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  1. Hi, does anyone know the mission editor can set refuel, rearm, and repair effect? I noticed that the mission editor have this 3 events, but don't know how to make it come ture.
  2. III./JG5_xshinel

    Bodenplatte...Next year (2019)

    I just want to see the Pacific theatre come to us in 2020
  3. III./JG5_xshinel

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    Ah ha~ this is the news what we are waiting for! Just keep quiet and take my money!
  4. III./JG5_xshinel

    Tactical Air War

    why not begin on Sunday morning
  5. III./JG5_xshinel

    Tactical Air War

    Say hi to every RED soldiers, JG5 will fight for BLUE in this campain, we will try to help pushing the frontline to the east as far as we can.
  6. III./JG5_xshinel

    Tactical Air War

    I'm wondering how to make the arty strike happen. Maybe a recon mission by Po2 and ask for a arty strike after spotted the targets. But how to tell the targets' postion to those AI arty? Maybe these idea can become real after the marshall system released.
  7. III./JG5_xshinel

    Tactical Air War

    Another wonderful campaign! JG5 will back to LW in the next campaign.
  8. III./JG5_xshinel

    Tactical Air War

    I think, we can make the radio beacon as a target, lol, it will be funny Radio beacon will be an important strategic target
  9. III./JG5_xshinel

    Strength and Endurance system for a virtual pilot

    I understand your oppion, but I think the VR makes you feel tired, but you still can do a sharp maneuver if you want. My opinion is that the endurance can affect the botpilot to manoeuvre the plane. Your VR feeling don't have any connection with the endurance changing of the botpilot who sit in your plane.
  10. III./JG5_xshinel

    Battle of Britain for IL2 Great Battles ?

    Yes, I would love to see the new Battle of Britain, only the complex bomber control attracted me in Clod But, please PTO first
  11. III./JG5_xshinel

    Strength and Endurance system for a virtual pilot

    There is a simple way to sim the strength and endurance, I think, for example, the moving range of the stick will drop about 5%, after a sharp manuever which if over 5G, and will drop another 5%, if another 5G maneuver occured in 5 minutes, and will recover to normal if no 5G maneuver in 5 minutes.
  12. III./JG5_xshinel

    Strength and Endurance system for a virtual pilot

    Yes I agree, and this can not only be used in the career mode, also can be used in some server, like TAW or coop server.
  13. Hi every virtual pilots here, have you ever imaged about the strength and endurance system which like in other games, like Squad, escape from takov, etc... Of course the system in those games are very complex, and we don't need that much complex in IL2. I don't know whether anyone mentioned this idea before or whether the DEV team had considerd about this setting, this idea is just for fun at the moment, or can be consdiered if the DEV team like this idea, lol This idea was started by a question about how long can be a pilot stay in a violent maneuver that like we do in the game, so this question lead to another story: A grandpa who was a WWII pilot is watching his grandson in playing IL2, the bandit is in a violent maneuver in front of his grandson, the grandpa tell him, hold and wait for he get tierd, then shoot him down, and the grandson tell to his grandpa, virtual pilot never tierd. So we think that a simple strength and endurance system can bring us more funny sim flight expierence, we may can not pull back the stick to much after too many sharp manuever. This is not a level up system, because every pilots join the air force from the aviation school, and most people have the same physical condition, this will fair enough for the rookie and veteran. At last, this system can be turn on/off in the difficult option like warmed engine, GPS, icon, etc.. So, do you like this idea? lol
  14. III./JG5_xshinel

    TAW Lonley Peshka Found friends

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful server, we hope that more squadron can join the flight and in well organized, reproduce the great air battle in the east battlefront. We expect more elements in TAW, like squadron hanger, air-ground combined action after the TANK CREW been released, and other more funny and hisroric features. Of course these all can't do without your great effort and wish the TAW better and better.