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  1. DVD is the IATA code for Andavadoaka Airport, Madagascar
  2. You don't need them anymore anyway so if it fixes the issue then, of course!
  3. I remember this issue from the first time it was brought up. Remove all head movement key bindings in the IL-2 settings. Not 100% sure but I think that fixed it for the other person. Let me know if it works. BlackHellHound1
  4. There are actually 4 options and they have to do with the resolution of the skin as well as if they contain MIPmaps 21,3 MB are 4K skins with MIPmaps 16,0 MB are 4K skins without MIPmaps 5,33 MB are 2K skins with MIPmaps 4,00 MB are 2K skins without MIPmaps Any artist that knows what they're is doing uses MIPmaps for their skins. The MIPmaps are scaled down skin files that are packed into one file. A representation (but not the only representation) of them is show below. They are used for objects in the distance where you don't need al
  5. 1CGS designed it and made the original version in 2K. I redid the entire plane (including artwork) in 4K, which is the version you show here. Enjoy it! BlackHellHound1
  6. The number of monitors is completely irrelevant. You can set it up as you need and use with a single monitor just fine! BlackHellHound1
  7. Brief description: Hurricane Mk II Incorrect Damage Model oil flow. Detailed description: Hurricane Mk II with 4x Hispano cannons and upgraded engine. Some oil leaks displayed on the Hurricane DM are flowing in the wrong direction. Some leaking oil is moving forward instead of backwards. As well as flow that can appear without origin. Only witnessed on the left wing. Would require more checking to see if this is the only instance where this happens. (different modifications or different place on the plane) See image below. Blue arrow shows correct flow. Red is incorrect flow.
  8. Make sure you get the "PS3 Eye Monitor Clip". That should allow you to place it on your laptop. Keep in mind that the PS3 Eye is a bit heavy so sadly I cannot guarantee that it will stay perfectly on the top of your laptop screen. Luckily, it's not a big deal if the camera moves a bit so you wont need to calibrate each time. BlackHellHound1
  9. Great looking aircraft but can you please explain exactly what is different compared to the G-14 we already have? From this DD, all I can tell is that it's essentially the exact same plane. BlackHellHound1
  10. Bombs are not handled on the same file as the aircraft skins. You will need to find unGTP.exe (its somewhere in the mod section) and find the file that does handle the bomb skins. The bomb rack itself is located on the bottom left of the template. BlackHellHound1
  11. Hello there fellow pilots! Time for a few more screenshots of a recent sortie. Today I have a 3 ship flight with Sheriff and kmac for you. Enjoy! BlackHellHound1
  12. Hello there fellow pilots, It's been a while since my last screenshots so here are a few more for your viewing pleasure. These are all taken from last night. First sortie with Hydra followed by a solo sortie escorting some P-38's from Red Flight. BlackHellHound1
  13. After some discussion and suggestions in Discord, we figured out it appears to be a problem with the EU steam servers. If you have a VPN, set it to the US. That fixed it for several of us.
  14. Steam appears borked at 2.1 GB From discord chat, It appears most, if not all, steam users have this problem.
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