefer to arrange skins for deletion through discord. It's easier and quicker working for us. So please, join our discord and contact me there. https://discord.gg/RPvmtd8 Since we don't want others to mess with skins that aren't theirs, we have a procedure. Please send me the following over discord for a skin to be deleted: Skin name Reason why it needs updating (you already mentioned this) Some proof that you did actually make the skin. Screenshot of the file in PS or Gimp is plenty. I'll delete it from HSD and then you
  12. Ladies and gentleman, We are looking for anyone and everyone that is getting the repeated "Can't connect to the server" message and is unable to use HSD. A solution may have been found but we would like to test it a little further before releasing it into the wild. If you have this issue or you know someone that does, please let us know on our discord. https://discord.gg/RPvmtd8 BlackHellHound1
  13. Hey Jack, What exactly are you trying to achieve? Just deleting a skin from your skins folder? Or remove a skin from HSD entirely? BlackHellHound1
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, We've just hit 2000! unique skins on HSD. It's been an amazing effort from everyone to upload their skins and see it all appear on HSD! The team had not expected this milestone but we're incredibly happy we did. Of course, we are looking forward to everything else you guys will bring to the platform. Can we hit 3000 before the end of the month? The HSD Team
  15. If you are running a VPN, disable it. some people had issues with that and it solved it for them. Otherwise, check that your anti-virus is not blocking it. If you still have issues, join our discord and we'll try to fix it. Bit easier to communicate on discord.
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