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  1. Ingame snapviews dont work in combination with opentrack. No way to work around it. Make sure you only open Opentrack. Dont touch CL-Eye at all. The PS3 Eye can only be used by 1 program at a time and CL-Eye will steal it away from Opentrack. It should work if you never start CL-Eye. Also, you see "tracker offline" whenever you dont have opentrack started so that is perfectly normal in this case. BlackHellHound1
  2. There is no reset button if that is what you are looking for. However, you can always remove points from your curve with the right mouse button. Otherwise. You can make a new profile and start over from scratch. BlackHellHound1 P.S. Please dont quote my main post.
  3. Looks like you have the correct PS3 Eye. You will have to remove the entire inner lense. It has the Infrared filter chemically applied to it. Carefully remove it and try to keep it in one piece. But it is likely to break and luckily it is not a big deal if it breaks. BlackHellHound1
  4. The FPS issue doesn't sound normal. Haven't heard about it before. All I can do is recommend reinstalling your CL-Eye Driver. Do you use the TrackHat provided "TrackHat Opentrack"? Or the original opentrack? BlackHellHound1
  5. Hello there fellow pilots, 5 May 2020 is approaching and with it 75 years of freedom and peace in The Netherlands. Since the world is on lockdown and all "5 Mei" activities have been canceled, this Semisesquicentennial requires celebration in a different way. As I am inclined to do, I used my artwork to speak for me. I wish you all a fortunate Semisesquicentennial in this most unusual time. BlackHellHound1 (Skin will be made public at a later date)
  6. There is no longer a quick and easy system to add some numbers to the default skins like the old IL-2. You will have to make new skins with the official templates. They should come with the default skin layers (+ winter paint) so you can just add your logo/artwork and numbers. BlackHellHound1
  7. Damn, that sucks. But good to hear you found the issue. I added a line to the guide so that the next person won't miss it. BlackHellHound1
  8. This is incorrect. You need to run Opentrack and THE GAME (thus il2.exe) in admin mode. Steam is irrelevant. BlackHellHound1
  9. Am I really the only one that is highly suspicious of that date?
  10. You can learn how to set up the curves correctly, including dead zones, in the chapter "How do you set your “curves”?". If you still have issues, you can disable an axis in the "Options/Output". I am not aware of any drift in Opentrack. In my years of use, I haven't noticed anything of the sort. BlackHellHound1
  11. As far as I know, there isn't. Opentrack takes over your 6 DoF and I dont know of any way to disable only 1 DoF. All or nothing. BlackHellHound1
  12. P-51D-5NA "Hurry Home Honey" My 5th P-51D skin has been added to the collection. You can find it in my museum here. Small P-51D update The exhaust pipes and exhaust covers on all my P-51D skins have been fixed. No longer the rusted metal. Instead they have a used metal looks to them. You can see below how it looks now.
  13. It could be that something is obstructing the lights on your clip or that you move the lights outside of the FoV of your camera. Try placing your camera slightly to the side. So that it is right in front of your tracking clip. BlackHellHound1
  14. Great read. Now I am more curious to the nitty gritty technical details of the newly created system Looking forward to the effect it has on the different planes as well as how this is developed further. BlackHellHound1
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