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  1. The beautiful cathedrals mean we must have Jeep for Allies, and a Kubelwagen for Axis, so when we get a 24 hour pass, we can forget the war for a while and tour these beautifies.
  2. I'd like to see small printable sector maps that you could run off on a printer before a mission. Stuff it by the monitor or in the flying boots and takeoff. The Ingame adjustable transparent map while effective, is not realistic, the detail often difficult to read.
  3. I think it's not the hatswitch as such, but the two views, which are default I think: (1: 90 degrees) pilot looks right to wingtip and (2: 270 degrees), pilot looks left to wingtip, that may be the culprit. I reset the HS to other, non-view functions, but have not yet been able to test in a Padlock server. I'll know more in a day or two.
  4. Having started the topic, I found by accident that using the hat switch for views turns off the padlock. In cockpit at beginning of mission, padlock works fine. Once you use the hat switch to look around, you have lost padlock as seen from cockpit until restart I have no idea why this happens.
  5. A flyable C47, AKA 'Dakota', is number one on my Normandy wish list. My first flight ever in an airplane was a flight from Oklahoma City to Dallas on a Braniff DC-3. I was 14 years old, and have never forgotten it. The plane 'that won the war'. Have to have it. I'll pay immediately.
  6. Nope, I'm flying the right sim. Seems VR has a lot further to go than I thought. I'll write a letter to their corporate offices saying "The money is here but it ain't going there until your product gets rid of the garbage." It's actually surprising how they take these things, figuring for every letter written and mailed, a hundred like it weren't. Thanks chaps.
  7. Is this something to post to Developer Assistance?--it is extremely annoying.
  8. Thanks Pennato. So is isn't just me. I am wondering if it started with the latest patch, meaning I am hoping the next patch will cure it.
  9. Thanks Chaps for replies. STEAM lost its shine with me when a friend sent two Collector Aircraft as gifts. They came as a download--this was about 2014-- halfway through it packed up and never finished. When I complained, STEAM said I had it. A look at my airplane inventory would have shown anyone I did not have it. Been chilly about Steam since. Even chillier about Facebook in light of the news we are getting these days. Is VR so complicated that it can't be unboxed, plugged in, and played? That in itself is revealing if so. If you can do it
  10. I am about to make the leap to VR, but if STEAM is required it's off. They still owe me on some purchases as gifts they did not honor. Are there any VR Headsets that do not require STEAM? If there are none I'll just get a new TrackIR.
  11. Since the last patch, the 'Padlock' functions (Enemy A/C, Friendly A/C, Enemy Ground, etc) do not work in either SP or MP if the CUSTOM setting is used. They do work in SP if NORMAL is used. In CUSTOM, they work initially while on the ground, but shortly after T/O the function is lost and one is suddenly flying in Full Real Mode. It would be interesting to know if any others have had the same experience, and if so, it could possibly be analyzed and corrected in the next patch.
  12. Hi Birdman. I'm a longtime US Tangmere Pilot (Colorado in summers, Texas is winters) just returning to Ops after a long hiatus. Their mission time would be 2 PM for you with a bit earlier show up. I am retired so works well for me. Give these guys a try. I did and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Cheers, No. 601 'Nummy'.
  13. Shades of Antoine de St. Exupery. Beautiful. When do we get a skin?
  14. My original IL2 account email is still active but due to gmail security issues, I cannot access it from any computer except the one that created it, which is now dead. They are terrified that Comrade Putin will read all the military secrets hidden away in my trash. I have a new build computer that I want to download my account to. The old email is still valid but if I am sent a reply to it, I cannot, because of gmail paranoia, open it and read it.. How do I change the old email addy to my current email account so I can access it on the new computer?
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