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  1. Hello, I am considering buying Tank Crews as an add-on for the IL-2 Great Battles I already own, but one thing is bugging me; how the current axis and allied line-ups compare to eachother. I am well experienced with WW2 tanks and their performance, I have also been playing War Thunder for over 6 years and am now transitioning over to IL-2, but I am not sure how the allied teams are supposed to compete with Tigers, Panthers and Ferdinands when all they have are early Russian 76mm guns which can only pen the sides reliably of the aforementioned tanks. I understand they are supposed to be contempory tanks, but realistically at that point, the majority of Panzers fielded were of the III and IV variety. Wouldn't a better line-up of allied vehicles be the SU-85M, T-34-57, IS-1 or KV-85, M4A3 (76) and SU-152??? (or something along those lines) I know this one is final and pretty much completed, but for the next one, maybe a less one sided pack because the germans have both the firepower and armour advantage in this expansion. xoxoxo
  2. I have Battle of: Moscow Stalingrad Kuban Boneplatte, one of these gave me access to the early tank models
  3. Hello all, I'm new to the game and I have only recently checked out the T34 76 (I cant remember which expansion it comes with, I dont own tank crews though) and was wondering if there was any way to "un-nessel" from the gun sight when you are controlling the gunner. I know about opening the hatch and how that positions yourself on the rood of the tank but is there a way to get out of the sight and look at the internals on the tank without opening the hatch?? (I've seen videos of people doing it with the tank crew vehicles I was wondering how and if it was possible to do with the two tanks you have access to without owning that expansion. Thanks!! A noob
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