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  1. Hello guys, i want to ask about the "VR" setting in Options. What is that? It is only for VR owners? Is graphic better a lot with this setting on? Are you using it even if you don't have a VR glasses? Thank you for your tips... ( I am still trying to find best graphic settings after new patch)
  2. I am still on some 25 - 35 FPS... I tryed to reinstall graphic driver, restart PC... In game i spend 30 minutes of trying some combinations... I must set High from Ultra, turn of mirrors and set terrain detail to normal Nothing helps, it is still difference 10 FPS between FPS HIGHEST and NORMAL settings Something is wrong (
  3. Type of Improvement: GRAPHICS - CLOUDS Explanation of Proposal: all types of clouds in this game are absolutely poor and flat!!! It is possible to do something with them? In IL2 Clifs of Dover are clouds much much better then IL2 BOS/M. No effect of condensation on cockpit canopy. Nothing... Just some fog (
  4. ohhh guys, it was month ago when i bought new PC especially only for this game! At first I played every free time IL2 on TOP settings and i was so happy. But now i am still sitting the latest games like STAR CITIZEN, new UNREAL TOURNAMENT, playing online with my friends and it seems to me like I am cheating on my favorite love IL2 Sturmovik (( And worst of all, I must confess that I downloaded the DCS world just because of the MiG 15 and I am scared to run it as if it will be better than IL2? MY GOT THAT NEW PC
  5. I just did it! And today it will be deliver to me )) YEAAAAHAAAA I can't wait to play IL2 to FULL DETAILS
  6. Hi ShamrockOneFive, i have Dell Inspiron laptop /Interl Core i7-3630QM 2.4 Ghz / 8GB RAM / Nvidia GeForce GT 650 M / WIN 10 every software and system is up to date... I thing that my laptop time si over, must buy new one...
  7. After new DX, nothing change in performance! Maybe worse a bit... Game is running about 20 FPS, when i turn of grass (in config) it is about 25 max... Screw this - i must buy new PC! It is inevitable...
  8. I love this game!!! It was year 2002, when I get some money from my parents to buy a gift what I want - it was a jersey of Colorado Avalanche! I was a 13 years old fan of this club. At the final the jersey was not available in the shop, so i went to the PC game shop and I bought the first IL2 STURMOVIK GAME!!! I instantly fell in love with this game and I'm happy that today as a 30 year old guy I can still play my most favorite game in the world!!! THANK YOU ALL
  9. Type of Improvement: GRAPHICS effects Explanation of Proposal: will be able to see pilot body in the cockpit view? Like is in DCF and War thunder! Like is in this video (skip to 0.59s) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6W3t6PUQ6g&t=46s - It will be great to see more smoke and particle effect for bombs dropping and for flak cannon too - now is almost invisible - after bomb explode there is no smoke anywhere or is for only a just one second... - the same is for plane crash... no smoke, no fire... just effect for one second Benefits: better immersion
  10. i have laptop 17' / Dell / Nvidia Geforce 940m / 4 GB RAM / intel (don't know how much) i am at work now so i can't describe exactly.
  11. OOOH REALLY? So great, i must be lost in translate Thank you very much
  12. i am afraid of new Dx11 Now I am playing at medium details and i must turn of grass (thanks to community help) If I understand correctly, DX11 will be 2x more harder for my 3 years old PC.
  13. GREAT UPDATE! plane is more stabile in the air! Now i am enjoying flying over the map, slow speed flying is so great! FANTASTIC WORK!
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