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  1. Isn't the pilot's microphone built into most O2 masks? So you have to have the mask in place for comms. I grew up next to a USAF base in the late 50's and 60's and we bought all sorts of surplus masks like new in the box for .25 cents. Throat mikes, used in the Pacific a lot, I think, were a different beast--for low altitude when an O2 mask isn't needed. I'd say strap the thing on before T/O, or even at startup. A single position would also simplify devs work.
  2. I agree. If we can paste a picture of our Sweetie on the instrument panel, we should be able to have period music. Currently, the landscape getting real enough to simply enjoy taking a scenic flight, I open a second screen and go on youTube or such and get one of the hour long 'Russian Adagios' or 1930;'s, 40's popular music going. There is good German popular music of the era to be had. And nothing beats America swing. Since the A/C radio is mostly useless, be nice to have appropriate music channels that we could tune into. Twiddle the frequencies knob and hear Lali Andersen sing "Lili Marlene' each evening form Radio Belgrade. That would be very cool.
  3. Nice video. In RL that kind of landing probably best made in the grass alongside the runway. I flew for awhile a 1956 Super Cub with bad brakes. I'd just land alongside the runway to let the grass drag me to a stop. I also, decades ago, witnessed the test flight of the F-16 in Texas, in which the gear didn't come down. In a cool bit of piloting, the pilot put it on the grass next to the runway. Almost no damage. Grass is good.
  4. I'm not a technical pilot, but I found when flying 109s, that I nearly always got home in a G2, not quite so often in F2 and F4s. I burned up a lot of F 2 and F4 engines, but never a G2. And then there's the Artificial Horizon, which earlier 109s don't have. A life saver in the horrid Russian winter weather. For all the more recent 109 versions, faster, better armed, I still given the chance, take a G2. It just feels right for a guy like me.
  5. The long awaited theater for me. Maybe a Gladiator and Italian Cr 42. A pair of seaplanes, a Walrus and whatever the Axis was flying, Vokes filters of Spit Vs. Here's a possible map
  6. I second the calls for a Fieseler Storch. Pair it with a Piper L4--thje Piper Cub that went to war. We need some low and slow that can get in and out of short fields, do a bit of recon, and are just fun to fly.
  7. Brilliant. I have often wished for a 'Gun Cam' switch in the appropriate place on the stick. Appropriate to the era FOV, shakiness, graininess, etc. If one flies with a virtual squadron, it could be used in debrief for claims. We never see on the kill board such categories as 'Damaged' etc. Wouldn't take that much Dev time, I think and would really up the immersion.
  8. No beacon, no RDF. Of course. Thanks Shark
  9. The Bendix BN 26 Homing device in the P-39 doesn't seem to be working, at least in Multiplayer. Requiring landing low on fuel at another Allied airdrome. Anyone with similar problems? Also, landing and refueling at a friendly base should not be listed as a Lost Airplane. It happened in R/L to a Spitfire Photo-Recon pilot pal of mine. Strong head wind a few days after D-Day invasion required an unscheduled landing. Seems easy for Devs to fix.
  10. vonNutz is in total agreement with Von_Tom "Malta with various Italian planes, the Gladiator and the Hurricane. Add the Beaufighter and Blenheim/Maryland and you've got the ingredients for the early Italian attack phase and the later LW phase."
  11. In the sense that Collector Planes come in sets, one Allie to one Axis plane and with some hot planes, P-51, P-38, Tempest, just around the corner, I suggest a return to low and slow: For the Allies, the ubiquitous C-47, DC3, Li2. For the axis, to balance the U2 for recco purposes etc, the Fieseler Storch.
  12. For those who would like to get a feel for Flying Circus (FC) before purchase, and who have the U2, I suggest take a U2 and go against, in SP, any of the WW1 planes in the plane set. It makes a pretty good WW1 fighter plane. I shot down an F2B with it. Set up, via F10, the post and ring gunsight, take the wing gun and tail gunner, pick an enemy and have at it. (There are, for the U2, some early WW2 LW trainer skins available, which can't be all that different from WW1 era skins.) Air combat at the speed of the family sedan. It is a hoot. And it convinced me to purchase Flying Circus, the old Pfaltz having been a favorite of mine since George Peppard, in The Blue Max, landed his on fire. "Tell me," asks Willi, the ace, "what does it feel like to be shot down?" "I hope you find out for yourself some day." is the answer he gets. Ha ha
  13. Being an early war buff, these two: Allies: Mk Vb Spit ( I do wish we could get a MKVc with a Vokes filter and the extra cannon rounds) Axis: Macchi 202 (The later 205 would also be a great addition.) Both outmoded by 1943, but a delight to fly.
  14. All the above would be great. But first things first: 1: The early war Do17 and the later Do 217. 2: The Storch. Can't imagine a Luftwaffe without either. And 3: A Kubelwagen. No 'Kubel', no Wehrmacht.
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