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  1. For me the D28 and D22 are two different planes. Every time I fly the D28 it's a catastrophe. Every time the D22 I come home safe. (If I don't do something spectacularly stupid.) Rules of thumb: Minimum fuel for the mission. Link throttle and Turbo--I don't know about linking prop. Get as much altitude as possible--this baby will still be climbing 2,000 feet per minute at 30K feet Never dogfight. One diving pass and run like hell at about 500 mph. It will Zoom Climb like nothing else in the sim. Get out of the DF arena, climb like a bat, and reasses
  2. And I just preordered the GAZ flak truck to encourage drivable vehicle development (thinking the Jeep and Kubelwagen at some point) as well as something a bit less hefty than a Panzer MKIII for touring the increasingly lovely highways and byways of the new maps. Plus the niece and nephew will learn to drive in a vehicle like their great, great grandfather--my grandfather--once had, a 30s vintage Ford truck looking like a miniature GAZ, same interior, etc.
  3. Say what you will, argue as you will, when a flyable C-47 shows up, yea, therefore also shall my open wallet show up
  4. Planes weed themselves out. The Russian planes I don't relate to, but if I have to it's the Yak 7b, which flies beautifully. Both Spits fly beautifully also, but are a bit twitchy on the elevators when aiming as they were I believe in R/L. For the Axis, the only love in the Macchi, load the pods and use it as a 'boom n zoomer' as you would a 109 as it has the same engine. I get the feeling that the Italians didn't really want to hurt anyone with it, which explains the two Breda's in the nose as standard armament. It, like the Spit, are really Schneider Cup racers stuff
  5. It worked. All these years and I never would have suspected. Thanks.
  6. Suddenly, no skin/loadout selection screen for any aircraft. This is across the board, Single Player to all MP rooms I have tried. Any ideas?
  7. My grandfather had a 1930's vintage Ford truck, a smaller version of the GAZ but otherwise looked identical. There wasn't any windshield wiper motor. It was hand operated. There was small lever on the wiper axis that you moved back and forth. The driver drove with one hand, cleared the windshield with the other. We kids loved it. Not certain how Grampa felt about it.
  8. I'm old enough to remember when there were only steam locomotives. How three huge engines climbing a grade with a hundred cars strung out behind them would fill a valley with soft coal smoke. There is no more visual embodiment of power than a steam locomotive--it's all on the outside where you can see it, and be amazed by it. The air may be cleaner and trains more efficient because of modern diesels, otherwise, visually, we have lost everything that once inspired youngsters to want a train set, and to grow up and be an engineer. Develop a player operated locomotive and I'l
  9. The beautiful cathedrals mean we must have Jeep for Allies, and a Kubelwagen for Axis, so when we get a 24 hour pass, we can forget the war for a while and tour these beautifies.
  10. I'd like to see small printable sector maps that you could run off on a printer before a mission. Stuff it by the monitor or in the flying boots and takeoff. The Ingame adjustable transparent map while effective, is not realistic, the detail often difficult to read.
  11. I think it's not the hatswitch as such, but the two views, which are default I think: (1: 90 degrees) pilot looks right to wingtip and (2: 270 degrees), pilot looks left to wingtip, that may be the culprit. I reset the HS to other, non-view functions, but have not yet been able to test in a Padlock server. I'll know more in a day or two.
  12. Having started the topic, I found by accident that using the hat switch for views turns off the padlock. In cockpit at beginning of mission, padlock works fine. Once you use the hat switch to look around, you have lost padlock as seen from cockpit until restart I have no idea why this happens.
  13. A flyable C47, AKA 'Dakota', is number one on my Normandy wish list. My first flight ever in an airplane was a flight from Oklahoma City to Dallas on a Braniff DC-3. I was 14 years old, and have never forgotten it. The plane 'that won the war'. Have to have it. I'll pay immediately.
  14. Nope, I'm flying the right sim. Seems VR has a lot further to go than I thought. I'll write a letter to their corporate offices saying "The money is here but it ain't going there until your product gets rid of the garbage." It's actually surprising how they take these things, figuring for every letter written and mailed, a hundred like it weren't. Thanks chaps.
  15. Is this something to post to Developer Assistance?--it is extremely annoying.
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