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  1. Since the last patch, the 'Padlock' functions (Enemy A/C, Friendly A/C, Enemy Ground, etc) do not work in either SP or MP if the CUSTOM setting is used. They do work in SP if NORMAL is used. In CUSTOM, they work initially while on the ground, but shortly after T/O the function is lost and one is suddenly flying in Full Real Mode. It would be interesting to know if any others have had the same experience, and if so, it could possibly be analyzed and corrected in the next patch.
  2. Hi Birdman. I'm a longtime US Tangmere Pilot (Colorado in summers, Texas is winters) just returning to Ops after a long hiatus. Their mission time would be 2 PM for you with a bit earlier show up. I am retired so works well for me. Give these guys a try. I did and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Cheers, No. 601 'Nummy'.
  3. Shades of Antoine de St. Exupery. Beautiful. When do we get a skin?
  4. My original IL2 account email is still active but due to gmail security issues, I cannot access it from any computer except the one that created it, which is now dead. They are terrified that Comrade Putin will read all the military secrets hidden away in my trash. I have a new build computer that I want to download my account to. The old email is still valid but if I am sent a reply to it, I cannot, because of gmail paranoia, open it and read it.. How do I change the old email addy to my current email account so I can access it on the new computer?
  5. Old RCAF Spitfire and Hurricane pilots, P/O Ralph Schenck, told me when he found out I was training in a Canadian built Katana DA 20, that he had flown one that his brother had. To quote: "I took control of the Katana and found it responded to input exactly as my Hurricane II did." The Katana is a beautiful harmonized machine control wise, if totally lacking in HP. One thing you could do in a Katana, and I suspect you could do in a Hurricane, is get in a tight turn and stay there until you run out of gas. Practicing tight turns I often ran into my own wake turbulence. Never had it happen in other planes. I pity any Axis fighter trying to turn inside a Hurribus.
  6. Until I saw today's pics of the Hurri and C-47 I didn't know I was waiting for them to complete my new simming computer. Can't wait any longer. Absolutely beautiful . . . .
  7. I'm sitting here with a new build, mid range gaming computer--Ryzen 5 3600X, Nvidia 1660 Super, etc, etc,--and not being able to stomach Windows 10 OS-- I had it on an earlier PC--I returned the PC to the box where it will sit until a better OS--or even only slightly worse game play wise OS--comes along. There is something out there called Proton which had a recent release, or update, on October 6, 2020. Anyone have any experience with this?
  8. Very interesting. Something to be explored. Thanks Messsucher
  9. Thank you Shadow 4. Windows 7, SP 1 Got it. It's a new build mid-range machine. I can do without VR for a while longer.
  10. Been asked before I suspect but: Is there an Operating System other than Windows 10 that one can use for the Il2 BOX series? Linux? Whatever?
  11. Finally. A great OTU training plane. Just kidding, I'm looking forward to this release as much as anyone. I have a feeling that it may well be the definitive Virtual Hurricane for years to come. I was in Canada years a few ago, when about six pilots with the Canadian Harvard Association got a chance to fly a Hurricane that had come to their annual airshow. They stayed up all night prepping, learning the Hurri system. The post flight debrief was always the same: "A lovely plane. Far easier than a Harvard to fly." Ahem . . . having said that, how about a Harvard/T6 Texan? Hard to do WW2 without one, ya know. 'The Pilot Maker' Maybe AI only for training scenarios.
  12. Pure Nostalgia. I grew up on an impoverished farm/ranch close to the Red River Valley of southern Oklahoma. We had 200 chickens, 25 range cows, two milk cows, an assortment of range ponies usually 3 to 5, two huge black plow horses, and one 1932 or so Model A Ford pickup truck called by my grandfather the 'Leapin' Lena' --curiously the one thing it never did was leap. The pic is not it but gives a a good idea. He bought it very used from a local oil garage, and it was around until about 1956 when my father bought for my grandfather a 1949 International Harvester. The old Leapin' Lena was bought by a cousin and hauled away and the days of 'Whampa', as we called him, loading his seven grandstands in the back of the Lena and heading for the lease was over. But it was sure fun while it was going on. Never thought to see it replicated--we had the smaller single wheel version--in a sim, but by golly here it is. Gotta have it.
  13. A Modest Proposal: Belonging to a Virtual Squadron, I once tried to get one player/pilot, on a rotating, volunteer basis to act as ATC for missions, to get the planes aloft without too much calamity, and to get them back on the ground without the usual even worse calamity such as landing downwind on the wrong runway. I actually got landed on one time. But there was then nothing to do for the ATC chap while the others were up in the Wild Blue. I suggested an additional plane with a tail gunner that never takes off. Nestle to the gun and await the return. If an E/A strafes the base while no one is home, he can defend the base. The suggestion met with no approval. But now, if the player wanted to be ATC, while waiting the mission out, he could drive around in his FLAK truck, and if an E/A showed up, it could be a real shoot out, and he might add to his kill list. A further suggestion. In the same vein: A drivable Jeep for the Allies. A drivable Kubelwagen for the Axis. I'd buy them.
  14. The only truly beautiful Axis plane and a delight to fly.
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