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  1. Making the aircraft and environment look realistic is one of the most important parts of the development of the game. And the person who does that sort of work is most likely not going to have anything to do with programming the AI. They hire different people for those specialties. That’s how they improve lots of things at the same time. Also, if you want more of a say in how those things are prioritized, you have to write a very large check.
  2. Fact is that many people in this community spend lots of time looking for things to complain about rather than having fun with what is available.
  3. So now that we've determined that FC is pretty much exactly what they said it would be, what is it that you find "lac-luster" about BoBP? Because that module probably has the most popular aircraft lineup of any of the GB games so far (unless you're Russian).
  4. Where are you seeing this? I checked https://il2sturmovik.com/store/flying-circus/ and the word "career" is not found on that page. There isn't even a hint of a career.
  5. Then buy the other great WW1 flight sim with modern graphics and realistic flight models. Oh, right, that game doesn't exist. So this is really your only option. If enough people buy it, hopefully they can add more SP content. If not enough people buy it, there will probably be no one developing WW1 flight sims for a while. Demanding that the developer risk a lot of money that they don't really have on SP content is probably a non-starter.
  6. It wasn’t about “expecting” anything. Either people buy it even though it’s not quite what they want, or they don’t buy it and the developer moves on to other things that should produce more revenue.
  7. Because SP content is a lot more expensive, and they can’t afford to risk a lot of resources on something that might not make that money back. The more people who buy FC1, the more willing they’ll be to risk money on FC2.
  8. A disease that has the potential to kill more people than died during WW2 is just a diversion? lol That is some batshit crazy nonsense.
  9. Because people forgot how to drive trucks? BTW, the road assistance network may have broken down for trucks carrying TP, but trucks carrying beer seem to be getting through with no trouble.
  10. There was an age of individualism? Lol.
  11. I’m pretty sure that ship sailed a long time ago.
  12. Probably for a few years. You’ve got a house full of toilet paper, don’t you?
  13. Well, that info is NOYFB, so it's not much of a risk on my part.
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