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  1. Hello there fellow pilots, It's been a while since my last screenshots so here are a few more for your viewing pleasure. These are all taken from last night. First sortie with Hydra followed by a solo sortie escorting some P-38's from Red Flight. BlackHellHound1
  2. After some discussion and suggestions in Discord, we figured out it appears to be a problem with the EU steam servers. If you have a VPN, set it to the US. That fixed it for several of us.
  3. Steam appears borked at 2.1 GB From discord chat, It appears most, if not all, steam users have this problem.
  4. Try reversing the polarity so it's technically wrong. Sounds weird but give it a try. I had a similar issue and that fixed it for me. BlackHellHound1
  5. No, just work on push-pull issue. At least to fix the main issue of non-existent Push-Pull effects. But it does appear to be both that need some tweaking.
  6. Stay safe @DetCord12B Hopefully you'll have a little time to enjoy Africa at least.
  7. I'm fairly sure that the TrackIR camera only works with TrackIR software. Proprietary hardware/software and such. I can think of 2 options. Use the TrackIR software instead. Should work with your TrackHat clip. (Unless you got a hat) Otherwise, you'll need to get a modified PS3 Eye camera instead. Also, dont use the TrackHat Opentrack software, it has lost of bugs. Use the original Opentrack instead. BlackHellHound1
  8. First of all, great to see such a request for feedback. I'll do my best to give constructive criticism and keep it all fair, direct and on topic. This I totally agree with. I do not see the point in creating a fake and "pleasant" spotting system. It is arcady and part of aerial combat is the challenge of finding your opponent before he finds you. In that respect, I think the system fits right in with IL-2. There are various elements already introduced that work well. Or at least, understandably close approximations. I'm not going in too deep on the size of aircraft and how hard spotting should be as I do think it's quite fine. However, It's technical execution is rather lacking and fails to account for several important elements. Some are undeniably part of PC gaming. First of all, this contradicts itself, the human eye doesn't have a "zoom" function and is inherently unrealistic. However, zoom is also a well understood necessary solution to the unrealistic nature of pixel displays. I'm not saying we should get rid of zoom or make spotting unrealistic! But it is important to realise that spotting will never be fully realistic until we reach a point that pixel size no longer effects realistic displayed sizes of objects. This zoom also brings with it a very specific unrealistic and deeply flawed effect. At some short distances (sub 5km), it is possible to zoom in and spot a target. While at the same time, zoomed out that same target is not displayed at all. As I mentioned before, a human eye doesn't have a zoom function but it also isn't the case that a plane will disappear completely if a human eye isn't focused fully on a target. Very hard to see and blurry but not invisible. By all means, I can only describe this as a technical blunder and oversight from the start. 4K monitors and QHD (1440p) have been around for far longer than the new spotting system and should have been accounted for. I switched to a UWQHD before these spotting changes were introduced and I know, I'm not the first to do so. Please do fix this asap. It will only get excesorbated over time and disproportionately disadvantages those with high res monitors. Then there is the issue of contrails and other "smoke/vapor" effects being displayed beyond 10km. The initial release specified that things like burning planes and contrails would be visible well over 10km just like irl. We can see burning planes from an easy 70-100 km. But contrails still fail to show at anything beyond 10k range except for AI bombers. Lastly, there is the invisibility issue of the transition between sub-10km and beyond 10km. I know this is addressed before and contributed to a "technical limitation" but that doesn't make it less distracting. To summarise, the core intentions and underlying core elements work quite well and are by all means a good step in the right direction. But the technical execution is lacking and requires several fixes: Zoom can make planes completely invisible at short range. Planes should be hard to see when zoomed out but not vanish completely. The DPI not being taken into account needs to be fixed ASAP! Contrail/ vapor effects not showing beyond 10km The 10km transition area is distracting and breaks the immersion. BlackHellHound1
  9. Opentrack only supports 3 point tracking so your conclusion is correct. Having used 1 point tracking for a short time myself, I can highly suggest getting a 3 point tracker (make it or buy it is up to you entirely). It really is a massive improvement and you'll find out quickly how much more it allows. BlackHellHound1
  10. Hey Doctor, You can remove my entry, Got BoN by now 😄 BlackHellHound1
  11. Ingame snapviews dont work in combination with opentrack. No way to work around it. Make sure you only open Opentrack. Dont touch CL-Eye at all. The PS3 Eye can only be used by 1 program at a time and CL-Eye will steal it away from Opentrack. It should work if you never start CL-Eye. Also, you see "tracker offline" whenever you dont have opentrack started so that is perfectly normal in this case. BlackHellHound1
  12. There is no reset button if that is what you are looking for. However, you can always remove points from your curve with the right mouse button. Otherwise. You can make a new profile and start over from scratch. BlackHellHound1 P.S. Please dont quote my main post.
  13. Looks like you have the correct PS3 Eye. You will have to remove the entire inner lense. It has the Infrared filter chemically applied to it. Carefully remove it and try to keep it in one piece. But it is likely to break and luckily it is not a big deal if it breaks. BlackHellHound1
  14. The FPS issue doesn't sound normal. Haven't heard about it before. All I can do is recommend reinstalling your CL-Eye Driver. Do you use the TrackHat provided "TrackHat Opentrack"? Or the original opentrack? BlackHellHound1
  15. Hello there fellow pilots, 5 May 2020 is approaching and with it 75 years of freedom and peace in The Netherlands. Since the world is on lockdown and all "5 Mei" activities have been canceled, this Semisesquicentennial requires celebration in a different way. As I am inclined to do, I used my artwork to speak for me. I wish you all a fortunate Semisesquicentennial in this most unusual time. BlackHellHound1 (Skin will be made public at a later date)
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