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  1. vonNutz is in total agreement with Von_Tom "Malta with various Italian planes, the Gladiator and the Hurricane. Add the Beaufighter and Blenheim/Maryland and you've got the ingredients for the early Italian attack phase and the later LW phase."
  2. In the sense that Collector Planes come in sets, one Allie to one Axis plane and with some hot planes, P-51, P-38, Tempest, just around the corner, I suggest a return to low and slow: For the Allies, the ubiquitous C-47, DC3, Li2. For the axis, to balance the U2 for recco purposes etc, the Fieseler Storch.
  3. For those who would like to get a feel for Flying Circus (FC) before purchase, and who have the U2, I suggest take a U2 and go against, in SP, any of the WW1 planes in the plane set. It makes a pretty good WW1 fighter plane. I shot down an F2B with it. Set up, via F10, the post and ring gunsight, take the wing gun and tail gunner, pick an enemy and have at it. (There are, for the U2, some early WW2 LW trainer skins available, which can't be all that different from WW1 era skins.) Air combat at the speed of the family sedan. It is a hoot. And it convinced me to purchase Flying Circus, the old Pfaltz having been a favorite of mine since George Peppard, in The Blue Max, landed his on fire. "Tell me," asks Willi, the ace, "what does it feel like to be shot down?" "I hope you find out for yourself some day." is the answer he gets. Ha ha
  4. Being an early war buff, these two: Allies: Mk Vb Spit ( I do wish we could get a MKVc with a Vokes filter and the extra cannon rounds) Axis: Macchi 202 (The later 205 would also be a great addition.) Both outmoded by 1943, but a delight to fly.
  5. All the above would be great. But first things first: 1: The early war Do17 and the later Do 217. 2: The Storch. Can't imagine a Luftwaffe without either. And 3: A Kubelwagen. No 'Kubel', no Wehrmacht.
  6. Please, please, please, as many female voices of all nationalities as can be crammed into a small space, be it a cockpit, a tower, a Jeep (we gotta have a drivable Jeep), anything. An American WW2 recco pilot I knew, met his English wife when she drove up in a Jeep to get the camera film after the mission and deliver it to the film developers. Here's a great film about just such a relationship, starring David Niven and Kim Hunter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Matter_of_Life_and_Death_(film) Rated Number 20 in the Best 100 British Films of all time. Anyone flying this sim hasn't seen it, get it and watch it. Superb. The ladies fought that war right alongside their menfolk. Let's honor them as we should. I think a nicely modeled English pub we could meet them at would be nice . . . Ha ha
  7. U2 just arrived. What is the 'NAME' of the Key Setting that switches pilot cockpits, front to back and reverse? All my bindings are custom so default doesn't work Also any tips appreciated on setting it up as a trainer.
  8. Jg7-X-man Concerning the Macchi 202. It's the best of the early war planes. Spend the money. I did and I am very glad. It is undergunned without pods--leave those alone except for ground busting which needs a different plane anyway. More like a sport plane than a warplane. Yet in North Africa, against P-40s and Hurricane, it had a 4.4 to 1 kill ratio, while Me109s was about 3.4. I have hundreds of hours in 109s. I only fly them now when a Macchi isn't available. Eric Brown said of the 202's successor, the Macchi 205, which is the same airframe with a more powerful engine and heavier armaments: “One of the finest aircraft I ever flew was the Macchi MC. 205. Oh, beautiful. And here you had the perfect combination of Italian styling and German engineering. I believe it was powered by a Daimler Benz DB 605. It was really a delight to fly, and up to anything on the Allied programme. But again, it came just before the Italians capitulated so it was never used extensively. And we did tests on it and were most impressed. The cockpit was smallish but not as bad as the Bf 109.”
  9. Never buy anything on STEAM. Years ago, a friend made me the gift of the FW A3 and the La5. Halfway through the download, it packed up. (I seem to recall you got these planes as a download then, not a simple unlock) I told their TA about it. They said I already had it and wouldn't fix it. I told them I didn't have it. STEAM should be eliminated from this simulation. It's an extra layer of complexity that mucks up a lot of stuff.
  10. Reginald Mitchell designed a very difficult wing to build--all curves and a big D Box leading edge. He also saved a lot of young pilots lives. The Spit has a 2.5 degree downward twist that means the wing root stall first, leaving the ailerons till last. So control is maintained. The 'judder' the pilot feels in the stick and airframe, tells him he's at the stalling point, so ease off the stick pressure. This was modeled quite well into the old "Battle of Britain II, Wings of Victory, as I recall from years ago. It worked beautifully, so it certainly could be modelled into the current Spit's flight physics. Unlike many of these historic aircraft, there are a lot of Spitfires still flying, many are converted to two-seaters. What The devs need to do, is book a flight, setting up some monitoring instruments. There is a Spitfire Flight Simulator with a full-sized cockpit at Boultbee Flight Academy at Goodwood in Chichester. It cost a lot of time and money, I hear. But Wow . . .
  11. The big problem with aggressive braking on a Spit is it's a nose over waiting to happen. If I recall right, the Center of the LG main wheel axle, when the plane is leveled, is something like 7 inches ahead of the Center of Gravity. On a Mustang, it's over 4 feet. Don't quote these figures, just something I seem to recall reading somewhere. The way to land a Spit, I am told, is land directly into the wind if possible, (it hates crosswinds), on grass, and let the drag of the grass slow the plane. Can't always do that these days. Thank you for the replies--all very interesting
  12. Geronimo, I want one of those boom boom things on the cycle mounted on my Kubel. Wooo . . . . Oops, sorry Motherbrain as you are original instigator. Any chance that's a recoilless rifle thingee on the bike ??????
  13. Thanks chaps. Some very good points. I reset the Z axis (Rudder) to 50%, which makes the twist stick inputs I am reluctantly using currently a bit less chaotic. Aggressive braking and rudder use will catch most of it now. At the rollout end, almost stopped, it still wants tol GL. I'm an RL pilot and have flown numerous taildraggers. Super Cubs, some vintage others, etc None acted like this. Thanks for the replies.
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