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  1. No, the AI just flies more carefully at low altitude to try to avoid crashing.
  2. So you’ve been whining about other people not exiting the game properly for 15 years? Wow! Congrats on that achievement, I guess...
  3. Rage quitting because you don’t get credit for a kill is absolutely the best way to say “I don’t care about stats”.
  4. So you decided to shank the guys trying to get FC going. That’s pretty funny.
  5. Arguing that we need this aircraft because the German aircraft are vulnerable to the Tempest probably wasn’t the best way to go. Lots of us spent many hours flying Yaks and LaGGs against 109F4s flown by people who wouldn’t get in a LaGG at gunpoint. We need a crapload of other aircraft before we get more unicorns.
  6. I’m pretty sure that you can’t use a mix of keyboard keys and mouse control.
  7. I haven’t seen him post anything about that.
  8. have you made any attempt at all to use the keyboard to control the turret?
  9. It's a Russian dev team. You know that they have to make it eventually. Hopefully it will be realistic in this game.
  10. Obviously late Eastern is coming at some point. It could be next. But I think Italy is also a very good possibility.
  11. The complaining that I see in this forum would get you kicked out of most bars in about 2 minutes.
  12. If I saw someone complaining I wouldn’t say anything unless I saw them there 2 months later complaining about the exact same thing. Then I might say something. Or I’d just laugh at them. It probably would depend on how hot the bartender is.
  13. Sorry, I thought I made it painfully clear that I would move on. I was recently at a bar where I was served skunky tasting crap. I didn’t go to a forum to complain about it 2 months later. I left the bar.
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