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  1. This is a pointless question for the forum. None of us knows. You can call Jason, but he'll almost certainly just say that they're not interested. You probably need to write a really big check just to find out how big a check that you need to write to get the plane that you want. You might not need to write that first big check if you have connections (like the Russian Military Historical Society). Do you have connections like that?
  2. 2 v 2 the 190s will crush the Spits (assuming the 190 pilots are not noobs). 1 v 1 the Spit driver has a chance if he can get the 190 to turn with him.
  3. Congrats on your first beer in a very long while (ever?)!!
  4. He probably knows exactly what you meant. Passive-aggressive snark is a pretty universal language. 🙂
  5. I really don’t think there is that much cheating. What is the point of cheating? Money and fame?
  6. not so much, actually. Lots of people learning lots of new things here.
  7. Not in the US. Here there are lots of people suddenly learning things they never knew, but probably should have known.
  8. At least you’ll get some sort of new modules in your lifetime from 1CGS.
  9. Later modules? You'll be lucky if you live long enough to see the next module.
  10. There really is no easy server unless you go to a training server where an experienced pilot pretends that he's a noob until he decides to shoot you down or let you shoot him down.
  11. This bug should not be fixed. In fact, we should be given a list of objects that we can have fired by the artillery.
  12. People who still want to play co-ops. That's mostly what's missing.
  13. My theory is that whoever I’m fighting will have the best g tolerance that has ever been accomplished in all of human history. While I will be blacking out at 2g.
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