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  1. Finally. A great OTU training plane. Just kidding, I'm looking forward to this release as much as anyone. I have a feeling that it may well be the definitive Virtual Hurricane for years to come. I was in Canada years a few ago, when about six pilots with the Canadian Harvard Association got a chance to fly a Hurricane that had come to their annual airshow. They stayed up all night prepping, learning the Hurri system. The post flight debrief was always the same: "A lovely plane. Far easier than a Harvard to fly." Ahem . . . having said that, how about a Harvard/T6 Texan? Hard to do WW2 without one, ya know. 'The Pilot Maker' Maybe AI only for training scenarios.
  2. Pure Nostalgia. I grew up on an impoverished farm/ranch close to the Red River Valley of southern Oklahoma. We had 200 chickens, 25 range cows, two milk cows, an assortment of range ponies usually 3 to 5, two huge black plow horses, and one 1932 or so Model A Ford pickup truck called by my grandfather the 'Leapin' Lena' --curiously the one thing it never did was leap. The pic is not it but gives a a good idea. He bought it very used from a local oil garage, and it was around until about 1956 when my father bought for my grandfather a 1949 International Harvester. The old Leapin' Lena was bought by a cousin and hauled away and the days of 'Whampa', as we called him, loading his seven grandstands in the back of the Lena and heading for the lease was over. But it was sure fun while it was going on. Never thought to see it replicated--we had the smaller single wheel version--in a sim, but by golly here it is. Gotta have it.
  3. A Modest Proposal: Belonging to a Virtual Squadron, I once tried to get one player/pilot, on a rotating, volunteer basis to act as ATC for missions, to get the planes aloft without too much calamity, and to get them back on the ground without the usual even worse calamity such as landing downwind on the wrong runway. I actually got landed on one time. But there was then nothing to do for the ATC chap while the others were up in the Wild Blue. I suggested an additional plane with a tail gunner that never takes off. Nestle to the gun and await the return. If an E/A strafes the base while no one is home, he can defend the base. The suggestion met with no approval. But now, if the player wanted to be ATC, while waiting the mission out, he could drive around in his FLAK truck, and if an E/A showed up, it could be a real shoot out, and he might add to his kill list. A further suggestion. In the same vein: A drivable Jeep for the Allies. A drivable Kubelwagen for the Axis. I'd buy them.
  4. The only truly beautiful Axis plane and a delight to fly.
  5. Interesante. Nice to see something different.
  6. Spit IX superchargers in R/L were barometrically controlled, not manually controlled: "The impellers were driven by a hydraulically operated two-speed gearbox.[6] At low to medium altitudes, the supercharger was in Moderate Supercharger or M.S. gear (this referred to the gearing and thus the speed, at which the impellers were operating). Once the aircraft reached and climbed through a set critical altitude, (20,000 feet (6,100 m) for the Merlin 61 and 70 series) the power would start to drop as the atmospheric pressure (the density of air) dropped.[7] As the critical altitude was passed a pressure-operated aneroid capsule operated the gearbox, which changed speed to Full Supercharger (F.S.) gear, which drove the impellers faster, thus compressing a greater volume of the air-fuel mixture." from Wkipedia entry.
  7. Today is 'Juneteenth' in the USA which commemorates the end of slavery. Now that a pretty Russian fighter pilot figure can fill the U2 cockpit, the honorable thing to do is make available an Africa-American 'Red Tail' fighter pilot figure for the P-40, the P-39, the P-47, and P-51, all of which they flew. (Of the 355 pilots Tuskegee Airmen deployed overseas, 84 were lost in action.)
  8. 'Tank you'. Very informative. What program do you use to put the .trk format into, say, MP4 format? I use VidedPad which does not accept .trk.
  9. One of the things they teach in R/L flight school: 'Never trim a plane to stall'. Might not be able to overpower the trim with the controls when it starts flying again.
  10. The writing is now on the wall for women pilots. 'Night Witches' today, ATA Girls and WASPS tomorrow. They are, after all, why we are fighting this war. She is exquisitely beautiful. (Thank god that ghoul who used to ride in the back seat is gone--I hope) I have the U2 and will let her take me for a spin. Ha ha.
  11. Deep breath taken. Looking forward to 'massive disappointment'.
  12. I can't tell if 'throwing the Hurri' in the rubbish pile is a joke or not. In either case it is a poor joke. The oft maligned Hurricane is one of the iconic aircraft of WW2. It was there in the summer of 1940, along with the Spitfire, when nothing else was. It deserves as much as any aircraft a place in this simulation, whether MK1 or Mk II. To do otherwise is the height of disrespect for an old warrior who held the line in the dark hours when it looked like the line could not be held. Remove it from the rubbish bin, shine it up, and put it back in.
  13. Without understanding my own motivations in this, the two BoN planes that get the adrenaline up for me are the 'Razorback' P-47 and Hurricane. Particularly the 'Jug' whose release soon to come we hope, provides the Devs an excellent opportunity to make tweaks or even major changes to the flight and damage model of the 'Bubbletop' currently in game, particularly the popularly perceived fragility of the wings and a glass engine. My understanding is that there are no eyewitness accounts ever of a R/L P-47 wing coming off. It may have happened. But the pilot it happened to didn't live to report the event and no one else saw it. So that DM could just be written out of the code entirely, a great simplification I would think. I say this as the virtual RAF wing I fly with, 'The Tangmere Pilots', are starting a ''Thunderbolt' Campaign in September. We would like to go into the Campaign feeling that some of us will survive it, which under the current DMs seem improbable.
  14. Marvelous! I fly with a Virtual RAF Squadron based in England and I am often asked by outsiders, "What' s it like?" This is the closest I have seen, both visually and audio, to what one of our missions is like from the cockpit, allowing we never see outside views. I'll be forwarding this to those who asked. More please . . .
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