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    WWI & WWII Aviation, I am really into History also Flight Simulators
  1. Hey i just got my Warthog today and i am looking to have the base on the floor and i need an extension. My only issue is i don't have Paypal so is there any other way i would be able to buy 1 or 2? Let me know. Thanks. JG76 Trevyzero
  2. Ahh no worries, We are on the internet it's bound to happen lol anyways thanks for the quick replay
  3. Is there any way to get unstuck sooner???
  4. Why can't i play the second part of the first mission in the campaign it's saying i need the 23mm VYa-23gun and that i don't have it. How do i get it? Please help i really want to play it i've been waiting a long time for this. Thanks. 1./JG76Trevyzero
  5. Hey guys we are jagdgeschwader 76. We started on WarThunder but Simulator Battles went to crap so now we are moving to Il2 Cliffs of Dover and Battle of Stalingrad. So if anyone wants to join feel free to message me on here. We are not looking for any "Trolls" or "Know it all" types we just want to find some down to earth pilots why love WWI/WWII aviation. Happy hunting and see you in the skies
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