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  1. Relative performance is important, yes, and relative performance was significantly off for the first 5 years of Rise of Flight. The duration of time it took to change things was not because of conflicting evidence one way or another. It was more tied to development constraints, so far as I can tell. Anyway, the question is what was learned from the Rise of Flight project, and how it is going to make Flying Circus a better product on the first release.
  2. I wonder how the airspeeds are going to compare to the different iterations of Rise of Flight...
  3. The Nevada map was promised to beta-purchasers of the A-10C many years ago. I'll fly a Bf 109, a Mig-21, or anything over that map. The scenery is top notch.
  4. At least the F-22 works. It is a pure interceptor and nothing is going to beat it in that role. They seem relatively inexpensive now compared to the F-35. The F-35 was supposed to be a budget aircraft. It would have the same capabilities as the F-16, but include stealth (that doesn't work), and all the latest avionics. In reality, it is slower than the F-16, has worse range, and has worse maneuverability. I love military aircraft simulation, but the F-35 project is a stinking hole of corruption and crony capitalism.
  5. I'm sure diveplane already has a sound mod ready for the 109.
  6. I get that the Spitfire is highly anticipated, but I intend to enjoy all of the DCS Warbirds. Anyway, yo-yo suggested that we're not going to have an EZ-WIN Spitfire the way it's been modeled in past flight sims, which to me is a good thing.
  7. I also spent a good chunk of cash on Rise of Flight, and I bought many aircraft I knew I would almost never use in order to support improvements. But as soon as I heard that BoS would have unlocks I knew it was not for me. To me, the real mystery of BoS is what Bearcat said above: My guess is that it is not up to "the devs" whether or not there will be unlocks. These open letters would be better addressed at 1C.
  8. It is no more or less important for WW1 than other eras. By 1918 combat above 12,000ft was typical. The way humans play Rise of Flight in multiplayer has little similarity to the real conflict.
  9. If she dislikes your hobbies then she's not the one for you. She will try to change you and you will both end up unhappy. That said, never fly when the dishes are dirty, or when the garbage needs to go out, etc. Your flying time will decrease a lot if you live with your girlfriend or get married. If you have kids that's another thing entirely. I've been married 8 years now so the above advice must be OK!
  10. You'll never convince me that a clickable cockpit isn't more fun! I don't know about realism, but I love rotating knobs with the mousewheel, clicking switches, sliding dials, and exploring the aircraft systems. "Hmm, what does this do?" I hardly have anything mapped to my joystick for the DCS Warbirds because there is no need to except for the essentials, like the throttle, trigger, and gunsight range. Similarly, I don't consult the keyboard map because I can find every control that I need by using my eyes.
  11. This makes no sense at all to me. Only one of these sims models every switch in the cockpit and the systems they control, and it is not Cliffs. For damage modeling you need to distinguish between a visual damage model and the physics. "Damage model" by itself is ambiguous. If you mean visual damage model then I agree Cliffs is the best. I would also add a category for FFB support and feel. For me that is where Cliffs is a big loser. DCS and Rise of Flight are both great with the msffb2.
  12. Sounds like the Rise of Flight AI Spad 13 and SE5a, which get crushed by the weakest German scouts simply because the German scouts turn better.
  13. No, some just prefer air-to-air combat. In Falcon 4 you can also help your side win the war by shooting down as many enemy as possible: attrition works.
  14. 64 planes visible at the same time is not the same thing as a maximum of 64 planes in the whole server.
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