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  1. ok, apparently you’re going with the “tell people it’s not worth it” strategy of promoting the game. Good luck with that!
  2. Not a single second. I prefer the WW2 aircraft. But I also haven’t spent a single second telling people it isn’t worth buying. Something you seem to be doing every day.
  3. Yeah. I get it. You don't care. Maybe stop trashing it so the people who do care can try to get more modules.
  4. You should want to push it too. Otherwise this is the end of the FC line.
  5. No, I'm not. In any case, I'm confident that the devs have researched this.
  6. The Blue Angels aren't flying in combat. And they're not flying lots of sustained G''s. So whether the Blue Angels use G-suits has nothing to do with anything.
  7. If that was all you posted then I would not have responded.
  8. If you want to treat it as a mod feel free to shut your eyes and let go of your joystick when you think having a g-suit gives you too much of an advantage.
  9. The stats system should already encourage more realistic behavior. Kicking people out of the server for dying just causes people to move to other servers or stop taking any chances at all.
  10. So you’re going to make them wait 15 minutes? At least that would be realistic, and your server does seem to emphasize realism.
  11. Unless you're going to make people wait at least 15 minutes for r/r, it's just arcade silliness. People are already rewarded for returning to base on the stats page. If that's not enough, then it seems unlikely that r/r will change anything.
  12. That still requires a realistic radar system. It's just a realistic system operated by the AI. And then they will get constant complaining from people who want to operate the radar and more complaining from people who think the AI radar operator comms is poor.
  13. First Rhino show is supposed to be at NAS Jax. But the 2021 schedule has been removed from the BA website. I'm not sure if that means anything.
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