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  1. Tactical Air War

    Wow I like this scenario based maps setting. thank you Kathon team!
  2. Tactical Air War

    people mountain people sea, aye? Usually we only have 10-15 pilots online in every night
  3. Tactical Air War

    @=NBSI=BLUES12 @343ku_Hanzo_Hattori @=81FG=AntBird
  4. Tactical Air War

    Great work Riksen, now we know who we will meet in the server, haha But you see, Only 2 squadrons can in action in the morning EST, and both in red Maybe we can try to invite some squadrons in Japan and Korea to join the fight, like NBSI, 81FG, 343KO Anyone is familiar with them?
  5. Tactical Air War

    hahaha, sorry guys, I didn't realize that it is a rush hour in your euro time zone, usually no more than 30 players in each side, sometimes even less than 20, in my time zone, so if you are worry about the slot problem, then, I can take back my suggestion, after all we can not be selfish Besides the III./JG5 will go red.
  6. Tactical Air War

    The initial idea of the gunner station is that one can be a navigator in the leader's plane, and the wingmen's can be locked, I believe this can save the room for others to join the server. Also I don't know whether can we set the gunner station as locked when we respawn and unlock if we need it. I think this can bring more fun to the server which is mean to be a very serious sim server.
  7. Tactical Air War

    Yeah I'm with you, lol
  8. Tactical Air War

    Yes you are right, we also don't like the situation you mentioned, but I think we can control that as @19//Darbzy said, it is a try for TAW server, and I believe most of the players are have conscience, lol Beside, not that rush in UTC+8, so we can enjoy our flight and enjoy the sim, This is just a suggestion, I hope you can consider about it.
  9. Tactical Air War

    Yes we agree, if you dont like it you can always lock it, just one click in the menu.
  10. Tactical Air War

    @=LG=Kathon Can you open the gunner station of the bombers in the coming season? that would be interesting if we have a navigator in the plane
  11. Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    I hope we can have the Po-2 as a free one in the Great Battles paltform, this is a good traning palne.
  12. Tactical Air War

    Yeah~new season is coming
  13. Wooo hoooo - 3.001 release tomorrow

    Waiting...It's midnight now
  14. 1939 - 1940

    Yes the air combat in Chinese theatre, 1937-1938, between Chinese AF and Japanese AF also is a good option.
  15. Who is going to buy and fly the G-6?

    We have a reference and we also tested the roll rate in different speed, at 3000m. Seems it really very slow, I can show you when I find our reference.Of course we are not challenge the FM, we appreciate 1C/777 that bring us such a wonderful sim, and the dev team need a lot of efforts and time to get a spot on FM. Han mentioned a new way to make an accurate FM of Yak7b, in the last last dev diary, I hope the dev team can check again the Bf109 later, after 3.001 released, they are busy now.