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  1. I am not sure what you mean by "link opentrack and IL-2 in the steam client". Can you clarify this in more detail? For me, it works fine having Opentrack not linked to steam. I just open OpenTrack from my desktop and then IL-2 through steam. BlackHellHound1
  2. BlackHellHound1 + BoN Great going mate. Extremely generous of you!
  3. Hey mate, No need for the SOS We will help you regardless. Your old profiles are probably from an older version of opentrack which would explain why they aren't working. Try to find the same version of Opentrack as you had on your old PC, or you will have to make a new profile within your new Opentrack. Also, just to clarify. If you just start with a clean profile and add curves in opentrack itself as usual, does it still work then? BlackHellHound1
  4. I am still drawing a blank on how to fix this. If you followed the entire Troubleshooting and Important notes, then I have nothing more to try. If you ever find a solution, please let me know. Would like to add the solution to the guide. BlackHellHound1
  5. Looks like I'll be able to finish my Bottisham Four in not too long. Already looking forward to adding the fourth and final plane to the list 😄 This screenshot really is missing a piece. I would love to but I am busy with some other projects and RL. Hopefully one day, but no promises 😔 BlackHellHound1
  6. Yey, I will finally be able to finish my Bottisham Four 😄 Looking forward to Normandy. Especially the new ground attackers/heavy fighters. They will add some new and missing elements to the west front gameplay and complement BoBP really well. Of course, I am also still hoping to see the B-25, B-26, C-47 flyable. I quite enjoy bombers and transports. It would be a shame if they stay AI forever. Also, what is Bf 109G-6 "late" supposed to mean? There are so many variants of that plane. Any chance we will get some clarification soon? Good luck with the development. BlackHellHound1
  7. Well... It is final then https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=false&doc=75&page=transcript
  8. I would like some clarification here. I think this is quite a good idea. However, it does sound like Tags have now become necessary for certain situations and times of day. Hydra has never had a tag since we don't really care that others know who we are. We know who we are, our friends know who we are, and that is all that matters to us. On top of that, I am sure we are not the only group that doesn't use a tag. So why is it linked to a squad tag and not a player name or the registered squads instead? We already register in a squad after all. BlackHellHound1
  9. Hello there fellow pilots, Now that the third and last P-51D of the Bottisham four has been released, I can't leave you without some pictures. And of course, get the skins now in my museum. Special thanks to II the nines II and Psyrion for helping me with the formation. BlackHellHound1
  10. P-51D-5NA "Sky Bouncer" The third and final P-51D from the Bottisham four has been added to my museum. You can find it in my museum here. It doesn't seem right to make the last of the four, a P-51B, until we get the P-51B/C. UPDATE!!! P-51D Lou IV/Athelene, E2 S, and Big Beautiful Doll A few fixes. Biggest change is the mirror on E2 S, and Big Beautiful Doll. As well as a few small corrections. You can get the fixed versions by downloading the same file again here. BlackHellHound1
  11. I have thought about this a lot. And I would support a good and well produced project. I even considered starting my own project to make a proper dedicated site for it. But instead of taking a random site and posting it all there, I would first get support from both the most active skinners and 1CGS and turn it into a collaboration. However, like Jason mentioned, it would require time and money that I don't have. The problem I have with most of these existing sites is that they aren't all that well designed and tend to miss elements such as clear descriptions, images, a "newly added skins" list, multi skin download functionality, or search functionality. As well as the fact that they aren't a dedicated website endorsed by ICGS. To deal with this problem, I have a well organized museum with clear descriptions, shortcuts to "rooms", images, and a "complete collection" pack. I have been trying to get others to follow my example. Some to a greater extent than others (especially the complete collection pack option is still missing far to often). If someone decided to make a proper dedicated skin website with the support of both 1CGS AND the largest, most active skinners, I will support and help as well. But until that happens, A single thread with all of the work by a single artist is the best way to share skins. BlackHellHound1
  12. Hello there fellow pilots, Today, I have a kill from myself and one from DerKurfurst to show off 😜 BlackHellHound1 And now for DerKurfürsts first Me 262 kill in a multiplayer environment.
  13. Just check the official template release page. Each plane states very clearly if it is 2K or 4K. BlackHellHound1
  14. The program itself looks like an Opentrack clone. Which could be a good thing. However, the sensitive and jerky feeling is not unusual for face tracking. It is simply not very precise and other programs like FaceTrackNoIR suffer from the same issues. There is a simple reason why most people choose an IR LED tracking solution: it is many times more accurate and smooth. Tracking a face is simply many times harder and introduces many more variables that cause inconsistency. If you want the full experience of head tracking: get yourself TrackHat or DelanClip hardware in combination with Opentrack (as stated in my guide). BlackHellHound1
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