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  1. Dear friends! Community pair fights lovers and creative association "Slololoki" invites you to participate in 2x2 tournament on popular planes Yak-1 and Bf-109 F-4. Come, it will be hot! Rules of tournament in IL★2 «Battle of Stalingrad» «NOGIBATORS 2х2 ‘2016» 2х2, round-robin tournament (all-play-all), no external views, 2 times for 5 resultative fights, first on F4, second on Yak-1, 1 win = 1 point, 10 points max for both times. Team who scored the the highest points - win in tournament. Date of event: 25-26 june 2016 from 18.00 MST, no spectacors, with stream translation, if more than 8 teams will participate - 1st day qualification for groups with 3-5 teams, 2nd day - final for group winners. Draw(if necessary) 25 june 2016 at 17.00 MST on http://challonge.com/ru Servers(can be changes): main - Duel Server Team154, reserve - BERLOGA(with password, that participants receive in teamspeak. TS servers. Main: team154.org, password: la5 , reserve - il2-berloga.ddns.net Server settings. No markers, no speedbar, distance between respawns 7km, altitude 1000m, ping limit 200. Aircraft settings. 30% fuel, any mods(unlocks) exept 2x151 gunpods, skins custom for tournament(link), according by number of player in pair( 1 or 2 in registration info) Registration time: until 17.00 MST 25 june 2016 in this thread. For registration you must specify team name and players nicknames( with one reserve player if necessary, reserve players can be in several teams simultaneously) For streamers registration: nickname and link to streamchannel Streams: Tournament table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VaB8izBcgB-my10zSgzT0ZyWaJ6bZdbQDaR_vaIxHIc/edit?usp=sharing Team statistics https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VaB8izBcgB-my10zSgzT0ZyWaJ6bZdbQDaR_vaIxHIc/edit#gid=567954476 Team statistics chart https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VaB8izBcgB-my10zSgzT0ZyWaJ6bZdbQDaR_vaIxHIc/edit#gid=655257657 Fihgts time, fields, skins color - teams coordinate in TS channel FREE(СВОБОДНЫЕ) Fight. Team join in ts room, report in game chat ("F4 ready", "Yak ready") opponent wrote in chat "go" to first flight. Lose team wrote score in chat. Score according to fgiht name ex. "Team №1 - Team№2" score indicated as "score№1 - score№2" If team mates have a collision at start - fight continue, collided pair restart. Fight restart - if disconnect before convergence or if all players agree to restart by other reason. Allowed: gunfire at first convergence, navigation and landing lights, rams, using flares Win conditions and points 1. Win in fight (1 point) if team have more than opponemts alive planes in air without fatal damage(pilot alive, plane has wings, engine working, elevating rudder working, no fire. If opponents accept a draw in fight(unable to kill each other) - players can restart upon their consent with it. 2. Win in tournament is awarded to pair who scored highest points. If pairs has same points winner is who win in a personal meeting, if it was drow - by the result with 3rd place team meeting. 3. Pair who flight lowest fights - disqualified from tournament, results of fights canceled. 4. Team who win wrote result in this thread in format: "fiht name(Team 1 - Team 2) score 1st time on F4; score 2nd time on Yak-1" You can post record of fight if you want. 5. Judges post result in tournament table Сontentious issues: participants deсide themselves, judge involved if necessary. Penalties and a ban where necessary, by decision of the judges. Judges: formed from volunteers. Conceptual scheme of the tournament https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3AgF0icTyH8dU41aDVfcFhRZ0k Ololo rules 1. 1st time. Pair cross out groups C and B. Then pairs delete Yak-9T, I-16(type 24 SPB), IAR-81c and wrote in chat "fly on F4" 2. 2nd time. . Pair cross out groups A and C. Then pairs delete FW-200, MC-205.III, I-15 (skis)and wrote in chat "fly on Yak-1" 3. For kill by the flares - pair win in all turnament immediatly 4. Unlimited ammo, overheating weapons off to a randomly participants.
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