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  1. Great update. Some nice stuff to play around with. and of course well done to ICDP. Those Me 262 and Fw 190A-8 skins look great as always. Thanks mate. Appreciate it! I also noticed that issue and I passed it on to the devs. Cant wait to see those F-4's in the skies BlackHellHound1
  2. Hello there fellow pilots, I have a few more screenshots for you. Today I few a solo mission to defend the depots on TAW. 2 Pe-2's didn't really enjoy my patrols. BlackHellHound1
  3. Hello Tes, I have my smoothness slider set to 0. My settings for accela are as in the first post. It is what I feel most comfortable with. It is hard to determine with these kinds of things what is best since it depends largely on what you like and don't like. The best advice I can give is to play around with that smoothness slider and the accela filter a bit and find a setting you like. BlackHellHound1
  4. Hello there fellow pilots, I have a few more screenshots for you today. Again from TAW. This time some sorties with DerKurfürst. BlackHellHound1
  5. Can you send a picture of the curves you have set up? Maybe you have something unusual set up. BlackHellHound1
  6. TAW is in full swing and Hydra is doing its part. Sometimes the weather is just too beautiful not to make a few snaps. In no particular order. Enjoy! BlackHellHound1 And two more with a visible Hakenkreuz
  7. Did you also remove all of your mouse head movement from the list? I think the issue is a conflict with the mouse view. Completely get rid of any mouse view bindings. BlackHellHound1
  8. I believe someone else had this same problem. And if I remember correctly, it was solved by removing all the key and mouse bindings for your head movement in the in-game settings. Start there and let me know if this fixes the issue. BlackHellHound1
  9. Hydra will be flying blue this round. See you all in the skies! BlackHellHound1
  10. I do believe so. Would have to mess around a bit to figure it out completely but it would seem to be some more detailed tools to filter out unwanted movement. It is not that the TrackHat version doesn't work. As I am sure you can understand, I get a lot of questions about things not working with Headtracking. Both here and on Discord. Out of these questions, I have determined that all unsolvable issues that were brought forth are because of the TrackHat version. Many of these bugs are still presenting a mystery today. The TrackHat version can work fine but seems to have some unsolvable bugs. If it works for you, no need to switch. However, If you ever run into some issues, it might be better to switch. BlackHellHound1
  11. The A-8 truly has too many guns. Just ask this spitfire. BlackHellHound1
  12. I have a few more screenshots for you guys. This time it is DerSheriff and me flying some Fw 190G-8's in two separate missions. BlackHellHound1 And a nice synchronized landing after the second mission.
  13. One normal map to rule them all! Sadly, there is no skin specific normal map option. Only one can be active per plane and applies to all skins of that plane (both 2K and 4K skins). BlackHellHound1
  14. I am not sure why you are asking here. The IL-2 Great Battles series does not have the plane and this is not the right place to ask for IL-2 1946 stuff. Your best bet will be to search or ask on the IL-2 1946 forum (if there is a template in the first place). BlackHellHound1
  15. I have a few more nice screenshots for you. However, from now on they will be 1440p Ultrawide 😱 Enjoy! BlackHellHound1 And the best for last:
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