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  1. Um... That movie was The Final Countdown.
  2. Next time you're flying hit ctrl-e to enable mirrors.
  3. Not me. But even if it was, there is no problem with having opinions. Or thinking that the devs made a bad decision (see unlockables). But acting like the devs are stupid when you don't even know why they did something is definitely a problem.
  4. Actually, it could have been avoided by you not taking cheap shots at the developer. Try not to start out a post by assuming that they're stupid. Assume that there is a good reason for something and that you just don't understand what it is.
  5. "data isn't available" has never been used as the reason for making an AI plane. The reason for AI planes is that they don't currently have the budget for modeling the cockpit and gun positions.
  6. You're taking cheap shots at the developer. I figured you must be an expert to make statements like the one below. It turns out that you're not. I'm not sure why that bothers you. "they can't model a plane that is still being used to this day, and is still flying by the dozens, and is iconic? That's asking too much? That's too tough?"
  7. No problem here. I'm just posting my opinion. Same as you.
  8. No one said that you can't have opinions. In fact, your post about how they made a mistake in using the RoF engine as the basis for this GB series led me to believe that you were a game design expert and would be rectifying this terrible situation. Sadly, it turns out that you're just grandstanding. There are no rules against that, so carry on with more uninformed opinions.
  9. But you do need to be a chef to know how to make chicken that you can sell to other people. And you have already admitted that you don't even know how to boil water. Also, if you think the chicken is cold and tastes like excrement, it's very odd that you keep eating it.
  10. So... you don't know what you're talking about? Lots of people think they can make kick ass combat flight sims. And yet, our only options are so flawed that even someone with absolutely no training or ability is convinced that he could do better.
  11. Sure there is. You appear to be an expert in combat flight sim design and development. Apparently this dev team has made lots of mistakes. It should be easy for you to develop a game without those mistakes.
  12. Do you actually think that they're not capable of modeling this aircraft?
  13. Zero means you can also recreate The Final Countdown now. You just have to pretend that the Japanese were bombing Las Vegas.
  14. A Pearl Harbor map for the Zero and Corsair to fight over is probably almost ready.
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