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  1. This is probably already the case. AI and campaigns are extremely expensive. They are useless for MP.
  2. What aircraft were you flying and what were you flying against??
  3. But that’s exactly what you did. You lured the AI into a low fight because you know it becomes more cautious down low to avoid crashing. You are never going to find AI that can’t be exploited. Get over it.
  4. That 262 pilot probably has a better chance of getting away than you have of finding AI that can’t be exploited.
  5. There are plenty of servers who either don't have the 262 or have it in very limited numbers. Try one of those. Problem solved.
  6. The main problem with the current system is that it actually discourages using custom skins. If you’re using a custom skin on a winter map you stick out like a sore thumb to people who don’t have that skin (aka everyone).
  7. Yes, you are. Don’t get early access next time and you won’t be frustrated.
  8. It’s early access. So you got exactly what you paid for. If you’re not happy with that, wait until the game is released next time. Problem solved.
  9. The only problem is that the community voted for this. It wasn’t a dev decision. You’re going to have to convince them to take another poll. Good luck with that.
  10. The community voted for this option in a poll very early in the development process. I voted for it at the time. Now I wish that I had voted for leaving it blank.
  11. I think that death by ground is determined almost strictly by g-forces. If they think you could have survived the g-force of the collision, then you survive. They don’t try to determine if you would have lost enough pieces during the collision to make death likely even if the g-forces didn’t kill you. btw, I don’t think the airframes are that tough. They appear to fall apart quite realistically as you tumble across the ground. The pilots, however, survive a lot of punishment.
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