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  1. If the only customers are "most on here" then it will cost about $1000 per copy.
  2. That probably isn't going to happen. Maps are expensive to make. They need to sell them as a package with aircraft to make it worth it.
  3. A scenario that almost certainly will never happen. A BoF module needs the Spitfire or it won’t sell enough copies.
  4. He said that tank players is their fastest growing demographic, so more tanks and tank development seems likely.
  5. I understand all the reasons that they might want to make other aircraft. But still. Cheaper. Don’t underestimate cheaper.
  6. Why? It’s cheaper to make new models of planes that we already have.
  7. They have a large Russian customs base. If the Polish Air Force participated in the battle that eliminated Germany from the war, then a Polish combat flight sim developer would absolutely create a simulation of that event.
  8. If they go western again they will probably go Italy or Africa and give us 41-43 aircraft that can be used on the Normandy map. I think people expect a new map if they’re paying $90 for a game. Of course, this doesn’t change whether we get late Eastern eventually.
  9. It’s a Russian developer and there are lots of Russian customers. Lots of flight simmers like to fly the best aircraft. Late Russian is the best Russian aircraft. After BoS, BoM, and BoK they were in financial trouble. That’s why they went right to late war Western front. They knew that late war Allied and German aircraft would generate revenue. Now we’ve got Normandy. According to the developer it has done very well. Since they probably still need lots of revenue before they move on to Battle of No One Cares, do you think they’ll make more money from late VVS aircraft or Battl
  10. It’s probably not just you. But you’ll probably have to convince everyone else to pony up $5,000 to buy a copy or the developer is screwed.
  11. It’s a Russian developer. At some point we are absolutely getting late war Eastern front.
  12. He clearly implies that they may take another look at it when they have the resources. So it’s really “take it or leave it for now”.
  13. Welcome to the forum! Sanity is not how we roll.
  14. They could do that now. But it would cause a slide show. You would win your years long crusade. But your victory would be ... wait for it... pyre-rhic.
  15. They’d probably have to charge about $10,000 per copy to make a profit, so that seems unlikely.
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